SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Barack Obama?

SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Barack Obama

Obama has a huge dead pool: Sift through it and see for yourself.    I have many friends & colleagues  that are alive now – for 4 decades, no issues.    ALL of these people dead around Obama (in politics) and nobody asks questions?  Reminds me of the Mafia..

Why would Obama have Seal Team 6 members all murdered?  Could it be because Bin Laden was KIA in 2002? As the NY Times reported:  Click here to see.  New York Times

In this HUGE newly released video from Western Journalism, we learn that Barack Obama possibly supplied the murder weapon that took out SEAL Team 6.

I ask questions like this because the insane American government has proven itself unworthy of any trust at all. They never showed one picture of the dead Bin Laden.

We don’t know the truth about anything this totalitarian govt. does because they lie, daily.

#ResignObama -Angry Seal Team 6 Father To Obama, “Step Up Or Step Down”

#ResignObama – Angry Seal Team 6 Father To Obama, “Step Up Or Step Down”

If a member of the GOP did what Obama has done–and gotten away with, thus far..Would he still be in office?NO.  To save the nation any more trouble and embarrassment, Richard Nixon stepped down when pressured by a member of his own party (Barry Goldwater) to do so.

It’s time for someone from the DNC to demand Obama step down.  But will this ever happen? No. nothing means more to the Democrat party than holding onto power.

-David Ben Moshe