War-Mongering Obama Wants WW3 With Russia: Kerry: U.S. To Boost Support For Syrian Jihadists

Just the other day, Assad’s government released a video saying that they were going to sit down and have talks with the Jihad criminals in Syria.  We should have let them be; Assad knows how to handle this insanity, the US can’t even handle its own mess.  Now, we have fruit-loop, idiot, John Kerry saying that the US will support the Jihadists.  

Well, I warned Americans. QV warned our people that Obama is a Muslim/Marxist and would keep doing this.  Did any stupid, liberal, vomitous, slobs listen? NO. WHY? They LOVE war and WANT WW3 with Russia. They ADORE Jihadists & LOVE turmoil.  Leftists and the pseudo-conservative filth just want war, war, war.  And, we have no money for war.  We can’t even fill up our Navy ships with oil because we are bankrupt.

Russia says they will engage in a nuke war against the US if we don’t stop this crap.  Does Obama listen?  NO.  See for yourself:  IMPEACH OBAMA: Russia Threatens Nuke War Because Of This A$$HOLE

Get prepared, American people that are SANE.  War is coming.  I don’t know when… But look for bombs, rockets and nukes in America–that IS our future..And, its sad to say; We deserve it. (As a whole)

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

You all know that I read many magazines at the YMCA.  Actually, I don’t really ‘read’ their articles per se, I don’t need to because pictures paint a thousand words.

What gets me about these mags is the fact that they constantly promote women under Shariah Law – Donned in their Burqa’s & Hijabs.  Anyone who knows anything about Islam and Shariah, knows that women under the Shariah are oppressed to the max. They are beaten by their male counterparts and suffer immensely.  Instead of promoting articles to HELP these women, they promote the oppression OF women.  So much for feminism, eh?  This is why I take NO leftist feminist serious.  “War on women?”  Its all smoke and mirrors.  The REAL war against women is coming from the left wing, who is not only against females worldwide but hates everyone-especially the unborn.  They ARE satanic filth that will be put out of their misery very soon, God willing.

We should expect more of this considering we have a foreign MUSLIM usurper in the White House who LOVES Jihad.

Here is the picture:


Click on the picture to see it larger.   It reads “Equestrian hat” + “Vintage Versace” + “A Hijab” =  The ‘fashion’ is called: ‘Jeremy Scotts Arab Spring Breakers’  (We all know that the Arab-Spring is and was a miserable FAIL.)

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE & ARTICLE WITHOUT LINKING ME. NO COPY-PASTE.  I AM TIRED OF MY ARTICLES & THOUGHTS BEING STOLEN by you big-shot blogs that are  too chickenshit to link me. “Grumpy Elder” Is the ONLY one I allow to copy-paste my whole articles. (Besides a couple nice people)  Thank you.

Mr. Gholstone uses the EVER TRUSTY RACE CARD, b/c he CANNOT DEBATE

When ALL else fails, USE THE RACE CARD, commies!!  It never fails!

Sorry MR. Gholstone-Jews experience MORE hate than you EVER will in your whole life. EVER. COWARD!

That is what this person did: Rahm Emanuel Calls It Right On Republican Passion For And Fear Of Rush Limbaugh by Sandy Gholston

This person edited OUT my comments and USED the every trusty RACE CARD.  Hello dummy! Jews ARE THE minority- we cannot be racists, we are OUTNUMBERED by EVERYONE.  You are the racist, the only reason that you voted in Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is because he is 1/2  black, and that the facts.  I truly feel sorry for /you, I do, b/c he FAILS you and you are his ‘people’ 

BTW: Mr. Gholstone- people are SICK and tired of the race card BULLSHIT. It is propaganda USED against the white Americans to shut them up, which is what YOU did to me.

….you, Mr. Gholstone, are a MARXIST-NAZI.

You HATE America just like your IMAN-in-Chief MOSLEM, NON-President.

THIS is the HATER and the RACIST: