Remember West, Texas….

Remember West, Texas….

From 3 different angles in the video below- we see that some type missile hit the fertilizer plant.  Our media is complicit.  They showed nothing on the television regarding West, Texas.  West Texas was hit by a missile the same time the events happened in Boston.  Barely within 24-32 hours.

Stare at the second line over, you will see a fast rocket or missile hit the plant:

I won’t ever forget you, West TX. I cried great tears in grief over your loss of life.

Visiting West, Texas. The Forgotten Story Of A Monsanto Cover Up “Explosion”

Visiting West, Texas. The Forgotten Story Of A Monsanto Cover Up “Explosion”

God, Almighty, Damn are the words forever etched into my memory for eternity.

After I saw the first few videos captured by a bystander…I went into my room, fell to the floor and wept loudly in despair.  I wept more for West, TX than even the Prescott Firefighters and I live in Prescott, AZ.

How could the MSM have just tossed this tragic explosion (terrorist attack) under the rug?  How and Why?  Because the ‘false flag’ that was used was the Boston bombing. There were Seals at the Boston bombing and nobody knows why.

Fact about West, TX:

They had a legit lawsuit against Monsanto. It was tossed in 2008.  When Obama signed the Monsanto protection law, the West, TX fertilizer plant began to uproot that lawsuit…IMO, when Monsanto heard of this; They bombed West TX through Blackwater agents who are hired by Monsanto.  Don’t believe me?  That’s YOUR affair.. You can always do your own research.

Dear West, TX… I will never forget.

Watch this video and do NOT stare at the middle of the screen/youtube, look at the right or the left and you will see the missile hit which murdered 17 EMS.

You don’t have to believe what your eyes tell you…But, I do.

#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

#MichaelSavage EXPLOSIVE Show On #BostonBombing, Cover-Up, #Amnesty, Etc..

This is an older video, about 2 wks ago or so.  Because West, TX shook me up so bad, I had decided to leave the Boston bombing alone..

The radical leftists have taken over the country-he says 3/4 of the way in to the video.  We all know this.  How to stop it is the question.  He says the left wing does not want to ‘know’ what they’ve done to the country because it’s so bad.  He says that the ‘right wing dictatorship’ that the Commies always feared is here in the Communist/left-wing/Democrat party.  I agree. 100%.  The ‘right wing’ in America has not ever been fascistic or dictatorial because that is anti-American to the max.  We only want our basics back; secure borders, traditional marriage, NO more baby murder. Constitution.

The fascism is the Communist/Marxist/Radical left.

The reason, Michael Savage.. that Boston incident was ‘covered up’, (or whatever happened) was to HIDE the Texas terrorist massacre.  IF there is a ‘false flag’, ‘cover-up’, there MUST be a reason.  West, TX was the reason.  We still don’t hear a thing about West, TX to this day. How the plant had a lawsuit against Monsanto. How Monsanto hires Blackwater.  How Obama signed the “Monsanto protection act”.  Then “POOF”, a whole plant AND town is gone with the win.   I disagree that they are not “Nazis”, Mr. Savage.  They are a combination of both Communism AND Nazi-ism.


…And people wonder why I have the moniker “The Mad Jewess”

Monsanto, Boston, Lies, Lies & More Lies

Contributed By GoldBugGal:

Dzhokhar shot himself in the throat when he tried to commit suicide .. yet, he had no gun? Oh, yeah, that makes sense .. as much sense as the rest of the official Boston BS story. Here’s what puzzles me: The West, TX bombing killed 14 people, 70 still missing, and destroyed dozens of homes and apartments .. yet, only one site is carrying this story. Why? Monsanto got your tongue?

David Ben Moshe tells me that comments are off.  That’s fine.  We’re trying to present the truth, not argue over it.

NO #GMO: Distraught About The Terror In Texas

My wife, The Mad Jewess — is distraught over what happened in TX.  Even more depressed that: 1. Not many people care & are more concerned with Boston, even though the loss of life & property in TX is far greater.  2. The media has covered this story up #3.  That people would name those wanting the truth of this situation of the horror regarding the TX tragedy: ‘conspiracy wackos.’

It is truth that this plant has had a long, drawn-out lawsuit with corporate bully, Monsanto.  It is documented in the Wall Street Journal.  Monsanto has been kicked out of quite a few countries.  The GMO giant does not want to lose stupid Americans as customers to stay alive and buy their products while killing them with GMO foods. (WSJ: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit)

It is a fact that the mercenary group known as “Blackwater” does work for Monsanto: Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

Fact: Obama signed the  Monsanto Protection Act into Law 

I leave the rest to thinking people. Do your own research.

I don’t like when my wife is distraught and depressed, so, I have advised her to stop blogging until she feels better.

Shalom, comments are closed.

-David Ben Moshe

Blue For You-West, Texas

Blue For You, West, Texas

Blue for you, West, TX DIGI by P. AsheDina, TMJ

I am up very late, or early.. I made this for the people in West, TX.   I have done everything I know to do to try to get West, TX on the radar.  But, I think that the media hates southern states and TX they despise more than any state. People are dead in TX and many not even recovered from the missile that hit the Texans-probably from the Monsanto-fascists and their private army; Blackwater.  


As I said, I have done everything, anything to push this into the media. Tagged, Twittered-put up every video I could find.  They have covered this story up, completely.. American People just ‘want them a Muslim’.  Meanwhile, the folks in West, TX have been terrorized by corporate terrorists.  Not even a ‘Boo’ from most ‘conservative’ websites and Christian blogs.  I can’t even sleep at night because of what I witnessed in those videos.  In fact, I rarely sleep anymore.  

I believe that terror will probably become part of the norm in America. So, fasten your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy ride. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We have brought terror to countries like Syria, Libya, & Egypt.. now the LORD will allow us to be filled with terror….Natures law of ’cause and effect.’

With Sadness,
The Mad Jewess

Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX #COMMIE Media

Rand Paul Love Drones, Now. That’s Because He Hasn’t Seen What Happened In West, TX:  RAND LEARNS TO LOVE THE DRONE!

Even Commie Media Matters is covering this;  ‘Cable News Ignores The Regulatory History‘ but they are not talking about the BOMB that hit the Texans.  Of course not, it does not suit their agenda.. They are only worried about OSHA.  Typical to not think of murdered Texans and only worried about OSHA. That’s the Communist way…

NOW: Rand Paul should have seen what happened in West, TX.  And because he hasn’t, he will be OK with drones, missiles, whatever.  But, the ‘drones on us’ now.

The blood of the Texan cries out for justice.  Nobody in the MSM or even most conservative blogs will report what happened there.  Too afraid to be labeled ‘conspiracy wackos’   I am not interested in conspiracies.  I am interested in why the media – on either side- has totally covered up this story.  I never said much of anything about Boston because God put it on my heart that something worse was going to happen. He also put it on my heart to not be distracted as you all have been.   I am interested in the truth.  If I was wrong, I would apologize.  Immediately.  But, I am not wrong and West, TX has been missiled.  The #COMMUNIST MSM SELECTS what they want you to see and you fall for it.

Just go on about your dumb lives…nothing to see here..

Some military vets on the message boards are declaring (adamantly) that the orange flash seen from the left just before the explosion is a missile — possibly a JDAM.

#Commie Dirt-bag Obama To Visit West, TX. We Have New Updates 9-11 Tapes, On the Missile & Explosion

CLICK:  #Commie Dirt-bag Obama To Visit West, TX.  We Have Update 9-11 Tapes, On the Missile, Explosion Hat Tip News From Justine Case

I am tired of having to do the medias job…But, then I remember..The MSM is in bed with Commie-Obama.  So, I have to put this up.  Remember when they actually did their job?  Hell, it was so long ago, I can’t remember.. And they get paid HUGE bux to misinform us sheeple…

Update video on 9-11 calls etc:

Possible JDAM used:

 Remember to keep your eyes wide shut, we don’t want to think there is any foul play from our BRAVE, wonderful US Government & their co-Conspirators……