I Believe That Komrade Van Jones Is Behind The Flash Mobs.

I was reading WND.COM the incredible news-site

Go to fullsize imageVan Jones is a Communist/Black supremacist.  If you go to this site: http://www.june23rd.org which is on the video that is shown on this article:And you thought you were done with this Obama aide. When you watch the video, it shows that website I mentioned. On that site, is Van Jones’s “American Dream”, the link changes. When I listen to this character, Van Jones, I see that he also thinks that the wealth should be taken from people that worked for it, and given to spoiled, rotten brats that were never disciplined.  His group of miscreants hacked the Fox news website. They are breaking LAW. I believe he is immobilizing a ‘black army.’ Why is this so ‘off?’ Obama PROMISED a “Civilian militia.” Obama is lawless as is Van Jones.

  Don’t ask me why I believe that Van Jones is behind these mobs, call it a gut instinct, call it what you will. I believe that I am right. These Mobs are too ‘thought out’ to happen spontaneously. Well, Americans, they ARE taking, just as they promised.  Even if it means stealing. Evidently in the FELON/Komrade Van Jones’s opinion, this is OK. Why shouldn’t it be OK? He is a felon, thats why.

  James O’Keefe went underground to show us what ACORN was up to, then he buried NPR. He had to do this covertly & risk his life. He didn’t break any laws. These people, however-WILL break the law, more and more as time goes on.

  Re. Van Jones: Your plan may work for a little while, but make no mistake, you insufferable fool… GOD will be the one that ‘takes all America has got.’ Got it Komrade? For a little time, you will be allowed to keep staging these events. But make no mistake. America WILL be invaded, and you will suffer at the hands of an invader, who you will ‘welcome’, and like the Ukranians that welcomed Hitler, he murdered them all. That will be YOUR fate.

VIDEO: Savages In Wisconsin Break Through LOCKED DOORS 2-Day, 3/9/2011.

They cannot handle that we are BROKE. You can thank the FATASS, Michael Moore for this scenerio. These people should all be arrested for creating this type havok in such bad times.  This ‘entitlement mentality’ is 100% ANTI American.


 The rich people are NOT going to sit back if you try to take their money. Poor people do NOT want to pay anymore.  You, in WI are going to have to suck it up, act right and grow up. You are going to have to sit with your grandparents and ask how they dealt with the Great Depression, because it IS going to get bad here.  You are going to have to suck it up- OR, you can act like the savages we have been warning America about.


Collages Of Then & Now: Creativity To Depravity

   Walking Home Crying Can anyone tell me where in the hell my country went? This, below collage, resembles NOTHING of the America I grew up with. I do not recognize ANYTHING below as being “American”  Degredation, moral decay, depravity, debauchery, disrespect. I do not recognize  this nitemare.




Michael Savage:Talks w/ x-Illegal & Suggests Brewer Run For HIGHER Office

Now maybe people can figure out why Hillary said this: Hillary Clinton: U.S. Will Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law  Me’thinks Hillary wants another run as Prez.  We don’t need this political whoring, Hillary Clinton, and quite frankly, we just dont need you anymore. We dont want a person for a Prez that handed in a thesis of Saul Alinsky in College: Hillary Clinton’s Thesis on Saul Alinsky I have always believed that Hillary wanted to be an “EVITA” type. I have been right for years about this witch.

Hillary did not go into a lot of details on all of the rules put did stress a couple of important ones re. Alinsky:

  • Community Organizer must arouse conflict

  • Rub raw the resentment of the people.

  That is what we already have with BHO.  We have a Marxist -Alinskyite as a NON Pres. who arouses conflict and ‘rubs raw, the resentment of the people.’  THAT is what these people study & excercise on us sheeple.

  Are you yet sick of liberal politics?  Recent, I have a blogger that says liberal policy is ‘live and let live’ – IF that is his/her way to ‘live and let live’ no- thank you- take the ‘live and let live’ elsewhere. I dont want to be ‘aroused, or rubbed raw’, that is not what I was taught re. ‘live and let live…’ This same person says that liberals are ‘compassionate’, not according to Hillary/Alinsky thesis, sir/ma’am.

I can


I’m Back From NYC, The Big ROTTEN Apple

NYC, King of the hill, head of the list, cream of the crop at the top of the heap….is now HELL.  If Hell is a city, New York is IT.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, the destruction of the greatest city in the world- NYC, IS the fault of liberal-left wing IDIOCY run amok.

Let me first bring up the 3 ‘good’ things.

KATZ’s Deli. As usual, has the best potato salad and Pastrami I have ever had in my whole entire life. It melts in your mouth. The Cheesecake there is totally stupendous.  Nothing has changed in that respect, except the parking and dirty, filthy, disgusting streets.

The NY Lisence plate was worth taking a look at, to remind you of ‘the old days’, but those old days aint gonna return, people. When NYC took that hit on 9/11 from the Moslem Jihadists, we lost our great city, it has never been the same since. No more laughter from the Italian neighborhoods.. Since I am a ‘racist’ on behalf of the Italians, it breaks my heart that stupid Bolshevik Bloomberg would have the damned audacity to build a mosque in the name of ‘tolerance’. What should be going up there, is a memorial and a Catholic Cathedral, not a damned dirty Muzzie Super Jihad territorial mosque.

CITI Field reminded me of the old Ebbets Field for the Brooklyn Dodgers, images of that field will never leave my head. NYC, home of the best baseball in the world, the best American sport ever. But, what good is a fabulous looking stadium without a country? What good is the greatest baseball game when there is no NYC anymore with the laughing, jaded, funny people with that “Yo Pauli” accent yelling in the bleachers? What good is a Sabrett Hot Dog, when there is no patriotism that made Hot Dogs and Baseball so great? 😦

Now, FOR THE BAD, and there was a LOT of it:

We get off of the plane, and what do we see? The security. Who is in ‘security?’   Moslems, and some wear head scarves. Isnt THAT a ‘safe feeling…?’  Then we head off to rent the car. Who is standing in line? A Moslem man in his Colonial 1776 looking night cap, that women used to wear back in the old days.   Of course, this all brings back memories of 9/11, and he had me spooked. What spooked me even more, is when he went into the bathroom.  He had a nasty attitude.. What the hell was I to think being a NYer? Who knows? Maybe he’ll blow himself up in the baaat-troom, I thought. I cant help that, 9/11 forever changed me.

  Here is another ‘phenomenon’ that will suprise the hell out of everyone (yeah right) there were stickers of Karl Marx all over. Amazing huh? Real great “American hero..?”  What the hell is NYC thinking with this Marxism tolerance land? Mosques being built 500 feet from G. Zero, tolerance for grafiti crap, hypo-dermic needles making the ‘decor’ all over the street? W-T-F!

ENDLESS Construction is all over the city. You would think that they would have these streets fixed after 5 years of the same construction, but it never ends. We call it ‘make-work’, because it is really not needed.  On Ludlow, near KATZ’s, it is like a war zone street, pot-holes and little mountains of pavement. This is ‘spreading the wealth’ people.. ENDLESS contruction ‘keeps people at work’  Even if you dont need the work to be done. You know the schpiel? “Workers of the world unite for ENDLESS  construction work in NYC.”

The saddest part about this trip, is looking at all of the Italians, Irish and older NYers walking around in ripped up old t-shirts, dirty, oppressed- these are the men, and their fathers who built NYC. They were walking around as if they are the slaves.   And you’ll never guess… the black man rules NYC, YES WE CAN.  The black man, not all, but many, and they ‘work’ slower than molasses in January, walking around in Armani suits, and driving Infiniti’s and Lexus’s, while ‘evil’ little whitey is the slave in the place HIS fathers’ built.    It is totally unbelievable how the best jobs are given to the most unworthy candidates in the name of “Affirmative Action”.     ~Sorry, black people, you did NOT build NYC, and it is high time that the REAL owners: the Italians, Germans, and Irish told your asses whats- what.

However, here is something that black people cannot seem to control in NYC, they do this incessively, along with their Puerto-Rican counterparts that have treated the best city in the world like common place, and a haunt for every sinful thing; GRAFITI. It NEVER ends in NYC, and not even great grafiti like in the 70’s.   It is NOT “art”, it is downright debaucherous and disgusting, and it is all over NYC, on every building, even on peoples private fences and garages. 😦

NYC, the Multi-cultural shit-hole. That is what it is & more…. We were eating at a steak house, and a Japanese man was preparing some sushi. There was a Japanese woman kissing all over an Italian man- I will tell you straight up–that Japanese man looked like he could kill that Italian.  Asian women are very modest, or at least known to be that way, and I am sure that the Asians pride themselves in having such graceful women- only to have them taken? And what about the Italian girls? What are they to do, while this multi-cultural piss place practices divvvvversity… I dont know about you all…but imagine how the mothers and fathers feel. Nobody thinks about them. I dont get it all anymore.

  To end this rant… What is totally unfathomable to me…is that Bloomberg, the Bolshevik dictator of NYC is on a 3rd term, and the people in the city are saying ‘NO FOURTH TERM!” W-T-H!!! He is not even supposed to have a THIRD TERM, it is ILLEGAL!!!  Are they CRAZY?!?

    As we were leaving, we forgot to fill-er-up on the rental… So, they charged………Try EIGHT DOLLARS A GALLON, and a 20% TAX—NYC, YOU ARE SUCKERS! You are SPREADING THE WEALTH, and they dont GIVE A DAMN that they are TYRANTS over your lives, COME ON NYC, WAKE UP!!

       And, then, GUESS WHAT? Our plane took an hour for take off- WHY? They are working on CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want NYC back, but those days are LONG gone……


The feminazis, she-beasts, free-love, sex revolution, burning bras, protesting Vietnam and treating our troops like trash, was the beginning of the END of America. 

 The schools/colleges were indoctrinated with anti-American speeches (much like Obamas pastor) and kids- 16/20 + were disgusting, and shameful to their parents, a total embarassment.  Rebellion was the ‘in’ thing, and going to San Francisco with some flowers in your hair marching for a ‘peace’ that would never come, in fact, they are the instigators of making things worse.

The ‘music’ was filled with thoughts of drugs, sodomy, orgies, and all sorts of abominations.  It was a wicked, evil time, that, frankly sepaking, America never really recovered from. 

People that talk on this false “peace” are cowardly sonofab*tches, who do absolutely NOTHING while you are getting your A$$ kicked. 

 I am including here some pictures of what America was like in the TERRIBLE 1960’s.  The beginning of the END of our once Great nation….


PEACE in the 1960s, and this is their PLAN now!

“PEACE” in the 1960’s, and this is their PLAN now!

SHE BEASTS burning their bras  the PEACEFUL people.

SHE BEASTS ‘burning their bras’ the PEACEFUL people.



While marching for “PEACE” and starting riots, (A lot like the uncivil, death-threatening riots now-Wisconsin) they were the groundbreakers for murder, fires, racial fights and speaking of “PEACE”…..this is why when anyone says “peace” to me, I want to puke. 

It is a false peace, a lie.

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- free-love

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- “free-love”

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

 (Above IS PROPAGANDA- courtesy:  leftists against the housewife/mothers from the 1950’s, NOT MINE)
YES we know, it is UGLY!

YES we know, it is UGLY!

Now the woman who works at home is thought of as NOTHING

MANY women did not want to be “feminists”, but rather feminine….

Women have a natural tendancy to want to ‘nest’ and this sick, demented, disgusting move that is a JEZEBEL, Vashti- CONTROLS America now.

  I hope you 1960’s pathetic pirates of decent society have enjoyed tearing our world apart.