Inconsiderate Parents with Screaming Brats @ a Restaurant~ What do U do about it?

Here’s the scenerio, (taken from my own life experience)  My husband & I go to a really nice restaurant once a week.  It is always great, the service great, food, drinks, ambiance is classy and cozy.  We are laughing, flirting, having fun, and all of the sudden: WHAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHH MOMMMMMMMM! Daddy!!!! RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That’s not all, either people, It gets louder, spoons start flying, crackers thrown through the air. 


     What does one do with these people’s demoniac (sorry…KID) is OUT of control? Should we tell the waitress? Should we tell the parents to control their KID? Should we walk out in a huff while paying the bill?

See? You feel the frustration like I do.  Well, heres the deal….This didn’t happen when I was a kid, and when it did, it was rare.  It just didn’t happen.  The reason it didn’t happen, is b/c GOVERNMENT (local) was NOT involved with the discipline of children… What is worse, is when the parents act like this is their darling little baby, do they GET that it is not our darling little baby’

  Well, I am intolerant anymore, and this is a pet-peeve of mine.  You go ahead and tell me what you do, but I will tell you the ONLY way this works:  


 (Loudly) then, look at the parents with absolutely no mercy, and tell them:   

“Just think, in 10-12 years, this KID will be the nastiest teen, and he will be telling YOU to STFUP.” 

 They will.  They will be cursing you out, and telling you to go to hell.   So, do you want a well-behaved kid, or a little terrorist-monster?


                           That’s right, parent.. All the “Political-Correctedness” is getting you all no place fast. Not only do you posess rotten little brats (and this is YOUR fault, make no mistake about it) these little kids, will one day, be taking care of YOU.   Remember the stupid saying “Teach your children well”  <<Bla Bla Bla.


God gave us all, extra padding on our a$$es so that, when we were young, we got a spanking here and there.  It’s your choice, to make your kids behave, or make the rest of us MISERABLE.  And if you choose the ladder, don’t see we didn’t warn you, and when they are whining that they hate school, don’t forget this post;