U.S. Election Results Now Owned By Foreign Firm

Think you are free? Think America is the ‘envy of the world?’  Well, you are wrong.  Even in dictatorships throughout time, we have *NEVER* seen this much treachery.  We are doomed, you hear me? Doomed. American men are sitting back and allowing this to go on. When you look for someone to blame…don’t blame the minority, dont blame the Christian and don’t blame the JEW. Look in a mirror, you did nothing.

U.S. elections results now owned by foreign firm!


It Is 1979 All Over Again, & Obama Is CARTER, NOT Reagan

View ImageWatching this whole Egyptian scenerio play out, all I see is Carter reincarnated in Obama, just 10x worse. 

   I see Gas rationing coming to America with lines like the lines we grew up with. I see plastic bags becoming a luxury…. Good thing a few weeks ago, I started using paper bags.  In fact, how do we even know that Obama isn’t cheering this on, since he is a Muslim himself?  I can guarantee you, that the Marxist pigs in this administration are using this crisis, like that Bolshevik, Emmanuel said.  Notice that the B.C. news is off the net? Just like that…bingo! This is just what O was waiting for, it was his ringing door moment-saved by the bell, so to speak.

  Tragic and comedic all of this is…..> I think the Marxist slime KNEW this Egyptian crisis was going to happen.  That is why they put that likeness of Reagan and Obama on TIME Mag, but Reagan- Obama is NOT, nor will he EVER be…He will NOT be able to bring about any ‘peace’ in this situation, and there are no hostages to set free to make the manchurian look like a hero. Just a  measly, little 2.3 billion of our American dollars going to Egypt in foriegn aid:  Match that to Israel, for a bogus ‘peace’ deal made under Carter the Cad in ’76.. Makes ya wonder if more $$ will be involved to ‘redistribute OUR wealth’ abroad… 

  Anyway-Reagan, although not the best prez ‘ever’, but the best in our time, LOVED America, Obama hates America.  He is like Carter with this mess. It feels like 1979 all over again……..

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New Congress & NOBODY Mentions LT COL Lakin

The forgotten man, the INNOCENT man. The Political prisoner.

This ‘new’ congress is not going to do anything much; Hear me? Not anything much. Obama is already on a SECOND executive order, and nothing was said, you hear me? NOTHING!

Screw FOX too. You all suck. ALL OF YOU.

Cowardly bastards.

Richardson To Take SOS Hillarys Place? Remember Richardsons “OBAMA IS AN IMMIGRANT” Remark? :-)

Go to fullsize imageDoes anyone remember all about Bill Richardsons “Obama is an IMMIGRANT remark?” The remark that was UNTOLD  by the MSM, Faux News, MSN, CNN, etc..?  Some of us DO have lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg memories.  See the link below….


Oprah, Who Worships Obama Says America Would Have Breadlines, If it Was Not For Obama..

Lets hit the facts on Oprah Winfrey-she is a moonbat that talks too much for a living, and thats the facts. She does not know a helluva lot about the common working man/woman, except she likes to help them out a little-kind of like Eva Peron, giving little gifts here and there… Here is an article that talks about how stupid Oprah is at length, found by DONNA:



Census: 1 In 7 Americans Live In Poverty New Figures Come At Politically Sensitive Time And the Obamas VA- KA ON & ON!

POSTED: 6:47 am CDT September 16, 2010
UPDATED: 3:55 pm CDT September 16, 2010

WASHINGTON — The ranks of the working-age poor climbed to the highest level since the 1960s as the recession threw millions of people out of work last year, leaving one in seven Americans in poverty. The overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people, the Census Bureau said Thursday in its annual report on the economic well-being of U.S. households. The report covers 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office.

 The poverty rate increased from 13.2 percent, or 39.8 million people, in 2008.

———Pay close attention to some of the words on the signs and newspapers in this video:

My Response To A DUMB “Progressive” Jerk-off On You-Tube, Re: ILLEGALS

 Combust Feel free to join in this convo on Y.T.-it is one of Savages rants:

{For Newbies here-My Dad is WASP, & Seneca/Iroquois & My Mom is a Portugee Jew-in other words, HALF BREED… :D}

Here is the LIBO-NUT:

@ugha323a Seriously?! Are you Native American, claiming that your ancestors are not immigrants? I hope you are not talking about the rest of the entire population of American ancestors not being immigrants because that is exactly what they were, cant believe i even took the time to type that…

2nd, not a “JEW” but thx.

3rd, keep hating because that is exactly what all the world religions teach, HATE. It blows my mind that the vast majority of this world practice some religion, yet still hate.

—————–My response to this asshole “EIMAJISM” from above:

  • @eimajism #1. I am from the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois Nation. This is MY LAND. #2. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. #3. For a liberal creep to tell me I “HATE”, I take it as a COMPLIMENT. #4. The ‘evil’ white man did NOT screw up MY nation, you PROGRESSIVE pigs did. YOU ARE THE HATER NAZI.
  • FYI, satan; Americans that were here before the early 1900’s ARE of Indian blood, NOT Mexican.

    Ponquogue, Cutchogue, Mattituck, Montauk, all Indian names. Does THAT SOUND MEXICAN 2 U ASSHOLE?

  • @eimajism

    And another thing, SCHMUCK: There is a HUGE difference between a Good Jew and an EVIL,Commie, Bolshevik one. So you dont know a helluva lot about JEWS either.

    And this is hate: teaching Americans to HATE the troops, HATE this nation, hate white people, indoctrinating in schools that Tommy fucking Johnny is OK.

    You Progressives have TOTALLY screwed up this country.When us indigenous and patriots come after you, look at the reasons why- you are an IMMORAL and DEBAUCHEROUS people.


    This is what is going to happen in the whole military, and this is EXACTLY what O-BAT-FACE wants. Say goodbye to America, and say Thank God that this happened and will continue to happen, this way we can have a civi-coup against this evil, tyrannical government.  SEE: 


    New Military Anthem, Courtesy Obama, Our First “Gay” Prez.

     Troop Smiley 2 I’ve heard it all through the grapevine that Obama is making the once great United States Military a ‘happy’ military…

      “Gays” will be able to be nice and open about their ‘gayness’….   Isn’t that peachy-keen, Josephine?   Isn’t it just awesome how they are fighting some Muzlims in the east, who hang ‘gays?’ Yes, this is gonna work out fine, girlfriend!

      I have had more than a few ‘gay’ friends in the military, we never talked about it, they didnt talk about it- nobody did, because their job was not about which Tom, Dick, or Harpo they fudge-packed last night… Or how Mary was kissin’ on Sally.  They joined to do a job; fight for the USA, and it was not about how they could ‘share’ their sex-life, openly…    But, alas, now, we have an affirmative-action, ‘gay’ Prez who is only interested in one thing, and its not about making our military might…great. It is about killing off the morale,  pushing for desertion, and retirement of the old guard. He knows the average soldier will not really want to work alongside of someone that is looking at him with sex-driven eyes, thinking of pushing ‘u-know-what-u-know-where’.  He needs a ‘military’ loyal to his agenda of debauchery, sin, lawlessness, dishonor & disgrace.

      This decision should NOT have been up to Congress, Senate, President, etc. It should have been asked to the SOLDIER.  SHAME on this EVIL govt!! They never cease to make me sick and amaze me.




    Obamas Fundraising For 2012 Could Top 2 Billion

    Go to fullsize imageSo run Sarah, Huckabee, Romney or some other moron you can find, stupid GOP. We deserve what we get.

       Most of the country do not even like the above aforementioned. We are just finished. And this is almost tiring to me, to even write. I talked to My friends last night and they were ‘jack booted’ from the Tea Parties for being ‘too right wing’ AND southern.  They like their Confederate flag, and the Tea Party had a hissy fit. And you know WHY they had a hissy fit? Because WOMEN (emotional crazies) run the vast majority of the Tea Party movement.

    If you dont want Obama again, put MEN in charge that are bikers, truckers, construction workers, ETC, that are not worried about being called racisssss.

    See for yourself about Obamas next 2 bill. found by Donna:

      OH, and BTW:
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