Old Time Hollywood

Love Me Two Times....
  Old Time Hollywood is surely missed by me.  I made this set today and I thought of how wonderful most of those older actors were with their love of country. They were patriots.  It just is not there anymore.
  This new Hollywood is everything that America is not. I don’t ever go watch the movies now. What for? Blood? Guts? How bout that horrible movie “Inglorious Basterds”, that was sick. 
Back then, There was fantasy, color (technicolor), non-message entertainment. Now, its all brainwashing, Marxist jargon.  NO Wonder there is a rise in old world glamor with “Mad Men” and “Pan Am”.  True, they are both probably left wing shows, but at least there is glamor. I hate leftism (satanism).  We would still have a wonderful country if these FREAKS would move out and leave us the hell alone.. Just a little rant.. I just miss the fantasy in movies, and the beauty.

Womens Handbags: Purses Then, Luggage Now

HARRISON FISHERYou really have to look at this post. You can see how Neil Rockerfeller screwed this nation up, just by how women have so much more to carry on their shoulders-literally. That phrase has a whole new meaning to me now, as I look at the luggage young women are carrying now “Too much weight on your shoulders” is too, too true. Yeah, yeah, I know…”Whaahhh, we would still be in corsets”  If THAT was so bad as well, what the hell are women wearing and coveting corsets now for?

In the teens, early 20’s, a woman carried a coin purse, with rouge, lipstick some i.d., a mirror and a little note pad.  Nothing much was needed because men were the bread winners. (Yes, I know how some gals will say; But men beat women, etc) There are always bad lots.  But overall, really…How bad was it for women?  Could not be worse than now, even with how far they have come. See this teen/20’s purse:

Victorian Purse #5...finished I made

Vintage 1920s Blue Beaded Flapper

The 1930’s were no different, as were not the 40’s. 

Vintage 40's Navy Garay Velvet

The 50’s came along, and women started driving cars, many worked little jobs, they wanted their kids to have a better life than they had. They started carrying insurance, feminine things, all types of ‘stuff’ went into the handbad of a woman in the 50’s, but still nothing like now:

Vintage 50s Gold Embossed

The 1960’s/70’s is when everything just got worse, as it always does in every then and now post I write.  Women had a LOT more to carry ‘on their shoulders’, divorce became common-place.  So, women had to carry around childrens things, their things, work things- things all over the place.


The 1980’s, early 90’s,  brought in some refreshment, at least it did for me.  The 80’s was a time that we saw a return to pretty, but sophisticated.  Yes, true, there were ‘power women’ but even they wanted to look sort of like the women in the late 30’s-40’s.

1980's. STRIM Vintage. clutch

  The 2000’s have been bad for women. Not in the fact that they get paid a lot more and hold bigger positions. But the weight of the world is now on the shoulder of the woman. An average woman works up to 10 hours a day, many commute 2 hours. Yep, she most certainly still gets her monthly.  But, I want you to think had about this post if you are a woman. Did we REALLY as a ‘gender’ have it all that bad? I think not. That’s my personal opinion. Why is it better to carry a small laptop, a cell phone, an ipad, feminine napkins, hair-dryers, brushes, hairspray, make-up, i.d., money, lotions. I could go on and on.  What is so good about this? 

  All of this means is that you hardly live in your homes. So what are you working for if you cannot even live in your home but you live out of a purse?  Women are natural nesters. You cannot even enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Look at the bags they carry now, its too much for a woman.  Now women want high office, and are not even really capable of handling smaller office management.  Sorry, its the truth. Most women would rather work with men.  The huge ‘blingee’ purses make things look pretty, but who’s kidding who? You know that you are not happy as a lady-with all the weight that God really didnt intend for you to carry.

Hippies: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Remember the song:

 “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”   …..Long time Passing……….?

Have  you ever wondered what happened to all those cute 
 and crazy, good looking, young hippie chicks who did drugs, 
 smoked weed, got tattooed everywhere and did every guy 
 during the Age of Aquarius back in the 60’s?
Well, Wonder NO More:



This July 4th, America MUST Turn Back To Its Roots: CHRISTIANITY

  Its like this, people;  You are AMERICAN or not. What are you? Lately, I am sad, very sad, watching what evil people of both so called ‘religious’ backgrounds; “Christian & Jewish” & what they are doing to this nation,  I want it stopped as an AMERICAN.

  This nation cannot go ‘far right, and it cannot go far left’ it must turn back to its basics of being AMERICANS, we must plead the mercy (last resort) to God and Heaven. We have no other choice

  When I was young, we were proud to be AMERICANS. We pledged allegiance to our country. Some of us were boy-scouts, some girl scouts, I was a girl scout. My family forbid me to join the Marines to ‘fight the enemy and kill them’ so, they did allow me to entertain at the base (Fort Ord 7th Infantry Division, Light fighters brigade) I loved that time in my life, and I still, to this day, entertain and sing for the Vets at the V.A. – the Vets are the finest people in this world, in my opinion.  Yes, it is America’s birthday, but more importantly, it is the vet, the soldier that makes sure we remain free. Especially the older vets; WW2, Korea, Viet Nam.

  Now, we are in a threat and danger of coming under a dictatorship. I firmly believe that ALL people in America that are patriotic, and have loved this nation since its founding, MUST implore ALL people to return to this nations roots;

CHRISTIANITY.  If you do not like that this is supposed to be a Christian nation, you are free to go.  Just leave.  Leave. We wish you well. But if you hate God, hate Christianity, you have had NO business changing things to make it succumb to YOUR desires.  I just want my Christian nation back. If I really wanted this to be a “Jewish” thing, I can go to Israel, but America is my home.

  So, on this 4th of July, you people out there that have disrespected our flag, disrespected this Christian nation and re-wrote our original documents to suit your unrighteous agenda:  know that there IS a handful of ragtag patriots like myself, that will indefinitely oust you….very soon.  You have been warned.


Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s Hubby Loses FIVE Million In First Yr. Of UFL


Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul lost up to $5 million on his investment in a new professional football league, according to the latest congressional financial disclosure reports released Wednesday.

Read more:

Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, lost as much as $5 million …


Lets hope this dumb-shit bets Pelosi wins the election LOL!

Paul Pelosi (shown) spent $12 million last year buying the California Redwoods of the United Football League. | Reuters Photo

HA HA HA HA! Suckers! Too Bad, SO SAD.




“Progressive” Radicals GET VIOLENT @ Tea Party Bus Against AMERICANS

 <Remember how these people are. If they hate the US troops, please…they will stop at NOTHING with you.

To add insult to insult, Reid supporters called the police to report that Breitbart had provoked an incident.  Read the rest;Harry Reid Supporters Threaten Violence Against Breitbart at Tea Party Protest

  If you all have not read David Horowitz’s “The Radical Son”  You dont get what we are up against.  These people totally believe in violence. They are violent by nature. I know all too well living near these scum my whole life, they are VERY violent.

READ IT FAST: Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey


I told you all that the 1960’s IDIOTS & TRAITORS wrecked this nation, here’s PROOF

 From Michael Savages website:

Who wrecked the economy?Blame hippies, film suggests

  I have blogged about this, and all I get is a bunch of NASTY hippies telling me to ‘Get over the past’ MOVE ON… Yeah, I know all about the “MOVE ON” you idiots.  I told everyone, Savage told everyone, Horowitz is telling everyone, MY OWN MOTHER is telling everyone, but the left wing lunacy fringe wants to ‘revive’ this decade of debauchery, and hatred for our nation… you know WHAT? 

 G————DAMN them all to hell.

See this post as well: 1960’s-BEGINNING of the END of AMERICA-H

You ANIMALS screwed up our nation, you put in this Marxist, terrorist ILLEGITIMATE piece of shit in my White House, you will pay. 

As the blood calls out to me from my grandfathers, going back to before America was here, who fought and died to keep my nation safe, you will pay.

When we have cut you off FOREVER, I will not shed a tear for your treachery.