The Mad Jewess Gives The Obama’s A Make-over Part I

The Mad Jewess Gives The Obama’s A Make-over Part I

In an effort to relieve tensions from all of the countries that hate us (all countries hate us, now)  I thought I would throw this out there–Hopefully, this will unite the great at home..  Alas, I doubt it – nothing I do is ever appreciated…

Here is our most beloved first Lady, Michelle Obama. I added Sephora colors and cover girl clean make up by Noxema.  I think she looks a little less foreboding, dont you?
And here is our dear Leader, Commie, asshat, Barack INSANE, war-mongering gay prez, Obama before makeover:

He looks soooooooooo much more natural here:

I think Obama makes a better man looking a little more lady-like.


Womens Handbags: Purses Then, Luggage Now

HARRISON FISHERYou really have to look at this post. You can see how Neil Rockerfeller screwed this nation up, just by how women have so much more to carry on their shoulders-literally. That phrase has a whole new meaning to me now, as I look at the luggage young women are carrying now “Too much weight on your shoulders” is too, too true. Yeah, yeah, I know…”Whaahhh, we would still be in corsets”  If THAT was so bad as well, what the hell are women wearing and coveting corsets now for?

In the teens, early 20’s, a woman carried a coin purse, with rouge, lipstick some i.d., a mirror and a little note pad.  Nothing much was needed because men were the bread winners. (Yes, I know how some gals will say; But men beat women, etc) There are always bad lots.  But overall, really…How bad was it for women?  Could not be worse than now, even with how far they have come. See this teen/20’s purse:

Victorian Purse #5...finished I made

Vintage 1920s Blue Beaded Flapper

The 1930’s were no different, as were not the 40’s. 

Vintage 40's Navy Garay Velvet

The 50’s came along, and women started driving cars, many worked little jobs, they wanted their kids to have a better life than they had. They started carrying insurance, feminine things, all types of ‘stuff’ went into the handbad of a woman in the 50’s, but still nothing like now:

Vintage 50s Gold Embossed

The 1960’s/70’s is when everything just got worse, as it always does in every then and now post I write.  Women had a LOT more to carry ‘on their shoulders’, divorce became common-place.  So, women had to carry around childrens things, their things, work things- things all over the place.


The 1980’s, early 90’s,  brought in some refreshment, at least it did for me.  The 80’s was a time that we saw a return to pretty, but sophisticated.  Yes, true, there were ‘power women’ but even they wanted to look sort of like the women in the late 30’s-40’s.

1980's. STRIM Vintage. clutch

  The 2000’s have been bad for women. Not in the fact that they get paid a lot more and hold bigger positions. But the weight of the world is now on the shoulder of the woman. An average woman works up to 10 hours a day, many commute 2 hours. Yep, she most certainly still gets her monthly.  But, I want you to think had about this post if you are a woman. Did we REALLY as a ‘gender’ have it all that bad? I think not. That’s my personal opinion. Why is it better to carry a small laptop, a cell phone, an ipad, feminine napkins, hair-dryers, brushes, hairspray, make-up, i.d., money, lotions. I could go on and on.  What is so good about this? 

  All of this means is that you hardly live in your homes. So what are you working for if you cannot even live in your home but you live out of a purse?  Women are natural nesters. You cannot even enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Look at the bags they carry now, its too much for a woman.  Now women want high office, and are not even really capable of handling smaller office management.  Sorry, its the truth. Most women would rather work with men.  The huge ‘blingee’ purses make things look pretty, but who’s kidding who? You know that you are not happy as a lady-with all the weight that God really didnt intend for you to carry.

Coca Cola Ads, Then & Now..

Vintage Coca ColaI have gotten so caught up in the everyday assault & attack on America that I lost focus of my whole website fun; Then and Nows.  They are interesting, and hard to do, because you have to seek out pictures that are free, (hard work, and catch 22) thats #1. And #2. You take a trip down memory lane to see how far down we have gone as a nation, which is saddening and maddening.  I won’t even go into detail on the decades from 1960-now, the photos below speak for themselves.

 We were a pretty nation with a great spirit, the Vintage Coca-Cola ads from the turn of the century show this quite colorfully and beautifully. The Victorians, very royal and aristocratic;  maybe they wanted to make a woman feel like a Queen?  I dont know..

The teens: (1913) What class, and cuteness too!

The Flapper era…I think Coke didn’t really push for decadence, which is a good thing. Coca Cola is/was a conservative company in Georgia.  Coke was refreshing so, they started making a lot of beach ads. Did you all know that Coca Cola had Cocaine in it?  My grandmother said it was hell when they took the Cocaine out of Coca Cola:

The 1930’s did a then vs. now… Imagine what they thought?  the Victorians when they saw their daughters in these cheecy little bathing suits?  I think Hollywood had good and bad influence back then, here in the 30’s, it looks like Hollywood affected ads with a little more sexual suggestion than was necessary:

The 1940’s brought this nation back to its former glory after going through 10 years of depression.  This reflected in dress, and demeanor. I love the 40’s the most, because my grandmothers favorite time was in the 40’s and she told so many wonderful stories of war, depression, great generals, patriotism, etc:

The 1950’s were just as classy.  Obviously we were civilized as a people, and this is probably because 3rd worlders were not given an upper hand, they were not even allowed in, hardly. Obviously, they were smarter back then, because 3rd worlders are usually Marxist/Socialists.  I love the wholesome look on her face  below.  The 1950’s were considered a really happy time in America, we produced so much. I believe it is because religious people were into God and country. 

Here it always starts.  It starts to get bad, 1960’s. Boring, space like creatures, and no more pretty. What the hell happened? I don’t know, but it was a DRASTIC change that was made in the 1960’s & 70’s, 80’s, 90’s onward:

coke advertising image

coke advertising image




Photos of HOT RODS~David Ben Moshe & My Trip To Lead East 50’s Car Show

Me and David Ben Moshe LOVE 1950’s cars and 50’s Music, we hope that you will enjoy these photos. This was some show at Lead East in N.J., September- Let me tell you, I am BLESSED to have a husband that remembers when America was great.  He is a little older than I, but why the hell not? Any man my age is brainwashed, and my David is NOT brainwashed, and is the most wonderful soul in the planet. 

(I will upload more, there are probably 100 pictures. ENJOY!)

Hippies: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Remember the song:

 “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”   …..Long time Passing……….?

Have  you ever wondered what happened to all those cute 
 and crazy, good looking, young hippie chicks who did drugs, 
 smoked weed, got tattooed everywhere and did every guy 
 during the Age of Aquarius back in the 60’s?
Well, Wonder NO More:



Where In The Hell Can I Get a FULL Bag Of Potato Chips?

£1.49. Lay s Sour CreamReally, the greed is neverending. I am all for free enterprise, but come on.  I just got me a bag of Cheetos, I thought that the bag would be full, it felt full…but lo and behold, I open the sucker up and it is half empty, half full- whatever. 

I just want a nice full bag of POTATO CHIPS!

On Toilet Paper! by JenniferYou can’t even get a regular roll of toilet paper either, not like when I was a kid, now you have to buy the mega-rolls.  the other rolls are pathetic. Imagine being a person who is super fat…these tiny rolls of toilet paper are never enough.

These "English" Candy BarsCandy Bars too! They are so small now. How is a woman that is having a massive hormonal breakdown supposed to survive it, with candy bars sooo small now? When I was a kid, the Three Musketeers bars were gargantuan, and only .25, now a candy bar is almost a buck–FOR LESS CANDY!!

ice creamIce cream- it used to be a almost 2 pounds, now it is like a lb and a 1/4. AND, it does not even taste good like it did when I was a kid!  Like they dont even care what they put in a box of ice cream, it is hardly ever for the customer.

Dishwashing LiquidDishwashing liquid used to be 19 oz, then 18 oz, now it is 16 oz.  FOR LESS LIQUID! What is happening, and do these monsters think we dont know this is happening and they are ripping us off??

People might say that times are way better now, but I think NOT!  I long for the days where people dont rip people off.

Jeanette MacDonald, One Of My Favorite Starlettes Of Yester-year

 I think not only was she very pretty, but what a voice…She could sing on and on and onnnnnnnnnn.. This was a time when America was great. Great talent, gorgeous stars that were patriotic, unlike todays Sean Penn type slime.

Jeanette MacDonald (June 18, 1903 – January 14, 1965) was an American singer and actress best remembered for her musical films of the 1930s with Maurice Chevalier (Love Me Tonight, The Merry Widow) and Nelson Eddy (Naughty Marietta, Rose-Marie, and Maytime). During the 1930s and 1940s she starred in 29 feature films, four nominated for Best Picture Oscars (The Love Parade, One Hour With You, Naughty Marietta and San Francisco), and recorded extensively, earning three gold records. She later appeared in grand opera, concerts, radio, and television. MacDonald was one of most influential sopranos of the 20th century, introducing grand opera to movie-going audiences and inspiring a generation of singers.

“Hotness” Post~ Pin-Up Gals Then- Slutty Sleazy Broads Now

View ImageThe Varga Girls were the hit in the late 1930’s all the way up to the 1960’s.  What was their purpose, anyway?  We had many wars. I believe that Varga liked gorgeous women, but he also painted these women to give morale to the Troops, as well as reminding them- that the women here at home were gorgeous, as not to bring in “war brides”.  War Brides were a common fad after wars.

The 1930’s Pin Up gal was Betty Boop, and her voice before Betty Boop was Helen Kane. She was adorable and men and women alike LOVED Betty, they still do to this very day. The TM Betty Boop is a multi-billion dollar corp.

The Pin-ups back then were not demeaning. Women have been painted throughout time.  Men love the female body, men love beautiful women. Why women go so far as to look ugly now, I dont understand. Women will always be thought of as ‘sexual objects’ because, man, in his human nature is physical.  He sees physical before emotional. This is why there were not books on B-52’s, and there were sexy pin-up women in Art.  But just look at then vs. now.  Then, it was lovely, sexy, and an innosence. Now it is debauchery that only purpose serves a person with the lowest possible common denominator, in IQ, etc..

1940’s, showed women as ‘teasing’ in a way that made them look innocent- a spontaneous effect, that men almost die for, something to be caught ‘off guard’:

View Image

1950’s: The girdle, was not exactly a sexy thing.  Elfgren made it ‘look’ sexy however. And this shot type appealed to men as much as it did women, I mean, come on, a REAL woman likes to look sexy to her husband, and the 50’s were ALL about the “All American girl next door” being a wife and having a great life in your little white house and a picket fence, and your sexy wife.  Thats how it was.

The 60’s through the 80’s turned to PLAYBOY- ich.  Pin up art leaves more to the imagination, but this is reminisce of that time frame:

NOW:  Case Closed, NUF SED.


pinups.jpg pin ups image by melli_25

Womens Bathing Suits then, Slut rags now

 In the Victorian days, they called it a “Bathing Suit” because it actually looked like a little suit. Women didn’t just go around ‘shakin dat a$$.’   Modesty was not only a must, you would have gotten arrested if you wore what they wear now at the Beach.


By the 1920’s, women had a wild hair up their tuchas, (because they now could vote) So, they pushed the envelope.. Of course this did not bother men all that much. laugh

1930’s, the “Cheesecake” photos, and Betty Grable showed off some nice gams, and did Esther Williams, but the suits still had a nice modesty, and just a tad sexy.

I suppose that the 1950’s had the most glamourous suits- they were sheer class.

Of course, we always come to the 1960’s, I tell you, that everything BAD started in the 1960’s. If it wasn’t women screaming their guts out about burning their bras, they were whining like retards demanding to have sex with every Tom, Dick and Harpo, & wanting to not be referred to as ‘sluts’. Okkk…….. *Whatever*

The 70’s had the “String Bikinis”… I had one. What I wonder about the string Bikini is, did we really believe that we could get away with wearing those suits, WITHOUT some young boy ripping it off? It happened to me. Which is why I went back to one-pieces, but many women caved to the silly trend and bore the brunt of it at the beach in the Hamptons.

Then the 80’s, 90’s came along, less and less, sluttier and more trampy, NOTHING left to the imagination..Even how they flaunt the body, like ‘Just F me”  It is sickening.

Now, it is like ancient Greece, all full of debauchery and sin run amok, women that have as much respect for their bodies as going to the bathroom. What the hell has happened? We have NOT ‘progressed’, we have DIGRESSED.  I dont know men, is this how you would want your wife, or daughter to go to the beach WITHOUT you? Think about it..