Symbolic: Glenn Edward McDuffie, WWII Sailor Kissing Nurse Icon Has Died

Glenn Edward McDuffie, WWII Sailor Kissing Nurse Icon Has Died

We have lost David Yeagley:  America Has Lost The Most Wonderful American Indian Patriot: David Yeagley

And, now, we lose this fabulous Sailor: Kissing sailor’ from iconic photo dies

This is very symbolic.  Before Yeagley passed away, he fought against black racists in court and won his case.  Justice was served.  No amount of money can give a man the feeling inside as does justice when it is just:  Our Blog Friend, Patriot David Yeagley Wins case against black racist in January, 2014 .. Even though Yeagley had horrible cancer, GOD sustained him until he saw manifested righteousness.

And, then- we lose an icon of America when it was great.

 The spiritual/symbolic meaning?   We have lost true patriotism, justice and wisdom with the deaths of these 2 great men.  We can already see evidence of this, daily.  It will only get worse.

Rest in peace, Patriot:

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!     Yep, thats what black people were telling me on twitter! Shirley Temple deliberately wore black face..!

Shirley Temple is the left’s new poster girl for white racism because they can’t find a real white racist..


Shirley Temple has passed on.  She was so adorable.  Just a little girl who made it as a big star. Then, became an ambassador and defeated cancer.  How does the left react to her death?  The usual hate-filled lies.  Like:  Shirley Temple was a racist who stereo-typed blacks even though, in 1936, she danced with Bojangles in “The Little Colonel” at age 6 or so?  A white person dancing with a black person was something that was really not acceptable in 1936 America, let alone a child & an adult:

The fact that they had Temple dancing w/ Bojangles shows ‘tolerance’…

In one of the scenes Temple starred in one of her movies-she was hiding from the Army.  In the scene, they had her face/hands disguised with black shoe polish ..OMG…’RACIST.’    Please.. Gimme a break.  We ALL know what real bigotry is here on this blog:  Blacks who hate whites, it’s an epidemic now.   I would black-face myself if I thought it could save my Jewish ass in a war.

The left is bitter and wicked,  also saying she was evil because Temple was a Republican.  They seem to forget that back in those days, the DNC was out hanging black people with the Ku Klux Klan.   They don’t recall that their beloved Democrat, FDR was a racist & a Jew-hating slob: The Tragedy of S.S. St. Louis

I loved Shirley Temple.  An icon of old Hollywood Americana.   Not the Communist piss-hole Tinseltown is now.  Here is the satanic left screaming that about ‘racist’ Shirley Temple, ‘GOP’, bla bla bla: CLICK

Temples character depiction picture in a movie where the Civil War was the story in a Hollywood flick is RACIST!!

Goodbye, Patti Andrews

The last sister of the Andrews Sisters (Patti, Maxene and LaVerne) passed on. Patti and her sisters recorded some of the songs that got us through the war, including many Christmas songs with Bing Crosby. They also appeared with Abbott and Costello in Buck Privates, In The Navy and Hold That Ghost. They had an amazing tight 3 part harmony, perfection in every way.


Some of their biggest hits were Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen, I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, Dont Sit Under The Apple Tree, I Can Dream Can’t I?, and Don’t Fence Me In with Bing Crosby.  Our greatest generation will soon be gone.  Just what will we have left after they leave??  Nothing.


Goodnight Patti. We’ll be seeing you in Apple Blossom Time.

-David Ben Moshe


For your entertainment:

From MJ:

More Proof From Fashion Designers That Americans & The Whole World HATE “Liberalism” (Leftism, Progressive-ism)

My last post on fashion was such a hit in stats (more than usual) that I thought I would show readers more. The whole world hates liberalism.  And, sane Americans would rather go back to a classier time.  More proof of this was in the NY Slimes of all places… I picked up their magazine for the fall.. So, lets have a little peek…

Mid 1970’s fashion is what HERMES is showing (the scarf factor):

1970’s fashion (scarves were big in the 70’s):

Marc Jacobs reminisces the early teens, circa 1915 or so (BIG hats):

Hat from around 1900-1915:

Salvatore Ferragamo, tops fashion from the 1940’s (lace & rolled hairdo’s):

1940’s lace, off shoulder:

Max Mara is reliving the 1980’s:

Thumbnail from the cutting edge fashion plate of Patrick Nagel, circa 1982:


Donna Karan is waxing nostalgic from the 1940’s (matching classy suits):

1940’s sewing pattern: 

People are SICK of the leftism; pants on the ground degradation  and slutty looking pigs. Low morals and lack of ethics.

The whole world is SICK of the ‘liberalism.’

Everyone LOVES The 1950’s Except The Psychopathic, Idiotic, Asinine, Moron “Liberals”

Background of rock music (1950s–early 1960s) ~ The Music History

Last night I was watching “Under the Streetlamp”, 4 young men that perform tributes to the 1950’s Doo-wop & Pop.  These guys are dressed sharp, sing fabulous (no screaming rap crap) tap dance and WOW audiences that love the music from the 1950’s & early 1960’s (Before sicko hippy & acid rock made it big for stupid, leftist jerks).

…And, it’s not just the music of the 50’s.  Its was the dress, the cars, the little white house & the picket fence, the safety in the streets, the common culture, the new shows on TV (Ed Sullivan, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners), the movies in wide screen, the fashion was wonderful (It is copied now on a pretty big scale, especially with women that HATE feminism.)   Restaurants had great entertainment, a single income earner made enough to supply his whole family.  Manufacturing (jobs were HERE, not in Asia). America exported over 50% of manufacturing to the whole world.  Now, its China because of LIBERALISM (in both evil parties.)

But, the idiotic, jackass, moron liberals only bring up; that women were not equal, or racism that existed in the SOUTHERN states.  These are the only points that the liberals can ever remember. They never ponder on the good because liberals are bad, evil, crummy people.  And like all bad folk, only focus on the negatives, never the positives. 

What do liberals have to show for their own “Utopian” sick 1960’s decade? Soaring high crime, Racial riots, Feminist-supremacy, black-supremacy, an anti-war movement that was NOT anti war, it was just anti-American patriotism.  Truly, if it was an anti-war movement, they would have united and fought to bring the men home in a moral way, not by getting stoned on drugs and acid..  In fact, X-radical Commie, David Horowitz, who conducted most of the protests through the leftist rag; “the Rampart” magazine, confessed that it was a movement to tear down America and instill a Marxist utopia. (Something that never works in ANY country.)  The only reason that the liberals hated the 50’s is because they were bratty, nasty, rotten, no-good kids.  Their parents gave everything to them and like most spoiled shitheads, they hated their parents for being ‘too good.’    In all essence, their parents should have whipped their sorry asses.

The Obama campaign of lunacy seems to think it is a great put-down to say we all want to ‘go back to the 1950’s.‘  It is NO put-down to love something that was just better than now, more moral than now, by far.  More Christian than now and they were proud of it.  Definitely more patriotic, God fearing and nationalistic in a GOOD way, not the leftist/NAZI, fascistic nationalism we have now.

We love the 1950’s here in my home and appreciate the price that our grandfathers had to pay during WW2.  True, there is always wrong and always right in any decade, war etc…  For the most part, the WW2 generation made America what it became through the 50’s.  The liberal slobs can shove it up their ass.  I am proud of what America WAS.   I would give just about anything to go back to a to a time when this country was not immoral, with creepy-sounding music, horrible movies and TV. It is now; Communist, filthy, faggy, slutty and a downright disgusting, debaucherous, reprobate nation of zero’s.

These 4 guys inspired me to write against the Commie crud that Hussein Obama is preaching from the anti-Christ pulpit against apple-pie America.

Childrens Cartoon, 1942~Childrens Cartoon 2012

Childrens Cartoon, 1942~Childrens Cartoon 2012

Take a good look. Patriotism. nationalism, wholesome, love of country.. 1942:


Take a good look at the white boy in the center (If he is even white. Looks like they possibly omitted ‘evil’ whitey’.)  BUT, the potential white boy has no eyes, just dots, as in no soul.  Is it just a coincidence? I think not.  The young girls look like lesbians. There is no sense of anything in this cartoon. No patriotism, just nothingness.

Think about it.

Children/People that have no country do NOT have ANY hope.