No Freedom..

An art collage from September 2013
NO Freedom, by P. AsheDina, TMJ C. 2013

When I was young, I was deathly afraid of the ‘reds’ (The Soviets/Communists) Now…we ARE the Communists.  We are not a free people. If you are still singing God bless America, you are lying to yourselves.  The nation (as a whole) is sick.  We are in chains and it will get worse.   Our founding fathers were not ‘liberals’.  And, as much as they (the LIBERAL FILTH) try to tell us they were, they lie.  Liberals/Commies/Progressives are just liars.  Anal-sex loving, baby murdering, psychopaths that should be killed and often. 

Observe this Ballerina.. This is what you and I are, now.  People locked in cages, unable to dance in a free world:

Love, MJ

By the way, Nazis & Liberals (Same thing, same evil) You are banned from commenting here.  Feel the fascism, YOU created it.  You are sent to spam nothingness-where your comments are automatically deleted thanks to the new wordpress set up.  How does it feel to have NO voice?  Shitty, huh!? Good!

What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

More and more people are being ousted by their family because Of Obama. It’s true!  People are not invited for holidays for various reasons as well.. I, personally am not invited to my family’s get-together’s for other reasons.  I won’t delve. It might hurt someone’s feelings in my family.  Never mind my feelings, they don’t matter.  I’m tough, nothing EVER hurts me…… And there are bridges in Brooklyn to sell..

SO, this is what you can do to lift yourself up as well as lift up people in your community:

1. Visit some elderly people.  Bring an instrument, your voice, poems, stories, dress up in costume and be funny.  Take your talents and bring them to the older folks.  Encourage these elderly people to tell THEIR stories.  Bring some candy if you go at Christmas, or if you celebrate Hanukkah, bring a dreidel and sing old Hebrew songs.  Get some Kosher cocktail sausages, or those yummy jelly candies that are delicious–the candies will bring back memories to the elderly Jews.  Download some songs off Youtube from the 40’s/50’s and play them for the folks.  Like Bing Crosby’s White Christmas..etc.. You get the drift.

2.  Visit a fellowship, synagogue, church and ask them if you can help serve food to the poor. If you sing, play an instrument or like poetry, bring that.  Kick in $20- toward the food so that it can be extra special.  Make SURE you are there for the festivities.  The whole key is to be a part so that you will not feel lonely this holiday season.

3. If there is an orphanage in your area, take $50-100 and go to the dollar store-buy brand new toys for these little kids.  Download a few songs from the 60’s, 70’s like “A little white duck” or Alvin &  The Chipmunks and bring it with you.

So, these are at least 3 suggestions.  You understand what I am saying.. You do not have to be alone this holiday season.  You go and do some nice things and the reward in your heart will be great 😀

You may be alone again, naturally, but you don’t have to be lonely..



Thank God, I Prayed & HE Answered.. Streams & Rain In The High Desert Of N. AZ

An artists rendition of Prescott, AZ:

It has been raining for a month here in Prescott.  Its wonderful, seeing the green.  I had not seen green like this since we left Flooshing, (Flushing) NYC.. I was missing the green so much.  I longed for it, again.  I asked God to please bring the rains – he never fails. God is wonderful.  Maker of heaven and earth.  We have not just gotten a FEW days, people–I am talking WEEKS! 

God is so good. He answers The Mad Jewess’s prayers. Thank you HaShem. Bless you for your great things.  You have surely shown your kindness upon me and the decent ones here in AZ. Praise you.


Your girl, MJ.

I’m Taking Off For A Week. Obama, The Commies & The GOP Make Me Tired

Just got really tired today.  The everyday attack on our land is stressful & time consuming on my brains. I HATE these bastards.  I know many bloggers go day after day, night after night.. blogging.  Thats good.  BUT-We all need a rest here and there.  I am exhausted. And, my hands hurt from typing and being on the net too much, lately. 

QV: You can email me if you wish.  But, I am super fatigued.  Comments are off. 

So, see ya in a few.  


Love,  Your friendly, neighborhood…

What Does It Feel To Be Free? #DigiArt

I don’t really know anymore.  True that I say what I damned well please..but posting on Twitter has shown me that so many Americans don’t say what they want.  Don’t fight the Commie scourge as they should.  I do. I will ’til the day I die.  But, it makes me depressed how people go out of their way to be nice to their oppressors.  Is it the “Christian” thing do do? I’ve thought about this because I know this is supposed to be a Christian country.  But, being a citizen, I have to look at what is happening.  What is happening is evil. “WWHD?”  What would HaShem do?  How would he fight off attackers of freedom that HE gives people?  Would God rebuke Obama?  I believe so.  Would God stand up to those that act like Obama is Lord almighty?  Yes. Didn’t he with Elijah and the prophets of baal?  Yes he did.

So, what to do.. How to fight.  Be courteous?  Not for me.  Sorry, no can do.  People want our guns.  We have an out of control government, hell bent on war, taxes, oppressive bastards who want to disarm us and leave us at their mercy…disgusting, treacherous Republicans, Communist Democrats.. and the IRS.. However, the IRS scandal is not a new scandal.  It DOES need to be stopped.  

At any rate…a song for you..And, I will live free. And may God………DAMN any person who tries to stop me.

-The Mad Jew bitch

Lights……#DigiArt For My #Twitter Buddies


“LIGHTS” By P. AsheDina TMJ – © 2013

I made this tribute for my new Twitter friends.  I’m not here all that much anymore because Wordpest is Stalinist with my statistic. I mean BIGTIME.  I will be leaving this summer and helping GrumpyOpinions.  He has a whole page just for me.  Plus, I am not into blogging/talking anymore.  Too much conflict, loss of friends, etc.
Anyway:  I love the 80’s. You who know me, know this.  I love the music and happier times.   “Music” is noise pollution and rap crap, now. NO class, just moonbattery garbage, yelling, screeching and everyone wants to sound black.  Which would be great if they wanted to sound like Kool and the Gang.


“Lights” by Journey..






“CHARLESTON”, Digi-Art by TMJ, P. AsheDina  © 2013

The Great Gatsby is supposed to be coming out, soon. Hell, I didnt watch the first one, I always fall asleep.  At any rate, I love the styles of the 20’s. Cool. Panache. Pizzazz.  I do believe, however that it was a little more risque that I care for…

The Mad Jewess

Havenu Shalom Aleichem To Avrum Mordecai, JDL UK, Avraham Yehudi, QV & Maziel…

Words Of Life....
Digi-Art By TMJ, P. AsheDina c. 2013

Brothers/Sister: Have a nice Shabbos this evening, or tomorrow.  Daven for American people that are depressed because of this oppressive, Nazi-like government.  Daven for Jews that are depressed with the rise of Jew-hatred because of the Erav Rav filth & because the world just hates Jews. Daven for peace and prosperity to you.

ALSO: For our online friends and fellow patriots…., Have a great weekend.  Anyone would love this song, it’s wonderful.  Who really does not want peace?  I do.  It’s so far removed from all of us that who can even understand what peace is, anymore?  May the LORD grant you peace. And an end to this psych-suffering. Deep prayers for your hard works in exposing evil.

M.J. And David Ben Moshe