Bolshevik Monster, Tim Wise: One Of The Most Delusional Bastards Occupying America

Bolshevik Monster,  Tim Wise:  One Of The Most Delusional Bastards Occupying America… As usual, we have Tim Wise, the master of idiots explaining to a black woman about racism in America.. He forgets to leave out that Whites are the most targeted race and people.   Wise seems to take some sicko delight in talking about fictitious race-hatred against ‘minorities’.  And, he is talking to a black woman who knows he is full of crap.  She knows damned well that she is part of a race (negroids) many, that are supremacists and get away with murder, raping and robbing America, blind.

He is also discussing ‘sexism’.  He is so full of sh*t, his eyes are brown.  American women, pretty much under 45 are serial man-hating creeps.  With no reason to be like that, either.  Many women now are supremacists for the most part.  What is the most disturbing about these type videos, is that they are emboldening evil behavior when it should be rebuked.


(All and thousands more, beaten by bad blacks IN America)


Pastor MURDERED By Obama-Black-Thugs~WHERE IS THE DOJ?

This is SICK and sad. A Pastor was MURDERED by black thugs, people and nothing was even said BECAUSE they were black!!  Call it whatever the hell you want, but I will tell you right now: “Entitlement” blacks and Mexican/Marxists have become emboldened by Prez. Husseins reign of minority terror. 


  That is my opinion.  How long are white people going to just put up with this? How long are we going to have to listen to the bogus ‘race’ hustling of the left, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? How long are we going to listen to all of this? When we are dead?  When I was very young, I got beaten up by 3 black girls with a stick in the woods, while they shouted “LITTLE WHITE BITCH!”    

 ……….You tell me who the victim was……..

   Leftists say we have not ‘suffered enough yet’Eric Holder said that last week…So it is OK for the DOJ to just ‘let it go’ with the Black Panthers calling for the death/murder of white babies….?? That is precisely why this will continue to happen.    Merlie Evers demanded justice for the horiffic race crime against her husband, Medger Evers in 1963….But NOT Ok for this Pastors family to demand THEIR justice of this RACE hate-crime, because Eric Holder the partial DOJ says so??     This type crime happens EVERYDAY to whites. Its the facts.  Sorry if you dont like to hear it, but at some point, you have to WAKE UP.

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Watts, Calif Then & Now-This IS What Multi-Culturalism Has Done

View ImageTake a good look at this video, (nevermind the racial epitaphs.. it is going to be there anyway, because people are SICK of what has been done to America)

When minorities from the 3rd world were here back in Grandma’s day, they brought these people UP to the level of civilized people-its the facts. Now, the leftist-destroyers bring them down to the ground with this ghetto mentality of violence and murder. And….they did it for a reason. A satanic reason; “For such a time as this”-true this is a biblical scripture, but the godless, satanic left used it for THIS day…NOW.  The minorities are now at the disposal of their new slave-drivers: The godless left wing, who push them to hate, murder, and destroy a once civilized nation; The united states of America. A civilization…..Gone With The Wind…..

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The TOLERENT American black LIBERAL blocked ME……a JEWESS! <<Tim, you might START by STOPPING JUDGING people and calling them “RACISTS” just because we cannot stand HUSSEIN Obama. 

We DO NOT like him because he is an UN-REPENTANT REPROBATE, who YOU chose BEFORE God, you’ll pay for this, TIM—BOY!


OBAMA HAS NOT, I repeat NOT EVER shown a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and he ONLY gets a FREE pass, because he’s BLACK, and that’s a FACT!! 

Damned INTOLERANT, racist Black MONSTERS that take THEIR racism, just to try to make WHITEY ‘feel bad’- well BOO FRIKKIN HOO!

WND has NOT reported ANY LONG FORM B.C.–monster-TIM!!!

And I WISH I could call YOU the “N” word, but I am ABOVE that shit, you intolerant MORON, so, calling you BOY, is GOOD enough, b/c YOU ACT LIKE A BOY!

Hey little schmuck…just where the hell do you think you got your rights from CHUMP?!?

 The JEWS, and boy, just look at YOUR WEBSITE, FILLED with WHITE-HATE…GO to AFRICA, Tim. 

In fact, if it was not for us DUMB Jews that did this, you would be NOTHING, and you shut out MY FREE SPEECH!? 

GO F**K YOURSELF! White-hating BLACK power COMMIE!

“African-Americans” were NEVER meant to ‘rule’ it over AMERICA. Why? Look at your loyalties, dear BOY

 You are an AFRICAN FIRSTER. A BLACK-firster, never just an AMERICAN, but every other label, BUT AMERICAN. 

So, you shut out MY free speech and I am a JEW amongst the DUMMIES that GAVE you FREE SPEECH, who the HELL do you think fought for you, asswipe, to be able to have the same RIGHTS as all Americans???  STUPID Jews did.

THIS is where YOU would have been still if it wasn’t for us DUMBASS JEWS. HOW STUPID WE ARE!! NO WONDER everyone HATES our GUTS! Thanks a LOT AHOLE: