100% Proof That Trayvon Is Definitely A “Son-Of-Obama”

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon…”

We prove that statement is 100% accurate:

Yep, for once, we agree with Obama.



 Screamer This is a baddie.

The teen was not innocent, he had a police record, a thief, pot-dealer. Zimmerman was not innocent either (character wise).

But TRAYVON was NO innocent…..BOY/Child.

Obama is using this incident to start his race war. Remember, Mr. Hussein O. was pictured with the Black Panthers. This may be a reason why so many people are looking into this case to see everything.  This cartoon is in bad taste, but, it is probably accurate @ the end of the short vid.


Congressman Rush (D-Ill) Pulls Out Hoodie On Floor~Starts Preaching About How We Are “Racial Profiling”

Congressman Rush (D-Ill) Pulls Out Hoodie And Starts Preaching About How We Are “Racial Profiling”

Let me tell ya all something:  The kid Trayvon Martin, 17, potential drug dealer, tattooe’d, gold teeth, hoodie, pants to the ground showed us all that he was not just ‘black’, the key here is that he donned gangster garb.  Once again, the bad black community is full of shit. Race-hustling with their leading henchmen, Jackson, Sharpton and the head bastard, Obama. 

Listen to this moron. Un-be-friggin-lievable.  This is a dumb person that cannot even read, and people wonder why America is doomed??

FACT: Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days.

FACT: Tatooe’d body.

FACT: Pants to the ground.

Last FACT. Gangster garbed 6’1″ man, in a gated community that he was not normally a resident member in.

H/T: Donna… This link here provides the most balanced reporting I have seen.  I think this young lawyer needs to be drafted by a law firm regarding the stories he is putting out on this Martin case. He calls himself a ‘progressive’. I DONT think so.

~The Mad Jewess

Self Defense, Case Closed. Zimmerman Suffered Blow To The Back Of His Head & Broken Nose Courtesy, “Child” Trayvon Martin


My synopsis:

Once again, our DUMBASS Prez took sides without hearing the whole story.

WTG asshole.