Our Commie Prez Needs Reminding From Gun-Owners In 2011: “If you TRY To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You”

I’ve been surfing the net, and found that our Commie, piece of shit, lyin ass, un-vetted asshole ‘prez’ wants to take guns from citizens…. Back in 2011, he seems to not remember some men telling himIf you try to take our firearms (guns), we will kill you.

Mista Obama, you have made this nation sick.  You have crippled it. You are still not happy. I believe you are straight from the devil.  What cracks my ass up about you…is that people actually believed you were a Christian.  How dumb.  Imagine a country so STUPID, that only 7 years after 9/11, they would actually elect in (WITHOUT VETTING) a Muslim Jihadist/Commie into the highest office in the world, the White House.

Well, you have been warned, ‘President’ Obama.   Remember what Yamamoto said… ‘There is a gun behind every blade of grass in America’.  (something to that effect)   I am 100% positive, that you can double that amount, since YOU are the enemy.  The FBI should arrest YOU.    In fact, if Americans had any sense at all, we would march to OUR house and place you under citizens arrest for violation and treason against our freedom of religious expression….but we seem to be a ‘tolerant’ people……….

Year 1641: How Massachusetts & New England Colonies Dealt With “Gays”

“If any man lyeth with mankind as he lyeth with a woman, both of them have committed abominations, they both shall surely be put to death.”

-The Liberties of the Massachusetts Colonies in New England, 1641.

[Researched from “To eliminate the opiate” p. 257 Written by Rabbi S. Antelman]:

Replay of a Classic Tamar Yonah Show from 2006 with Dr. Rabbi Marvin Antelman, author of the books, To Eliminate the Opiate, volumes I and II”.

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Marriage is ONE man, ONE woman.


(We do not condone violence against anyone. We ask that this nation repent of its evil ASAP. ALL Americans–However, we must stand against abominations)

Obama Just Approved 30 Billion Dollar Sale Of Fighter Jets To SAUDI ARABIA

TREASON. Obama the Bush. Can someone please explain to me how in the hell we can sell fighter jets to people that attacked us on 9/11? And, then have the audacity to say ‘it will create jobs?”

Bush did this as well, for all of you GOP or bust folk.

I am lost and sick of this treason.  It just goes on and on.

Fascist Sell Outs In Congress Declare War On The Internet

All of this fascism…

MEN need to use excessive force at this point.

These “Tea-party” freshmen have SOLD US OUT.  They were RINOS from the beginning, just as I told you all when they rejected my hubby and myself at one of their GOP or bust brigades, crumpet eating ‘tea parties.’

Since they have NO real right wingers in the Tea Party, they too, can go STRAIGHT TO HELL.

More Inside Trading: Mexifornian Senator~Diane Frankenstein Bought Stock Right Before 24 Mill $ Grant

The corruption never ends, does it?  This hideous beast-dog-bitch, bought this stock right before the grant. What does this mean? This means this bitch knew that Biotech was to receive a grant.

SEE: Schweizer: Inside Trader, Diane Frankenstein Bought Biotech Stock Just Before Company Received $24 Million Grant

This fugly beast needs to be thrown out like that ‘protester’ yesterday in NYC.


Every damned AM, I wake up and have to look at this news. It makes me want to puke.  Just look at this fat buffoon, Napolitano with her FAT mouth, now:

This bitch should be HUNG. In a SANE world, we would hang this treasonous bull-dyke for crimes against humanity.

What the hell happened with Fast And Furious?  #OWS has taken the spotlight off of the most important issue; Holders knowing of “Operation Gun-runner” in 2009:


I am sorry,  usually I take up for men–but I REALLY have to ask men in America just what in the hell are you thinking, allowing women in power?  You ABSOLUTELY know, without a shadow of a doubt that women are totally INCAPABLE of these type positions.  Even my own Governor, Jan Brewer does NOT follow the AZ Constitution.  She CAN raise a whole army to rid AZ of these drug cartels and illegals, and she does not do it.  I 100% guarantee that if Sheriff Joe was in the same position, AZ would be CLOSED, SHUT, period.



Dem ‘dead serious’ on suspending elections, faces impeachment callBreaking News

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