This Is The REAL Reason The COWARDLY CANDIDATES Refused Trump’s Moderated Debate

The Cowardly candidates refused Trump’s moderated debate… No, not because they think it he a ‘circus act’… It is because they are politically correct (Borderline Commies) Period. They are afraid that the poor, dictator-tyrant Obama’s birth certificate will be brought up.  That’s why.  Bunch of disgusting wuss’s. ALL OF THEM.

This is the numero uno reason no likey to oblige Trump:

This is the 2nd reason is economy and gas prices: and they remember how HE would handle it, and how they lack the guts to handle it right:

Guesss what all of you besides Santorum and Gingrich:

We have had ENOUGH of the P.C. Rigamaro. This is how people should be talking.

Trump To Prez B. Hussein Osama: “You Are Doing One Helluva LOUSY Job!”


Trump says….”We have a President that doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people…He’s a very inconsiderate guy. Stop with the fundraisers and start running the country. You are doing one hell of a lousy job.”

I have to disagree with one little thing…

DO NOT ‘do your job‘, Prez Hussein, just QUIT!

Resign, GET LOST.

NOBODY likes you except IDIOTS.

See: Trump To Cry-Baby, Bastard, Obama: ‘You Are Doing One Hell Of A Lousy Job’

BIRTHERGATE?! Barack HUSSEIN Al Aqsa Bama Is TRUMPED Again By The Donald

The last time that Trump came out and called Obama on this bluff, the imposter released a fraudulent birth certificate.  So, what is this Manchurian, Mystery Monster going to do next to WAG THE DOG?

You’re forged! Trump declares
Obama’s birth certificate fake

Donald Trump Will Have A Book Out By Summer

Trump book due on shelves this summer

‎  NOT Newt!!  HELL NO to McRomney. Ron Paul is a LIBERAL. Huckabee? That tax and spending shill?  Pawlenty is a closet leftist. Gingrich didnt even care for his wife who was dying of cancer (he left her) -A continuance of GW. Santorum is weak as anything, lost in his own state and looks like Gumby. I really like Cain, but come on…look at what has happened with a minority in charge already-sorry folks, we need a majority Pres that is WHITE with a  Christian background.  I love Bachmann, but we need her to keep doing what she is doing.  Palin is a reactionary, better set at TV and cheer-leading. Trump is the only ‘Trump-card’ ya all got-Because the GOP SUCKS!!!!

YOU’RE FIRED! Letterman Race-baits Trump & Loses Trump 4 Guest

Go to fullsize imageThe race card is seriously over-played.  Nobody listens to this race-baiting anymore. The truth about this whole scenerio, is that people didnt call people racists, until Obama became the dictator.  Obama is personally responsible for this racial divide. Obama is a racist, he hates the cops, and he has people for ‘galas’ at OUR White house that want to murder past presidents.  Trump was called a racist, recently by leftist pig, David Letterman, and Trump has told him off—royally. Good for Donald Trump. Even IF Trump was a racist, where is there a law against ‘being’ a racist? There is none.   Trump only requested Obama’s b.c., and that has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with eligibility to be a president in this country.


Go to fullsize imageH.T./ QV, Blogger.

  The issue that won’t die, because Obama is not  gentleman enough to resign- Admit that he really didnt know all of the eligibility requirements.

The U.S. government is on record questioning President Obama’s citizenship status as early as when he was 5 years old, stating it lacked documentation to determine his citizenship, WND has learned.

The citizenship inquiry dated back to 1966, when Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was attempting to secure a waiver so her second husband, Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, could return to the country after his visa had expired.
Read more: Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship

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ITS FAKE! Obama’s “COLOR OF CHANGE” Long Form Birth Certificate

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I am sorry.. I even tried to give this jerk occupying the White House the benefit of the doubt, but after watching this video, there is NO WAY IN HELL I believe that he produced a valid long form birth certificate, NO WAY. YOU can believe whatever your little heart desires.  I dont care.  I know what I just watched.  Obama can kiss my flat ass, this is FAKE.

This is what this young man says:

Uploaded by on May 2, 2011

It’s like they want us to know it’s a fake! Why? Osama Bin Boogeyman’s “proof of death” picture was photoshopped too. Watch your back, y’all. Something’s up, and I don’t like the smell of it!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrity Apprentice Stars “Urged” To Denounce Trump-THE RACE CARD-AGAIN

 Huh? 2 Liberal people that are darker than other people are pissed off at Trump.  Imagine this.. Unbelievable. Our nation is falling apart and the only man that is attacking the slime bucket, Marxist creep in the W.H. has been Trump and these people are so offended by Trumps comments.  You know…..Things that make you go UH.  He should just start firing them ALL for strong-arming him. Dont you all get sick of this crap?? 

“Celebrity Apprentice” stars urged to denounce Trump

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Non-Birther, Leo Donofrio ESQ Believes Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate Is Fraud

 Hmm 2 From the very start, Leo Donofrio ESQ has believed that Obama is non-natural born, (Father from Kenya, Kenyan, Brit citizen) which is grounds for fraud, firing and impeachment.  However, “MissTickly” says Obamas newly released b.c. is fraudulent. See for yourself and determine for yourself up above.

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Donald Trump Pushes 2012 Election To #3 On News Charts

Go to fullsize imageWell, laugh all you want…OR, if you are a gasbag, hardcore, Obama-voting jackass-CRY.

  Trump is  Obama’s nitemare.  Whether he runs or not… He IS Obama’s nitemare. At this point, I firmly believe that Trump is pretty serious about running for Prez.  So, people had better decide to fight with him, or fight against him and go worship Obama. Love Trump, or hate him…He is the ONLY person that has shown up on the political scene, with the gutts to call this imposter and his fascist administration for what it is; Anti-freedom, Oil-grabbing, blood-thirsty slime & Communist dirtbags with rotten attitudes that are disgusting America-hating trash.