MUST SEE: Obama The Bush

MUST SEE: Obama The Bush

 You will have to sift through this link.  Many of you will not like or agree with everything here, but I am sure there ARE some links you will agree with–bad policies.  However, something must unite this divide we have as AMERICANS. If we are to send this govt packing, the American people cannot win, divided.  Look for the things that unite you with people you usually don’t agree with.

 Like, for eg: Monsanto, Snowden, privacy, insane war-mongering, AP, IRS–you know the deal.  We are not going to be united by calling each other names like bigot, libtard, etc. We HAVE to get past this and turn on this sick government.  There are things I will not compromise. I am sure there are things (many) that others will not compromise, but common ground on different issues is KEY. You all must know that this is a LOT for ME to say such a thing..I just cant take anymore of this depravity and fascistic government.

Huge list of many of Obama’s policies, which are just like Bush:

Obama’s Deficit Proposal: Cut Social Security Benefits (READ).

Barack Obama is Pushing Gun Control at Home, but He’s a Killer Abroad (READ)

Three Ways Obama Carried Bush’s Tyrannical Torch, in Just One Week – Warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, Indefinite detention without charge or trial, Targeted killings of suspects by drone, without any pretense of due process (even if they are US citizens) remains none of the American people’s business (READ).

Obama admits the U.S. kills innocent civilians: “it is a hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties” (READ)

Obama Admin: GPS Tracking Without Warrants ‘Necessary’ – Insists Tracking Americans’ Every Movement Has ‘Minimal’ Privacy Impact (READ)

Obama Maneuvers to Keep Kill List Memos Permanently Secret(READ)


Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Over 100 Arrested at School Closures Protest in Chicago (Leftism Closed These Schools)

Anytime you see something like this; It’s the left wing.  Imagine if they started admitting they suck?  That they are the ones that have totally destroyed this country with their dumbing down?  Unions pay too much money to these teachers.  Vacations, T.O., high wages, health care- where tax-payers just can’t afford it any longer.


Is The F.B.I. Protecting The Union Thugs?

Our friend, Marshal Infidel does not respect Michael Savage anymore, but just listen to this video..  



It’s possible, but I have found no links that the FBI is actually protecting the UNION.   Savage is a little bombastic, but that is needed now so that people will wake up.. Just happy that Savage is not bla bla bla with his dog and Chinese food…


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This is sent from our sister and fellow Jew:

Please see David Horowitz testimony:



I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. My late grandfather was a Democrat ward leader of the 39th ward throughout the 1950s and 1960s. My late father was president of the Newspaper Guild (union) of Greater Philadelphia throughout the 1960s and 1970s, into the 1980s. Needless to say, I was raised in a very pro-union, pro-Democrat family.
I chose to register a Republican when I turned 18, because I was sick and tired of all the corruption, lies, cheating, exploitation and voter fraud I learned about, saw and knew about from the Democrat Party during my upbringing. The expression, “Vote early and vote OFTEN” was frequently heard among Democrats, partly in jest, partly because they knew they were doing it.
My grandfather used to do a lot of fundraising for the Downtown Jewish Home for the Aged, which used to be at 508 Moore Street in South Philly. Naive kid as I was, I thought Zayde was a good man, doing his part as a Jew to practice tzedakah. Little did I realize then that as he used to say, “One hand washes the other”, that he had another purpose for doing this. In my teens, I learned that he did this to butter up the nursing home (s) so they would permit him to use their nursing home as a polling place. This made it easy for workers (all Democrats) in these homes to wheel the senile residents downstairs to “vote”, with, of course, “help” from the caretaker.
During the last election, my son, older daughter and I worked as election officials for the GOP in our local polling places. WE ALL SAW severely disabled people being wheeled in to vote, some so “out of it” that their arms failed wildly, they drooled on themselves and they could not speak or communicate. I witnessed one caretaker hold the gnarled hand of a mentally and physically disabled man to “sign” his name for him, then she went into the booth with him. Obama got two votes from her that day! Multiply that by MANY THOUSANDS nationwide, in major metropolises like Chicago, Philly, NYC and the like.
David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine, is as outraged as I am, esp. since he learned that his relative was EXPLOITED in this manner. What I find especially tragic is that these innocent people were USED to do this, and these are the FIRST people who will suffer from Obamacare when healthcare gets rationed. It reminds me chillingly of Hitler’s T-4 euthanasia program, in which mentally and physically disabled people were euthanized FIRST, even before a single Jew was touched.

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(El Grupo Bimbo) Twinkie Just Might Survive With A Move To Mexico. Unions Murdered Twinkie

Imagine America, the  leading producer of everything becoming even WORSE than Mexico.  The Union has destroyed the Twinkie and Hostess.  The ‘workers’ would rather buck their own job and murder Twinkie than keep it alive, eat and feed their families, talk about dumb…  Now, these mooches will eat off of ‘we the people.’  Ok, so, we were off a bit.  Twinkie may just be made in Mehico, not China…

Click: Twinkies May Survive under El Grupo Bimbo Possible Purchase


Twinkie’s Getting Killed By Obama’s Economy, 627 Hostess Jobs Cut

Hostess closings to cut 627 jobs & Believe it or not, there are union morons out there picketing.. Dumb shits.

Good luck fighting for your pension, your heath-care, and your wages, when the company is gone.   Also, good luck getting even a minimum wage job without a pension or health care.   Unions are quickly finding they have no control over anything anymore.   We could just as easily eat a Twinkie made in China.

Michael Bourgault (left) and Michael Ducharme, members of the Bakery Union, picketed in Northeast Phila.



What say you UNION idiots who voted for the dimbot, tinpot, dictator Prez Hussein?  One who makes empty promises to unions????

America, Land Of The Arrogant: New Movie Trailer That Bashes China, Courtesy Of AmeriKan Commies

The people in this video blame everyone but themselves.  This doc is narrated by Martin Sheen.  Richard Trumka is in it.  All the haters of anything capitalist/free enterprise.  Complaining about Chinese quality control & emissions.  What a laugh riot… Did they have quality control in Commie Russia? I think not.

SO-where were AMERICANS to stop jobs going to China? 1st: They were busy demanding $25.00 plus an hour for a factory job with:  Time off, vacation time, health care and all the benefits that the ‘wonderful’ unions were so proud of.  2nd: They, themselves cared nothing for the corporation they worked for and had no loyalty to them, only to the union, who are not job providers.  3rd: (after corps went to China):  Americans were laying on their couches,  content to take the severance pay that was offered, were more than willing to accept unemployment and food stamps when the fat-cats moved their companies to China. Instead of accepting less and ditching the UNIONS.

End result: Factory worker is now out of work.  The “evil” capitalist company decided to take this work to China so they could live the old American dream.. Believe it or not, they are living the ‘American dream’…With cheap crap made in china, which is not so cheap anymore…

(Factory workers making $22-plus an hour LOL…LOL.  The arrogance of the complacent, slothful, bratty United States commoner.)

Americans, with the unions did this to themselves.

THAT IS WHAT UNIONS HAVE DONE TO OUR ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, but let’s blame China…Why not? We only owe China a few trillion…no biggie.. Unions, once needed, are now for losers.

Do you think a good worker should get the exact same pay-raise as a lazy worker when the contract is up?  The UNION thinks so!


BUSTED! Union Workers In Detroit Smoking Weed & Drinking On Job

Is  there any doubt now, why American cars are made like shit?  Now…they build armored vehicles for our military and they are high as a kite. A “high” lasts about 3 hours, lunch is only an hour…



Caught on Tape! Video: Union Defense Factory Workers Who Build Armored Vehicles for Our Military Drink, Smoke Weed During Lunch