#VAScandal: VA Supervisor-“Elderly Vets Should Be Shot In The Head To Save Money”

#VAScandal: VA Supervisor-“Elderly Vets Should Be Shot In The Head To Save Money”

This is what socialist medicine is all about – in the long run.  What an insane country America is.  It is only going to get worse, too.  Because we do not have the cojones to send these bastards in charge, packing. 

A nation that does not take care of its elderly, GOD will severely punish.  You can always love a baby because they’re cute..But, an older person is much harder to take care of and Americans do HATE the elderly (collectively speaking)


A Veterans Affairs whistleblower has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the facility at which he works has engaged in a of cover-up in response to the VA hospital scandal, while also relating the story of how one supervisor expressed his desire to see older veterans “taken outside and shot in the head. VA Supervisor: Older Veterans Should be “Shot in the Head” to Save Money


Listen to the WHOLE video.  @ 10 mins, “They should be shot in the head, they’re useless”

AND: These younger vets (35 and above) joined the military thinking they were fighting for freedom, they were LIED toThey are fighting to ensure McCain stays rich.

*Miss Navy Vet @ Daily KOS:  Prove this story isn’t true.  The burden of proof is on you.  You didn’t prove anything, just “DEMOCRATS, Please shut them all up!” ….You’re a FASCIST!     We all know now that the Vets are being abused..You’re just upset because the ‘prez’ is a piece of garbage & a failure for the 1st black ‘prez’…. AND, it’s typical for a left winger to cover something like this up.  BTW: You dumb bitch… Just keep worshiping your messiah.. I and many others will keep telling the truth about YOU when you stop lying to Americans.  Oh, and thank you for the link up.. I love the attention..   😉

Update-Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut The Vets Off?” What?

Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut Vets Off”

EDIT by David Ben Mosh (Please read MarshalInfidel’s Comment, below):

Marshal Infidel
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Submitted on 2012/12/13 at 6:46 PM

MJ, After listening to the full video, I believe you have made an error of misunderstanding in Sen. Sanders’s comments with regard to veteran’s benefits…. his comments re Veteran’s Benefits begins at ~ the 09:40 minute mark and concludes at ~ the 11:10 minute mark…

Please listen again and tell me if it is I that is mistaken…


A commenter on Youtube:



Vets – Wake Up.

Reactivate your soldier strawman and go arrest these war criminal scum