Black-On-White Crime Wave That Roy Edroso From “The Village Voice” Is COVERING UP

Go to fullsize imageRoy Edroso from “The Village Voice” is totally, 100% clueless on the crime-wave of black on white crime in America. (Even  American-Latinos are being beaten up by these Obama-Blacks.

  Our beloved MSM refuses to report that there actually IS a terrible racial war being waged in the USA.  Roy has linked up our blog, several times. And you would think this chap would wake the hell up. But, why should Ray wake up?   Wasn’t it Clinton that said “Era of the white man is over?”  Roy must have believed him..

  Anyhow, look at a poster on The Village Voice named “I’m Racist, whah whah whah”  -He knows what is going on, and even WITH all of his links to major news sources, Roy, the chump ~ is still oblivious!  What I would like to know about Roy, is:  Where in the HELL was he when the black flash-mobs were attacking in June and the beginning of July? 

We all know that Roy is not a racist, he lives in Harlem….To be with the people he so admires…Sure.. And there are bridges in Brooklyn being sold..


Ooga Booga: Rightbloggers Warn America of a Non-Existent Black Crime Wave

One last word….

Insane Obama-Woman Beats Up A Cadillac

  This is Obamas America. . Look at this moronic, savage, crazy lady in the link provided… WTH is she all upset with a Cadillac for?   Anyway….click the link, below and watch the Obama-voting freak.. {If you ask me, I believe that minorities are acting like the crumbs they are, and dont think for a minute that my own people are not included in this little rant.  It is time to take out the white trash AND the black trash…}

South African ANC Youth Pres.~’GET OUT WHITE PEOPLE OR DIE!’

View ImageComing 2 America white men if you keep kissing minority libo-slime & female ass.

ANC Youth President: Whites must leave or die!

I have told you all about this.  Especially Jewish people that are NUTS. You have called me a racist, bigot, etc. You think I listen to that sh*t anymore? You’re Peter & The Wolf cries mean zero to me.

Watch this while you are at it:

Obama-Black Girls Gang Up On ONE White Woman

This Youtube will, no doubt, be removed. I had a post with 9 (NINE) serious hate crimes against white people and no doubt, some liberal/left wing Jewish scum are following me and what I post, and had those videos removed. I am sure of it.  This is one brave woman up against all of these Obama savages in this video. This was not reported. Of course not, IT WOULD BE F’N RACIST!!!! BS!

  What are you going to do, left wing Jews? YOU ARE WHITE.  Were you silent as Omar Thornton murdered some of us?  What the hell is with you people? You are SICK, demented, psychopaths that REFUSE to allow the truth to be shown. You are WITH the Obama black Nazis. YOU ARE THE NAZIs now.

(This post is NOT directed at good black conservatives, indeed, most of them are FINE people that love God and country.)


Pastor MURDERED By Obama-Black-Thugs~WHERE IS THE DOJ?

This is SICK and sad. A Pastor was MURDERED by black thugs, people and nothing was even said BECAUSE they were black!!  Call it whatever the hell you want, but I will tell you right now: “Entitlement” blacks and Mexican/Marxists have become emboldened by Prez. Husseins reign of minority terror. 


  That is my opinion.  How long are white people going to just put up with this? How long are we going to have to listen to the bogus ‘race’ hustling of the left, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? How long are we going to listen to all of this? When we are dead?  When I was very young, I got beaten up by 3 black girls with a stick in the woods, while they shouted “LITTLE WHITE BITCH!”    

 ……….You tell me who the victim was……..

   Leftists say we have not ‘suffered enough yet’Eric Holder said that last week…So it is OK for the DOJ to just ‘let it go’ with the Black Panthers calling for the death/murder of white babies….?? That is precisely why this will continue to happen.    Merlie Evers demanded justice for the horiffic race crime against her husband, Medger Evers in 1963….But NOT Ok for this Pastors family to demand THEIR justice of this RACE hate-crime, because Eric Holder the partial DOJ says so??     This type crime happens EVERYDAY to whites. Its the facts.  Sorry if you dont like to hear it, but at some point, you have to WAKE UP.

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Watts, Calif Then & Now-This IS What Multi-Culturalism Has Done

View ImageTake a good look at this video, (nevermind the racial epitaphs.. it is going to be there anyway, because people are SICK of what has been done to America)

When minorities from the 3rd world were here back in Grandma’s day, they brought these people UP to the level of civilized people-its the facts. Now, the leftist-destroyers bring them down to the ground with this ghetto mentality of violence and murder. And….they did it for a reason. A satanic reason; “For such a time as this”-true this is a biblical scripture, but the godless, satanic left used it for THIS day…NOW.  The minorities are now at the disposal of their new slave-drivers: The godless left wing, who push them to hate, murder, and destroy a once civilized nation; The united states of America. A civilization…..Gone With The Wind…..

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Aveda King, MLK’s Niece; “NAACP Tolerates REAL Racism When It’s BENEFICIAL

Because we know that no matterThe Democrat Party is what it ALWAYS was; RACIST. Only now, it is against ‘White crackers.’ It’s just the truth, its too bad that the toLLLLerant Libo-BOTS cannot wake the hell up. 

Dr. Aveda King:

“NAACP, you’re still supporting Planned Parenthood, which is one of the most racist organizations in America today, and they have proven that over and over,” she points out.

Planned Parenthood sign“Their founder [Margaret Sanger] certainly thought that black people were like human weeds that needed to be exterminated. So [the NAACP’s] support of Planned Parenthood is just saying that they are ready to renounce racism when it’s inconvenient to them but to support racism when it’s beneficial to them,” King adds.  Bookmark and Share //

  (We address this stupid, insane FAKE racism in America on this blog every damned day. We are SICK of it.  Racism is having EXTREME HATRED for other races. We have EXTREME HATRED for evil on this website.  Evil is in ALL colors, Jew, Gentile alike. There is NO partiality with evil.   Because of ‘free-speech’ people will say inflammatory things, here and everywhere. We cannot stop people from hating other people, or not liking Jews, Blacks, whites, whatever, People have the choice to hate who-ever they want, remember, THIS IS AMERICA.

 But the hypocrisy within the MSM is ASTOUNDING, when people seem to think that white people are the only racists, it is preposterous. A Racist can be ANYBODY. I admit I cannot stand illegals, I HATE them, you cant change this. I HATE LAW BREAKERS.)

“The Black Panthers-PAYBACK”: ‘Cracker, White Devil, Ruled By the Black Man’~ Oy..

Had this been a couple of Banjo Pluckin’ Good ‘Ol Boys, acting strictly on their own behalf, blocking the entrance of a black polling place and calling black voters the N-word and telling them to be ruled by the white man, this would have rightly caused a National uproar and condemnation by people of all stripes.

As for this being ‘payback time’ for years of injustice against blacks, which one of us gets to determine when justice has finally been done? If laws like this aren’t enforced on an equal basis, doesn’t it stand to reason that the agenda of racial equality will be viewed with suspicion and antipathy by many?

Look You White Devils: ITS NOT RACISM WHEN WE DO IT!


Black RACISTS Beat White Boy To a PULP- Uncovered News?!

I am so sick and fucking TIRED of the liberal race card shit. What did this kid do to deserve this? WHAT?  This is what liberals teach; hatred and RACISM against white people. They have thousands of Youtubes out there, saying ‘kill whitey’, Obamas asshole Pastor WRONG and G’D America and G’D whites… Obama-The big fish that rots from the head down!!!!  The Muslim intifada of blacks and black panthers, and these disgusting, debaucherous democrats make up FALSE SHIT about some FAKEASS ‘police brutality’ against blacks, and the border Patrol being “KKK” *ALL BULLSHIT*.

It is whites that are oppressed, fat, underweight, on meds, you name it. FUCK LIBERALS.

SEATTLE – A 16-year-old boy from West Seattle says he was held hostage and beaten for hours, all because of the color of his skin.Shane McClellan says two men kicked and whipped him at gunpoint – and told him they singled him out because he is white.

(This was in MAY, and where the the FUCK was the ACLU? Huh?? )


From Breitbart: Vote 2010: Obama Aims to Reconnect ‘Young People, African-Americans, Latinos, and Women’  ”

“It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.”

You know, this IS racist.  IT IS. IMAGINE if the GOP went out and said, We want to make sure that WHITE PEOPLE VOTE FOR US.  It would be racist, make no mistake, the hypocrisy of the DEM is absolutely abominable.

  I like how Obama is pointing out these particular folks. Dont they EVER get tired of being used?  I also like how he points out women. I tell you, most women are just stupid as hell. Honestly, how could anybody vote twice for any dem at this point? GOP as bad as they are, at least proved that they would vote a NO on Obamas Nazi DEATH care.  Bush did this crap with Latinos as well.  We should go back to the old ways of doing things. Only Landowners were allowed to vote. Ever since women got a right to vote, the place has been screwed up ever since. Seriously.. I’m not joking.

We’re turning into Britain.