Welcome 2 My Photo-Shopped Facebook Page…

Facebook is an odd place. They call it a ‘social’ network.. You come across people you have not seen in years, it makes you happy that you see their face. So, you add them (I have added quite a FEW), they say “HI” and poof, they’re gone. America is not the same country that is was, where people cared about people. America is a selfish pot of spoiled, rotten, brats that have their facebook pages smoldered with BS. Blogs are full of BS as well. No, mine is not. I prefer my real name not be plastered all over, that is my choice and should be respected… I respect others wishes of this, but my privacy has been compromised by evil people on the net..

HOWEVER….A few weeks ago, I came across an old friend, I know where this old friend lives. She says she is so happy and everything is ‘wonderful’ on her facebook page.. But, I know the truth.. my friend is miserable. I have been to her home- her facebook page is a photo-shopped lie..The internet has destroyed relationships, and yes, it has helped a little–but VERY LITTLE.

What is wrong with this nation that people have to pretend to be something they aren’t?  Why are people afraid to say “Hey, I am doing awful.. Can you pray for your old friend?”  What is wrong with us?  

   In 2007, I almost lost my life, I had my appendix rupture into a 2 liter cyst-mast. I had to have exploratory surgery. I have a scar that is over a foot long. I almost died, it is by Gods grace that I am even alive. During that time, I was broke. TOTALLY and completely broke. I had hospital bills out the wazoo. There was no money coming in.. All I wanted was my friends…and No, I didn’t hide what was happening from online friends, either. I didn’t know what to do. So, to make money, I sold my vintage hat collection, valuing well over 10 grand. Thank GOD I saved all of those hats.  My very well-trusted friend would show up at my door with food. I would cry my gutts out…the humility I felt was amazing, but the gratefulness I had was a forever emotion.

Americans are afraid of humility. They are arrogant fools. Pompous. We need to turn to God. We need to turn to each-other. Bad times are coming. I see it more and more everyday.

Will you still be that photo-shopped dummy in 2 years when food prices are through the roof?

I doubt it….


Even Twitter To Become Fascist….

So, there is no place safe in the world of Obama & his yes we cans. Eyes, ears, nose-everywhere.  Scary…BUT, this is what the ‘left’ is; Satanic, busy-bodies, peeping-toms, bullies, invasive, and basically, above all things: disgusting.  The little blue bird will become a vulture in no time. The problem with censoring a few things here and there is, eventually….they will censor everything. And they yell, whine, and nag about right wingers being invasive? What a f’n joke.

Twitter’s new censorship plan rouses global furor

‘Twitter, a tool of choice for dissidents and activists around the world, found itself the target of global outrage Friday after unveiling plans to allow country-specific censorship of tweets that might break local laws. It was a stunning role…’


Big Brother…..watching you….

John Kommunist Kerry: Extreme Loyalist To Barack Hussein Obama

I dont know if any of you have taken time to read “The Ulsterman”, but please do so.  I urge you to be careful when re-posting for the Ulsterman. We need to protect this insider, whoever he is:

   The Kerry office in fact is responsible for more of the anti-bipartisan tone than Reid.  So Kerry was the guy making certain the super-committee fell on its ass.  He is among the Dems who are still very loyal to the Obama White House.  There isn’t so many of them these days, but they hold the positions of power, so their influence remains strong.

The rest:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: There Is A Very Uneasy Peace Between President Obama And The American Military.



It’s WONDERFUL How My Constant Bickering Has Turned My Fooled Moderate Family Into Americans, Again.

If you sat at the Thanksgiving table, and you did not take the opportunity to tell your family to wake the hell up..Then, you are a person that is just full of shit in life and on the blogosphere… In fact, name yourself cowardly-traitor.   If you care so little for your own kin, & unwilling to piss them off to get their asses moving, then YOU are the one that helping enable this SNAFU….

  Now, take my life… I never shut up about the threat of Communism. NOT EVER. I have screamed, shouted, ranted and raved to my family & friends for over 20 plus years.  I have told them for 2 decades that America was/is going Commie. I have written many letters, composed soap-boxes, sent in editorials to just about every newspaper in the few towns I have lived in, and have been published time and time again.    My family would get annoyed…because they didnt want me to ‘stir the pot.’  Well, I cant help it.  I will ‘stir the pot’, cuss, be a mean pain in the ass,  until my family and EVERY person around me wakes the hell up to the Commie takeover of the once great USA.  If they  keep listening,  they will realize that their frustration toward me was in vain if the things I predict come to pass.  Do people realize that genocide & death comes along with Commu-NAZI-ism?? Hello?

  Anyway…. Finally, my mother has had enough of the ‘H.N.I.C’.  You that are over 35 know what this means.  She hates Obamas guts so bad, that my once semi-p.c. mother called our prez a “Communist, Muslim Nigger“.  Whahhh, thats racist… I told her–pushing her just a little… She said: “Daughter, I frankly dont give a good G’d-damned”.    Well, well… Isnt that a peach…!!  Why would I think this is a ‘peach?’    Because nobody gives a crap what names you call people anymore.  Thanks “Liberals!”  You over-used your little weapon, and now the weapon is n.a.d.a.  I figured this would happen at some point. Hoorah.

  This, of course, shocked my devout, religious brother. 😀    But, too bad.    And, I DO love him very much…I told him flat out: ‘Brother, you were in the USAF for 20 years…you went to the 1st Gulf war, Korea, 2nd Gulf war and Afghanistan. You fixed fighters jets…for what? So my mother can vent, as an American is SUPPOSED to vent when their govt is INSANE‘.  He could only shake his head, in agreement. I wont even go there with what my step-father feels…

So, I will end with this, until I feel like writing more:

If you cannot stand up and demand your family listen to the danger we are in and headed towards- Shut your trap on the net.

If a little fighting in your living-room gets you in a tizzy, you aint worth America and never were. America suffers from cowardice and YOU are the problem..Face the truth.

“See Something, Say Something?” YES, Steve Lerner Is Encouraging VIOLENCE Ms Napolitano, Demanding Crisis

This is a “Jewish” m’f’er. This is why the Jewish people (as a whole) are hated.

This bastard has already been arrested. He needs to be arrested and put in a damned straight jacket.

COVERGIRL: From Rita Hayworth To Ellen Degeneres~Ugly Is The New Pretty..

  If some of you have taken a look, the new Covergirl commercial features Ellen Degeneres. Are we kidding here?  The “COVERGIRL” magazine and makeup is supposed to feature the most gorgeous, American,  ‘evil’ WHITE woman they can find.   Instead, they have a beastly, man-looking……hag.  In the days when America was a normal country and pretty was pretty, we had the most gorgeous women the world has ever seen in magazines. 

These magazines also lifted up women in a GOOD way, not this evil ‘be a man’ propaganda that we have in all of the magazines now.

*They push the dumbest articles as well, in these magazines; “Beauty is only skin deep”  NO, outward beauty is like this; “You either got it or your aint”.  Ellen Degeneres does not possess any of the beauty, befitting a magazine or make-up that is supposed to be pretty.  In a NORMAL world (if you are looking to be glamorous) why in the hell would you look to Ellen Degeneres?! ….Yes, she can be funny, that is true. Yes, she is good at stand-up.  But, Ellen Degeneres is NOT good looking, she is the slime that pushed the envelope for ‘gay’ to be all over TV, movies, and now…make-up.  She helped turn America into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  Thanks a whole lot, Ellen.  I hope you are happy… Imagine an avowed butch-lesbian as a COVERGIRL!!


People will now complain that so many girls are ‘dying’ to be pretty.. Well, you can thank the magazines for PHOTOSHOP, then.  There ARE lovely women that dont need any photo-shop at all. Like Rita Hayworth didn’t. They cut back her hairline, and she was just a lovely woman.  AND, Rita did not look anorexic at all. She looked NORMAL- (lovely and normal weight).  You can thank the magazines for the skinny rage as well., NOT my fault, only pointing out that they use ugly, man-looking pigs  like Ellen to promote something pretty.  She AINT pretty.


Why in the hell do so many American women want to be men? I dont get it. Beautiful women have been painted, throughout history for thousands of years.  I am never jealous of a gal that is way prettier then I am. I usually compliment a pretty lady… Men, and painters alike have always been fascinated with beautiful women.  I  like to look at good-looking people on TV and the movies (which I dont watch ANY Hollyweird movies now)  But, when I DO watch an old movie, or an old TV show, I like to see the handsomeness of Larry Hagman, the delightful, cuteness of Barbara Eden.  

Even the left-wing slugs think Barbara Eden Of “I Dream Of Jeannie”  was adorable. They even make costumes so that women can look cute dressed as Jeannie.



So, I am the abnormal now. I am the disgusting and abnormal.  I love watching technicolor, fantasy-type movies (which is what movies are supposed to be) but I am the ‘wierd’.  If you feel the same way as I do, clalk one up for yourself; You are a wierdo, too. Welcome to the club.  We want pretty, they want ugly. Ugly is the new pretty and pretty the new ugly.


NO comparison in Ellen Degeneres and Rita Hayworth..

BTW: Rita was a gorgeous woman with roots from Columbia.

Here is “COVERGIRL” Ellen-YUCK.

Here is what a REAL “COVERGIRL” should be:


Enjoy  the creepiness!

Hitlery Clinton & Samantha Powers Have Royally Screwed American Women 6 Ways 2 Sunday


   You may hate or love Gaddafi, that is your prerogative.. But, Clinton and Powers gave the word for NATO forces to attack Libya. Obama was on his April vacation when this mess started in Libya. Clinton and Powers took advantage of this and decided that they are more powerful than the Congress, who have done zero to stop this invasion that they, the Congress-didn’t even vote on!!! Libya is a massive clusterf*ck. These female bitches have a new drug, its called the “Responsibility to protect”, drug: which is female, hormonal, hogwash. 

  America has a responsibility to protect American citizens (legal). Which is why we have a military.  Libya has done nothing to America, since Pres Reagan dropped a bomb on his tent.  Libya was minding its own business.  Now,  the US with NATO are in Libya – invading, stealing gold and oil.  THAT is a “responsibility to protect?'” How?  This is a lie. The MSM is rigging up the American public to actually believe their 100% fabrication that Libya possesses WMDs.  Lies, lies and more lies.

  Let me tell you something about the east; The east does not care if a woman is left or right, good or evil.  They do not respect women, and now, they will respect American women, the least. That is the way it is over there. US “democracy” which is just another lie, will not change a mindset that is 5,000 years old. 

   Leftist women have always been the downfall of American women, but these 2 bitches take the cake.  There is NO WAY, now, that you will EVER see The Mad Jewess vote for a woman. EVER. There are good, God-fearing American women I think are great.  But, make no mistake, if we get a woman for President, GOD FORBID… We WILL be attacked because of the idiocy, and IRRESPONSIBILITY of Hitlery Clinton and Samantha Powers.

And FurthermoreMen; You had better stand up and put a man in. A Christian, God-fearing, White man that is strong.  DO NOT allow a woman to get into the White House, it WILL be disasterous. Not to mention, that if a woman wins the primary, we will never hear the end of “THATS SEXIST”.  Have we not already had enough of “THATS RACIST!?