#STOPWWIII USA Should Not Be Vamping Up Nuclear WW3, Just To Make Obama “Look Tough”

#STOPWWIII  USA Should Not Be Vamping Up Nuclear WW3,  Just To Make Obama “Look Tough”

Ever since Obama has been in office, we have seen a complete destabilization of the middle east, 5X worse than when GWB was in office and most would agree–that was bad enough.

Since BO has occupied the White House-We have seen:

  • Egypt go through 2 revolutions,  the first revolt:  “The Arab Spring”  was brought on by Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Susan Rice and John McCain.  The first phony revolution brought the Islamic radical, Morsi into power who lead many Coptic Christians to slaughter.  Americans should be ashamed by this but only a few are.   Egypt’s 2nd true revolt  was to oust their country of these Islamic radicals and Morsi:  Obama’s militant, Islamic puppet.


  • Libya also went through a phony revolution. The continuation of the “Arab Spring.”  We saw Gaddafi murdered after he was sodomized to death.  Putin is the only leader who questioned these insane actions: Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing rebels.  Hillary Clinton and Obama demanded that Gaddafi step down.  We suffered Benghazi for these actions.  Many Christians have been murdered and are persecuted now.  Libya is leaderless at present.   Thanks to US foreign policy.   It is immaterial if we like or hate Gaddafi, he was Libya’s leader & the US govt. broke international law by aiding the same rebels who murdered Libya’s leader, Gaddafi.


  • We have seen Clinton and Obama demand that Syria’s Assad step down from HIS leadership: Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama.   We have seen John McCain photo’d with Al Qaeda, Muslim bro’hood in Syria.  America is funding these same terrorists:  CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – CNN.com.   We have seen a hundred thousand deaths of civilians & Christians in Syria, decapitations, cannibalism, dead priests, persecuted nuns in Aleppo & Damascus at the hands of these US backed Islamic ‘rebels.’   Cities leveled and destroyed there and Obama/McCain want to bring MORE war to Syria.


  • Now, we see the US Govt overthrow another leader:  Viktor Yanukovch and install a US/EU ‘leadership’ in Ukraine.  Call their Coup D’Etat: “Freedom.” Complete with radical elements in Ukraine who destroyed the city of Kiev: Who John McCain endorsed.  The same John McCain who refuses to seal OUR borders is worried about Russia being on the border of Ukraine?!

Now, they want to take us to WWIII with Russia just to make Obama look tough?!

TRUE patriots call out their government when it is ROGUECan’t Americans connect the dots with these revolutions or are you that dumb?

Muslims To March DC On 9/11. White Supremacists & The KKK Should March On MLK Day

Muslims To March DC On 9/11. White Supremacists & The KKK Should March On MLK Day..

I think this is fair.  

Why not?  Tit for tat.  Sounds good to me.  If the Muslims can march on a day that is infamous, I don’t see why a bunch of WS’s, KKK dudes, etc can’t take their flags and do whatever it is they do.  They should bring their Johnny Reb songs and just have a good ‘ol shindig.  

It would be perfect timing! We have a black Prez.  They can express dissent in the highest form!

Bring the ol KKK flag, dress up in the white robes. Burn a few crosses to exercise the devil out of DC.  Bring the Incogman.  Hey, it’s free speech, right?  So, in an effort to unite the great divide, I believe this is ‘meeting 1/2 way.’  The KKK should meet the Muslims in DC. They can grab some crescent rolls, throw them at the Muslims or sell em some good ol American, Apple-wood, smoked bacon.    Let Allah sort this mess out…

See how tolerant I CAN be?

Can’t we all just get along….!

Love, Pauli – your friendly, neighborhood, shock-jock Jew.

New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weaklings

New Study Finds Conservative Men Are Strong, Liberal Men Are Weakings…

Of course they are.  Metro-boys are married to dominatrix bitches who treat them like shit. Pardon my language but I believe it’s appalling that man, who was made in the image of God… cow-tows to female who has not invented much of anything.  Women have not won wars, do not build cities, and now, murder their own babies like felines do.  I am down on women in the united states because they are arrogant, bossy and downright mean.  I have to say that even many conservative women are this way as well.  No, not all, but many.

Women have a natural place in life that they seem to want to reject. That place is to be a friend to man. To love a man and to be loved. To be pleasant, sexy, nice, patient and kind.  Instead, they choose the worst characteristics that are enforced by left wing-feminist supremacists.

When the shit hits the fan, you can bet your bottom dollar that the first place most women will run to – is a man for protection.  Personally, I think that each man should look at the fruit of the women around him and determine from their acts, or lack of good works whether he will help her….or not – on that day.

Back to the story & end of my rant: Conservative men are stronger than liberal wussy boys.  These weak, gasbag, liberal ‘men’ will fail in the day of adversity which is coming upon all people/s. I look forward to the day when liberal boys AND their enablers; feminist freaks-are punished to the max.

Article by Andrew Malcom, Investors.Com (Click to read)-New research finds stronger men are conservatives, of course; Weaklings are libs

Liz Taylor in “Taming Of The Shrew”

Learn something ladies..

Photos: Who Will Win 2nd American Civil War? #Patriotic Male Vs. #Communist Metro Freak

It is really sick and sad that America has come to ‘2 sides’.  Any sane person thinks this.  But, just who do you think will win in upcoming Civil war? First photo is perfect example of what Communist, gay sh’t has done to the American male.  This metro freak could not even spank his monkey, correctly. 

This is a ‘gay’ friendly JC Penney Ad: (Puke)


Patriotic American male who fought off a black bear and survived:


I rest my case.

You can comment, just do NOT make me upset or put me in the middle of BS.

Flashback TV: When There Was More To Watch On 3 Channels Then 900 Channels We Have Now

Back then, the shows were simple, good and crisply written by very talented writers.  Today”s shows appeal to the lowest possible common denominator.  You don’t need much of a staff to write reality shows.  Now, TV caters to the masses from 3rd world dumps, which is why out shows are so dumpy.

As you know, we’re taking a home vacation.


Where in the Hell are all of the Rough, Tough, Lean & Mean Looking Men?

Seriously…I was watching FOX News, and all that I could think was:  “How can we ever fix this nation, stand up to enemies with men that look like the damned Pillsbury Dough boy?”

Look, we have SERIOUS enemies. Enemy #1.  Bolshevik/Communists that are psycho mind f**kers. #2. Islamic Militant Oppressors.   The enemy within has to contend with the enemy OUT THERE.  Rumors of Chinese invasion. Now, can you IMAGINE Cass Sunstein, that demented left-wing looney tune coming in contact with a sub-human that looks like this below- OR Harry Reid? Better yet, SCHMUCK Schumer?


Against this;

Prince Harry Reid..

Against this;

Think about it… Just take another look at left-wing LUNATIC/MARXIST Cass Sunstein: (Who will be polite to the Jihadists, Russians, etc) Sure, Cass, you moonbat, sure…

Cass Against this??!!

Which side do YOU think will win in a fight?

Men, WHERE are you?

Women are scared…they are. I know I am. We have a damned TYRANT in the W.H.,  and the world is falling apart- WHERE are men that are like Wyatt Earp? William Wallace?!  It is truth, this damned brainwashing has good men baffled. 

I pray that God would rise up and PLEASE bring some men that LOOK LIKE MEN & FIGHT LIKE MEN

Like; John Wayne

Wild Bill Hickok

Gen. G. Patton Jr.

Gen MacArthur 

Fiorello LaGuardia

Ulysses Grant

Stonewall Jackson 

Norman Schwarzkopf

William Wallace

Chesty Puller

Even men that look tough and act like;

Sam Elliot

Tom Selleck

Clark Gable

Humphrey Bogart

I could go on and on…but we NEED strong, rough, tough men that KNOW HOW to handle this EVIL right now.

  What the feminist movement has done to men hurts me so damned bad, that I could absolutely wipe them away, off the face of the earth, and not shed a tear. 




Men are the BIGGEST contributers of this blog. They are the VERY reason I am here… And these bitches from HELL have tried to ‘de-ball’ them, well, guess what, we will DE-TIT those assholes, and run their ass back to the damned kitchen where they BELONG.

We are stuck with this below, because of these mind-f**king bitches ;

SOMEONE needs to wake the hell up.  An immoral nation will fall and cease to exist all together.


Tough, Rough, Sweaty and all, WE NEED MEN.

See this;  The Anglobitch Thesis 


Aveda King, MLK’s Niece; “NAACP Tolerates REAL Racism When It’s BENEFICIAL

Because we know that no matterThe Democrat Party is what it ALWAYS was; RACIST. Only now, it is against ‘White crackers.’ It’s just the truth, its too bad that the toLLLLerant Libo-BOTS cannot wake the hell up. 

Dr. Aveda King:

“NAACP, you’re still supporting Planned Parenthood, which is one of the most racist organizations in America today, and they have proven that over and over,” she points out.

Planned Parenthood sign“Their founder [Margaret Sanger] certainly thought that black people were like human weeds that needed to be exterminated. So [the NAACP’s] support of Planned Parenthood is just saying that they are ready to renounce racism when it’s inconvenient to them but to support racism when it’s beneficial to them,” King adds.  Bookmark and Share //   http://www.onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=1093406

  (We address this stupid, insane FAKE racism in America on this blog every damned day. We are SICK of it.  Racism is having EXTREME HATRED for other races. We have EXTREME HATRED for evil on this website.  Evil is in ALL colors, Jew, Gentile alike. There is NO partiality with evil.   Because of ‘free-speech’ people will say inflammatory things, here and everywhere. We cannot stop people from hating other people, or not liking Jews, Blacks, whites, whatever, People have the choice to hate who-ever they want, remember, THIS IS AMERICA.

 But the hypocrisy within the MSM is ASTOUNDING, when people seem to think that white people are the only racists, it is preposterous. A Racist can be ANYBODY. I admit I cannot stand illegals, I HATE them, you cant change this. I HATE LAW BREAKERS.)

If Pictures Could Speak. Mike DOOMBERG Needs To Be THROWN OUT

Our country has gone totally insane. To the max insanity. Bloomberg with his ‘toLLLLLLerance’, the left wing, who are so completely out of touch with America, Obama, a non-prez with ZERO records, arrogant congress, debauchery run amok, adding insult to injury with this Mosque @ G. Zero.

  Bob, in this video says it perfectly, but if you are a toLLLLLLerant lib, you just won’t GET it.  Keep kissing enemy ass, America, and when I am far up in the hills and you rabid America-hating creeps get bombed, murdered by illegals, etc. for your toLLLLLLerance & COWARDLY appeasement… Please- do NOT come crying to me and mine, I will NOT look at you with ANY pity, whatsoever.

If this picture does not tell you NO mosque @ G. Zero, then you are just a damned IDIOT.

I’ll never forget this day. EVER. One thing that I won’t ever forget; I knew a FAKEstinian immigrant girl that I worked with.  She delightedly said;  “The Jews did it”giggling. I knew right then, that massive propaganda would start, and conspiracies would begin.  I asked Amira a Moslem (that is her name) Why not go to Fakestine? She replied; HELL NO! That is a ‘terror‘ place, I never want to go there, my father threatens to send me back to FAKEstine if I am bad….. Then-Why would you say the Jews did it? She said; “We always say that when WE do it” -giggling. Shortly after this evil convo.,  Bin Laden/Taliban/Al Queda claimed responsibility. When I saw her, she had a wicked, evil, snide, little smile.  It was then I also knew, we have an enemy within that will destroy and take delight in our destruction….


The Creepy Phenomenon Of Little Girls In Beauty Pageants

I am sure you all remember Jon Benet Ramsey. Now, regular Beauty Pageants don’t bother me, well, until Miss Moslem USA won a few mos ago..

 But this is weird. These little girls look like mini adult aliens. I know their mothers have a great time with this, but do the little girls? I like little girls playing with dolls, or like me, a little Tomboy. See some of these pictures. It is really scary when a little girl looks like a 27 yr. old with all of the wackadoos out there…

This one really had me spooked, look at her eyes!

This one here, shows me how these poor little girls really think inside;

Look at this one, this is too weird.. She looks almost just like Twiggy did. This is SOOOOOOO not normal;

O-M-G! This one is seriously spooky;

It is ‘not cool’ to me, to exploit little girls like this. In fact, I think it is disgusting. I believe that mothers should be ashamed, to take their little tiny daughters into the cold hard world and do this.

Maybe its me, I am sure it is, but I long for normal again.

Little girls should look like this, below:

DICTATOR of NYC Bloomberg Declares Islamic Jihad Near Ground Zero.

News for Bloomberg in favor of NYC mosque

  If people need ANY MORE PROOF that these Bolsheviks that call themselves Jews are not the enemy of America, I don’t know what more to tell you.  Bolshevik Jews and Moslems are in a Jihad against the United States of America. They want America totally eliminated.  Did you all know that Bloomberg the rat bastard is in office ILLEGALLY? Yes, he is. Mayors of NYC are only allowed TWO terms, he is on his 3rd=ILLEGAL. He should be IMPEACHED out of office. NOW.

  I cannot believe this. I have sat for 2 damned days in a state of total shock. For people that were not living in NYC during 9/11…I know that you felt the pain, but being in NY during that event was horrific beyond ALL comprehension.  I, personally lived in NY at that time. The smoke didn’t clear for 3 months. The memorials were an everyday occurance. Bagpipes, crying, screaming, pain so terrible that it is unimaginable. Sleep? I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours a night after this atrocity that made my world shake. Every town I went through were flags and crosses, stars of David. Mortifying days of death and terror.

  They tried to tell us to stop crying, go on with your lives. How can people ‘go on with their lives’ when you walk down the street in NYC and watch grown men wailing? This OBVIOUSLY does not bother Bloomberg, the dictator KIKE of NYC.


 Please GOD, please, please, don’t let this happen. They already sold the Chrysler building to Wahabi Moslems that are terrorists.

  Right here, this bastard, sonofabitch says:  “The moderate Muslim voice has been squashed in America,” said Bruce Wallace, who said he lost a nephew in the Sept. 11 attacks. “Here is a chance to allow moderate Muslims to teach people that not all Muslims are terrorists.” NYC Government Votes In Favor of WTC Mosque

  I am in shock, I cannot even write anymore. I cannot believe we are in FREE FALL.  This is what my Grandfathers fought for in WARS? To have an EVIL administration in DC and NYC, (their hometown) EMBACE THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA—G-D DAMMIT.