What Reason Is Cheerios Promoting Inter-Racial Couples? They’re Just A Smaller Minority

What Reason Is Cheerios Promoting Inter-Racial Couples? They’re Just A Small Minority

I’m an old school bigot & am not going to change at 64 years old.  I never saw an inter-racial couple growing up.  Inter-racial couples did not exist on a larger scale until the 90’s.  It was unheard of to marry outside of ones faith, color, creed in America before the left-wing became more obscene.   My wife advises me that people do fall in love outside of their own people/s.  But, I am set in my ways and don’t advise this. Ever.

The question is: Why is Cheerios promoting this Communist inter-race mantra?  Inquiring minds want to know.. And when do we worry about what the majority thinks?

-David Ben Moshe:  Bigot, Racist, Xeno-phobe, etc.

PS: Looks like the old south was right about-

The Reason Whites Are Doomed In America:

The Reason Whites Are Doomed In America

When you listen to a WHITE HAG like this impossible young bitch, you will realize why we ‘evil’ whites are doomed.  The ‘minorities’ have serial enablers:  White Leftists who are absolutely clueless, young, dumb…and full of cum.  This stupid broad has NO facts on her Youtube, just spew of insanity that is unrealistic.  

‘Racism is racism’ says;  MegaHatLady on this Youtube, below.. now, to get white ‘liberals’ to see it…..

Just keep pretending that bad blacks are not murdering, raping and robbing white people.  Just because this girl married a black man does not mean this is not happening with black on white crime, illegals on white crime.

Mother, aunt of Georgia baby slaying suspect De’Marquise Elkins arrested for lying to police 
Karimah Aisha Elkins Katrina Latrelle ElkinsAntonio SantiagoThe mother and aunt of De’Marquise Elkins — the Georgia teen accused of senselessly shooting a 1-year-old baby to death in his stroller — have been arrested for allegedly lying to cops. Mom Karimah Elkins, 36, and aunt Katrina Elkins, 33, were booked Tuesday for allegedly giving false statements to authorities. Glynn County police wouldn’t detail what the women might have said, but Katrina Elkins has previously claimed her nephew was with the family on the morning of the shooting. Mom Sherry West was injured and her baby, Antonio Santiago, was killed in the shooting in Brunswick on March 21.

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White People Targeted For Genocide

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Listen to this video, yourself.  If you have a brain, you could see that you, as a white person, are targeted for mass genocide.

STOP LIBERALISM ASAP~See This Photo, You Will Understand In 3 Seconds

STOP LIBERALISM ASAP~See This Photo, You Will Understand In 3 Seconds.

“Liberals”=Genocidal MANIACS. It is all too obvious; “Liberals” would have every white person killed.  That is what I believe. This is ENGLAND, below. Why do you think that these progressive/liberal/Commie/Marxist love illegals? It is their way to murder off white people.  There is NO other explanation.  STOP the liberalism. Is this how you want to live?!


Young Black Male Murders 48 Yr Old White US Marine Man

Young Black Male Murders 48 Yr Old White US Marine Man If this was a white young man that murdered a 48 year old black Marine, there would be an outrage. You know it, I know it.  It is time for all people to report these atrocities and time for justice to be EQUAL=race/hate crime no matter what the color.. Just like MLK said. 

But, dont even go there…we already know...


Its OLD.  Its done.  “Liberals” have used up the race-card.

It is no longer effective.



7 Black Teens Beat-Up 1 “White” Hispanic Teen In Palmdale, CA~WHERES THE OUTRAGE?

7 Black Teens Beat-Up “White” Hispanic Teen In Palmdale, CA~WHERES THE OUTRAGE?

There is no rage, because this young teen is a ‘white’ Hispanic..And he does not look like TRAYVON, a son-of-Obama.

Why Does The Media STILL REFUSE To Report Minority & Black On White Crime?!

Why Does The Media STILL REFUSE To Report Minority & Black On White Crime?! You all know how much we LOVE the incogman…Ugh.  (Many of you probably will not watch his vid, or go to his website because its kinda obvious he has a little demon.)

BUT: We agree with him on one thing: black on white and minority on white murder, rapes, robbings, etc..  I think you should see his new video.  See how many white Americans have died at the hands of ‘people’ that act like savages.

CLICK HERE: What’s The Deal About Trayvon Martin? (Or go to his link and watch it on BLIP TV)


BTW, Incogman…. Katy Perry hearts you….

Miss Perry

Why you like her is what I want to know…She is part of the problem. In this dumb video below, Snoop Dog is her pimp daddy..Which would entice young white women to become sluts for men, black men in particular so….


White Man Beaten By 15-20 Blacks In Georgia~Says He Was Called “Cracker, Honkey” – WHERES THE OUTRAGE?

White Man Beaten By 15-20 Blacks In Georgia~Says He Was Called “Cracker, Honkey” – WHERES THE OUTRAGE?  This is becoming common-place in O’MeriKa.  There is NO outrage, however. None.  The MSM is FAILING to report crimes against white people induced by bad blacks that are going through some psycho-screwed up ‘black rage’ garbage.  Meanwhile, prayers for these victims of black men that act like savages.

Time to turn to GOD, America. Come on.


I Am *Suffering* From White-Rage & Am In Need Of Reparations.

I am. And hate me, I don’t care.. I am going to speak my piece.  If you don’t like it, simply put..I don’t give a damn. Take me off your blog-rolls and F*ck off.


This black on white crime and illegal on white crime is making me so f’n angry that I am about to go nuts. This Trayvon Martin issue just put coals on the fire. Jamiel Shaw was an honor-roll black student that was MURDERED  by a ‘white’ Hispanic ILLEGAL, and there was NO RAGE, even though Miss Shaw, Jamiel’s mother has been fighting for justice on behalf of Jamiel for YEARS.  I covered that story 3x, it was picked up by O’Reilly last year, FINALLY.  But still no rage against the illegal occupier (It does not suit the black liberal, white-guilt liberal agenda)

I have been talking about this evil racism for over 3 years and the subject is not getting enough attention.  Every damned day I see what is happening. (I realize most of America does not see, or does not want to see) But, everyday, I see more and more injustice against the ‘evil’ white peopleRapes, murders, robbings-the fleecing of American whites from ‘minorities’ taking place.. day after day, minute after minute, second after second, and I am about to bust loose.

(Example above of a GOOD black person.)

What makes me want to blow up the TV, or blow a gasket the most, is watching stupid, idiotic morons like Bill O’Reilly, who said the other night “The blacks have suffered injustices for centuries in America“.  Well, FOOL…They AINT BEEN SUFFERING INJUSTICE since the late 1960’s when we started PAYING them off…For what? I was not a slave owner. I am not a southerner. I am 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois.  MY people didn’t have slaves.  I hired black people and Mexicans too, while in management, over and over!! I hired based on character. NOT SKIN.  Which is what I THOUGHT was right.

O’Reilly is suffering from ‘white guilt’.  THAT means that HE has been nasty to black people in HIS life.  YOU don’t speak for ME, O’Reilly…I am not a person that has treated people unfairly–IN MY LIFE.   Black, white OR purple.   In fact, O’Reilly, (you stupid, retarded buffoon)… instead of giving blacks equal rights (Which is what they originally marched for) YOU northern progressives put them back on the plantation in ‘homes’ they now call ‘the projects.’  Instead of giving them equality to WORK FOR IT. You think I am wrong?  They are only allotted a certain amount of money every month for doing zero.  In the old days, in some southern states, they gave them 3 meals a day, that is what they were allotted. So, what’s the difference?  There is none. Just some geography and a little change.

So, now I find myself seriously angry with white-rage. I want to watch black-face cartoons, etc.  Anytime I see a black on white crime, I say the meanest things to the computer–I AM HOT.    I am suffering in this cruel world without justice.  I want my MONEY BACK. I want a REFUND from these ‘reparations’ that I have had to pay out of MY income for crimes I NEVER committed.   I am mad, I am angry, I am going to burst. I am TIRED of the total injustice against my fellow Americans that are white. I am NOT joking.  This may sound like a laff-riot to you, but it isn’t to me, & it isn’t to many American whites. 

I am tired of being called a ‘f’n cracker, f’ white bitch‘.  I am sick of it.  All we do is pay, pay, pay and there is no gratefulness.  Just ‘f*ck you, white cracker whores.’  Time for reparations and equal time to have white rage.

Either this changes, or you bad blacks are going to see this in reverse…SOON:

7 (SEVEN) Black Teens Attack “White” Hispanic School Boy, Youtube Scrubbed~Wheres the OUTRAGE?

Looks to me like America is getting SICK of it too. FINALLY…This is what the first part of the line read:

‘Seven black teens have been arrested on suspicion that they committed a hate crime…’

Yeah…we know….


When black people start calling out the evil from among you, we will stop reporting the TRUTH.  Yes, we will even stop being mean.