Nazis In N.C. Defecate & Vandalize Black-Gospel Church~Parallel To A Dream I Had

Vandals defecate on pulpit, bust church windows – US –

Vandals spray-painted “House of the Devil” on a wall, defecated on the pulpit and broke every stained-glass window at a church in North Carolina — the worst-hit of several churches that were vandalized in the area.

  So, its an all out war against Christians and religious Jews.

About 2 mos ago, I had a dream, here it is:

  I dreamed that I was watching a crime about to take place. In the dream, there were Nazi flags, and the KKK outfits on men that were on horses. I asked them, perplexed: “What are you going to do?”   They told me, that since the inauguration of Obama, ‘blacks were acting uppity and they would put them in their place.’  ~Off they went on their horses.  Hurting, beating and harming INNOCENT black people, patriots that were part of churches. I sat there and wept.

Looks like this is coming to pass, sadly.

  This is the problem with extremist movements: They target innocent people and don’t go after the perpetrators of crimes against America: The US GOVERNMENT.  The same thing has happened in the past, in the 1930’s.  Russia, early turn-o-the-century.  To people that are responsible for hurting religious people: YOU WILL PAY. Maybe not in this life, but you WILL pay in eternity.  Shame on you for targeting religious, innocent people that are not bothering anyone.  I notice these big, badass Nazis don’t seem to want to take it to the streets where the evil is. Why is that?


It is easy to target those that you know won’t fight you back. 

Well, not The Mad Jewess.  This gal is locked and loaded.

Anti-Semitic-Democrat/Leftist Led “Occupy Wall Street”~ “JEWS Own Wall Street”…

  What a can of worms Obama has opened.  With the Arab Spring, and now with open leftist/Nazi hatred for ALL Jews.  BTW: I don’t own Wall Street…Believe me…If I did, at this point in time?  There would be dead protesters in the streets of NYC.  If there is one thing I cant stand more than anything in the planet…its spoiled, rotten brats that believe they are entitled to what SOMEONE ELSE has worked for.

   Well….All of the rants I hear from neo-Nazis gives a powerful summation; As I have stated over and over about White Supremacists-they will join ANY evil group, as long as it turns against every, single, Jew in the planet… The Nazis have an ally; Bolshevik/Marxists, leftists, liberals (whatever they call themselves this week). 

  At this point, I hardly feel a bit of pain for ‘liberal’ Jews that voted for Obama. I know they are not much population wise, but I feel nothing, as they helped vote this Jew-hate in and will probably do so again.

The Gazans Are Starving! Five-Star Hotel Opens In Gaza

A five-star hotel opened in Gaza… Please make donations to the Incogman, so we can send him there. 😀

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Here is a link to send David Duke to Gaza along with the Socialist & Bolshevik Jews that he is so chummy with now:

#1 Moonbat friend of Socialist/Commie-Jews for Fuckestine: Dr. David Duke

Anyway, see how starving the non-country is:

…….’ The hotel shell was badly damaged in 2006 during a brief civil war the following year as Hamas battled the rival Fatah faction and seized control of Gaza.’         

First five-star hotel opens at INCOGMAN Propaganda Headquarters in Gaza, without guests -hahaha 

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“Aryan-Nation/White Supremists” More Brown & Islam than White, Right & Christian?

[I have told people of the Islamo-Nazi alliance (White Supremist alliance). This is a link from 2005 {below the next paragraph}. But, you really don’t need an older link to know who these fools would side with.]    These same crazies call themselves “Patriots”, yet side with people that our troops fight overseas…THAT makes sense…

  This is what supposed white supremists WANT for America? Shariah Law?  These people say they have a lot in common with the Muslims. Okkkkk….  So, it is safe to assume that they want their women wearing burkas.  Gorgeous, white, blonde women donned in burkas…?? It is safe to assume that people like the INCOG MAN | INCOG MAN would beat his wife into submission? After all, the Hadith teaches that a womans brain is half that of a man.  This is not ‘anti-Muslim’ propaganda-this is what Islam believes and this is what White Supremists want, just because they hate all the Jews?  GET A GRIP.  GET A GRIP. It is better to just hate someone then to ‘make allies’ with Americas foreign enemies, just because you hate someone else.  It also makes these “Conservative” White Supremists on the same page as these creepy Progressives. Ew. It makes their “White-Pride World Wide” sound really stupid and contradictory.

  White people are going through massive amounts of racism. This is no way to combat. Islam will beat you/us (Yeah, I AM WHITE) worse than even the Mexican/Marxists and Obama/Blacks.

Now, these White Supremists say they hate Obama, but they act just like him & the progressives, in demanding that people not give Israel moral support based on biblical standing.  That is what the leftists do: Attack Christians. All day, all night.


**Link provided by Phillip Daniel, one of our bloggers:

Also, Youtube provided by Phillip Daniel:
Video of the friends/allies of Aryan Nations/”White Supremists” calling a white Duchess, Kate Middleton a whore and Queen Elizabeth’s head needs to be covered.
You had better start thinking about your priorities, White Supremist people. This is what Islamo-nuts do to pretty white women in EU, this is what you all want HERE??

12 Tribes Of Israel in the book of Revelations, below (Which is WHY Christians support Israel, you dummies)