Famous Spanish judge to defend Assange

Authored by Goldbug

Julian Assange is a hero in my book. If he and Wikileaks did anything wrong (that the NY Times didn’t also do) why are there no charges filed against him in the U.S.? And why should he ever set foot in Sweden, since no (bogus rape) charges have been filed there either? The world needs to know the misdeeds of our evil government, and the lying war mongers should be embarrassed when everyone learns what they think of their foreign counterparts. Unfortunately, we no longer have investigative reporters or individuals interested in the truth, so Julian, you’re the man.
It is also doubtful that U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning was the sole perpetrator in “stealing” and passing along “tens of thousands” of secret documents. From what other Pentagon employees report, it is literally impossible for anyone to “download” any documents onto a thumb drive, that alarms would go off if such an attempt were made. Either he is a scapegoat for the real perpetrators, or he had help from one or more of his superiors. Nevertheless, he will be court martialed, and they’ll do away with him, especially since he’s going before the same idiotic judge who heard Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s case.

Wikileaks; Obama interferes on Haiti’s Minimum Wage/Slave Labor; Human Rights Violation

The Obama Administration has interfered with the minimum wage level of Hatti at .31 per hour in a Wikileaks obtained document. Haiti instituted a wage  2 years prior to increase to .61 per hour. But it angered some US owned Companies like Hanes and Levi who employee Haitians at slave labor to sew their clothes.  The US State department was alerted of the Companies resentment and sent communications to the Haitian’s  President.

Now, only a $3 per dollar per day minimum wage exists for clothing companies in Haiti. The US minimum wage is $58 per day. There are 25,000 garment workers  employed in Haiti. Their former wage was .24 per hour. 

Hanesbrands Incorporated made $211 million on $4.3 billion in sales last year.

It this Fascism revealing its ugly head in a foreign Country lead by an US President?

But the questions remain, does Obama care about the unemployment number increase in May at  9.1% ? Is this the cause and effect the outsourcing of American jobs? Or our we exposing another extreme corporation interests in the Obama 2012 campaign?

Or is this affliction purely about greed?  You tell me.