BASTARD “Cop” Shoots Deer @ Point Blank Range For Not Moving Out Of The Way.

BASTARD “Cop” Shoots Deer @ Point Blank Range For Not Moving Out Of The Way.

‘This is better than hunting”, says this psycho-cop.

This is absolutely disgusting.  This ‘cop’ should be hung by his balls.  This is not a policeman, this is a vomitous, piece of sh*t.  Shooting a helpless animal in the face. How could someone just shoot a deer like this??  I am finding out this cops precinct and turning him into SPCA.  Sick son-of-a-b*tch.

Hat tip, David: Cop Shoots Deer Point Blank For Not Moving Out Of His Way! (Graphic)

God hates the murder of animals for the ‘fun of it’.  This is what a SAVAGE would do.


BTW: Not all cops are like this. Obviously.

Video: A Special Shout Out To Bill O’Reilly 4 Royally Bitch-Slapping Whiney Alan Colmes

O’Reilly, windbag extraordinaire really gave it to that piece of crap, Alan Colmes tonight with both barrels.  Good TV..For a change..

Alan Colmes looked like a little wuss: “You personally attacked me!!” he yelled-Bill called him a liar because Al could not bring up one, single thing that Obama will cut (as far as entitlements)   And…Puhlease, you idiot, Alan Colmes.. your Commie buddies attack Americans every single day and couldn’t care less who they hurt.  Rule #12 in the Alinsky playbook is the fav of every Commu-NAZI.

Bravo to Bill for whooping Colmes little left-wing ass.  He deserves it.  

Here is the vid:

BIG PHARMA: GlaxoSmithKline Whistleblower Video

By Goldbug

If Rx drugs don’t scare people to death, they need to begin doing some research.  Not only is Big Pharma killing tens of thousands of people with their poison concoctions, they are paying their employees to engage in deceptive practices.  Also, doctors are not gods; they are humans, and many of them are greedy and uncaring.
Since all the school shootings have been perpetrated by individuals on psychotropic drugs, I venture to say that the Aurora, CO shooter will also be found to have been under the influence of one of these drugs.  The shooter, James Holmes, was a PhD candidate in a medical “neurosciences program.”  He was obviously not some poor guy who had been deprived of opportunity.  I suspect that he may have become an unfortunate subject of experimentation, drug testing, or mind control.
Of course, the gun grabbers are out in full force .. I suppose they believe those killer guns walked right into that theater and shoved themselves into this guy’s hands.  Creepy NYC Mayor Bloomberg, of course, again had to immediately show his stupidity.  Obama, the ultimate gun-control freak, and GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, will also glom onto this event to advocate for more gun control in violation of our Second Amendment.
The following video is made by a pharmaceutical rep who could not, in good conscience, continue lying, cheating and stealing for GlaxoSmithKline.  The things he tells us in this video is likewise occurring in all the Big Pharma monster companies, and just like the Banksters, none of these killers are going to jail.
GSK Whistleblower speaks out about bribery of doctors, off-label marketing of drugs, etc.

UPDATE! Up On Youtube Again~Terrible Parents/Babysitter? Put Child In Washer/Dryer Machine To Teach Child Lesson.

Man O Mighty! Terrible Parents Put Their Child In A Washing Machine To Teach The Child A Lesson.

And, terribly sad.. That these are ‘sons-of-Obama’.  Where is the CPS?  Huh?  Or does that too, only apply to white parents/baby-sitters?  Just curious..  These people put the child in the washer/dryer and the poor baby got locked in 😦