The Mad Jewess Destroyed The Internet! ZOG At Work! INTERNET HIT BY ‘BIGGEST ATTACK EVER’

The Mad Jewess Destroyed The Internet! ZOG At Work! INTERNET HIT BY ‘BIGGEST ATTACK EVER’


I told you all I’m busy, and I wasn’t joking.  The Mad JEW B’tch & her Jew alien Matzah’s carried out this cyber-attack from Planet ZOG.  We take FULL responsibility!! So, don’t bother saying “The Jews did it”  I SAY I DID!!!   I told ya’ all….Don’t F-ck with me!!  Do NOT make me angry. I warned you I have powers in my PC.  I was SERIOUS!!!



Me and my “Shabbos Goys”!

Chinese Zionist Jews Make Aliyah

This vid is from 2009/10…

These Chinese people will make better Jews than anti-American, Israel-hating, left-wing “Jewish” jackasses and Bolsheviks who occupy Israel..    In fact, Israel should allow these Chinese to make their Aliyah every single day and send the left-wing Jews to Ramallah.  Force them to wear a Kippah & the Seal of Solomon…(Star of David)  Let’s test how far the ‘tolerance’ really goes!!!

I guarantee, 100% – that Israel would have warriors in these Chinese Jews… they will have NO problems kicking rocket-throwing, pali-Jihad ass.

It is said that Job from the Bible was an Oriental/Asian man.  These may very well be descendants. Who knows…?

‘Zionist Tool’, Egyptian Morsi; “Israeli’s Are Blood Suckers, Apes & Pigs!”

Here we have “Zionist” Obama’s tool, Morsi calling Zionist Israeli’s—blood suckers apes and pigs.  There are still jackasses that believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Zionist.

Ya can’t make this stuff up.

Click: Video: Morsi calls Jews ‘bloodsuckersapes, pigs’