Mitt Romney To #OWS “Make Sure Top 1% To Pay More Taxes?!” ~What Say Coulter & Trump Now? OWN IT!

Pay you rich bastards, ya hear? Ann Coulter, Trump and all of the other talking headed IDIOTS will be the 1st I want to see ‘spread that wealth around.’

Politicians should all be sent to hell after we have a great day watching them drug through the streets.


Mitt Romney is….



Yes, Anybody but Obama, 2012, even this moron.

#OWS, Hello….17 Of The Top 20 Richest 1% Americans Are DEMOCRATS

#OWS….dup’d. I wonder how it feels to be dup’d by these Republi-crats… Sure glad I turned indep years ago.. Wake up, you idiots that occupy the streets…

SEE: Forbes Top 20 Richest 1% Americans: 17 Of The Top 20 Are Sanctimonious Democrats! Surprised? They ARE The Big Liars … The Party Of Wall Street …The Party Of GE … The Party Of Communism, And The Party Of The Banking Cabalists!