UPDATE 1 Of My Dreams From 5/2020 Is Coming To Pass: New Disease W/ Body Sores

1 Of My Dreams From May 2020 Is Coming To Pass: New Disease With Sores

Update, another prophetic dream about this from 444 Website: 2 NEW PANDEMICS ARE COMING: PART 2 – EWM


God gave me a dream of a future event.

This prophetic dream I had in May 2020: I saw a man, (He was a black man), he had sores all over his body and face. And, now, see this –  “Mystery Disease” That Causes Sores On The Skin Has Already Spread To 700 People In Africa…

In this dream I saw people collecting large amounts of coal/charcoal.. So, that has yet to happen. God speaks in dreams.

Here is my Youtube from May:

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