Barack Hussein Obama: 12th Caliphate?

This is written by my husband:

Does Obama See Himself As The 12th Caliphate?

 I am sure that all of you asked yourself why are we in Libya when we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan for what seems like the last 100 years and do we need a third front against Islam.  I am also sure, that if you are a left winger, you probably think going into Libya was a great idea to save lives.  On the other hand, if you are a right-winger, you probably think that we have no business interfering in another countries internal struggles.  Of course, both positions would be changed if a GOPer were to be president.  Let me ask you, though, what could possibly be better than Muslims killing Muslims?

Glenn Beck points out that the left is mixed up in the mixing up of emotions in all of the Middle East as the protests jump from one insane asylum nation to the next, but did you notice that not only is Obama demanding that the dictators that were in place, and the dictators that we did business with, and the dictators that we gave foreign aid to, all step down.  Are they looking for ‘change’ we can believe in and if so why have there been no heads of these nations, after the dictator steps down, stepping in to take his place?  Why are the nations under siege, leaderless?

Iran thinks the 12th Caliphate is already among us.  So does Louis Farakhan.  Does our Kenyan Muslim president see himself as that 12th Caliphate?  Since everything in Islam is backwards where evil passes for good, is that 12th Caliphate the Anti-Christ?  Some ministers including Reverend James Manning, a black pastor, claim that Obama is that man.

This all bears watching.

-David Ben Moshe


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