Hippies: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Remember the song:

 “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”   …..Long time Passing……….?

Have  you ever wondered what happened to all those cute 
 and crazy, good looking, young hippie chicks who did drugs, 
 smoked weed, got tattooed everywhere and did every guy 
 during the Age of Aquarius back in the 60’s?
Well, Wonder NO More:



I told you all that the 1960’s IDIOTS & TRAITORS wrecked this nation, here’s PROOF

 From Michael Savages website:

Who wrecked the economy?Blame hippies, film suggests

  I have blogged about this, and all I get is a bunch of NASTY hippies telling me to ‘Get over the past’ MOVE ON… Yeah, I know all about the “MOVE ON” you idiots.  I told everyone, Savage told everyone, Horowitz is telling everyone, MY OWN MOTHER is telling everyone, but the left wing lunacy fringe wants to ‘revive’ this decade of debauchery, and hatred for our nation… you know WHAT? 

 G————DAMN them all to hell.

See this post as well: 1960’s-BEGINNING of the END of AMERICA-H

You ANIMALS screwed up our nation, you put in this Marxist, terrorist ILLEGITIMATE piece of shit in my White House, you will pay. 

As the blood calls out to me from my grandfathers, going back to before America was here, who fought and died to keep my nation safe, you will pay.

When we have cut you off FOREVER, I will not shed a tear for your treachery.


The Sun has set on the “AGE OF AQUARIUS” The 1960’s ‘MARXIST-hippies are DEAD’

Face it FALSE ‘peace-niks’ it is over.   Your Marxism,  is over.  Your debauchery is finished.  It is over with turning our children into morons, dumbing them down to make them fit your evil agenda of false peace and a tolerence that will never come. 

You have destroyed everything that is good, everything that is holy- your time is now on the horizon.   You have built a ‘multi-cultural’ hell, and now you are finished with your reign of evil.  Your reign of destruction, and hating our forefathers, your reign of treating our troops in harms way like trash.  It is the end of your pollution of our minds. It is the end of the ‘feminists’ that are never there for women in pain.

The END of your agenda of ‘gay’ to make our young boys into pansies.

The END of your sin. JUDGEMENT is come, you are at………..

You have brought WAR, as you preached peace. 

 You are enraging a people that WERE tolerent…

We are tolerent NO MORE.


The feminazis, she-beasts, free-love, sex revolution, burning bras, protesting Vietnam and treating our troops like trash, was the beginning of the END of America. 

 The schools/colleges were indoctrinated with anti-American speeches (much like Obamas pastor) and kids- 16/20 + were disgusting, and shameful to their parents, a total embarassment.  Rebellion was the ‘in’ thing, and going to San Francisco with some flowers in your hair marching for a ‘peace’ that would never come, in fact, they are the instigators of making things worse.

The ‘music’ was filled with thoughts of drugs, sodomy, orgies, and all sorts of abominations.  It was a wicked, evil time, that, frankly sepaking, America never really recovered from. 

People that talk on this false “peace” are cowardly sonofab*tches, who do absolutely NOTHING while you are getting your A$$ kicked. 

 I am including here some pictures of what America was like in the TERRIBLE 1960’s.  The beginning of the END of our once Great nation….


PEACE in the 1960s, and this is their PLAN now!

“PEACE” in the 1960’s, and this is their PLAN now!

SHE BEASTS burning their bras  the PEACEFUL people.

SHE BEASTS ‘burning their bras’ the PEACEFUL people.



While marching for “PEACE” and starting riots, (A lot like the uncivil, death-threatening riots now-Wisconsin) they were the groundbreakers for murder, fires, racial fights and speaking of “PEACE”…..this is why when anyone says “peace” to me, I want to puke. 

It is a false peace, a lie.

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- free-love

Debaucherous generation of PIGS- “free-love”

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

Nothings changed much. HITLERY and SLICK WILL.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

The BEGINNING of the END of America.

 (Above IS PROPAGANDA- courtesy:  leftists against the housewife/mothers from the 1950’s, NOT MINE)
YES we know, it is UGLY!

YES we know, it is UGLY!

Now the woman who works at home is thought of as NOTHING

MANY women did not want to be “feminists”, but rather feminine….

Women have a natural tendancy to want to ‘nest’ and this sick, demented, disgusting move that is a JEZEBEL, Vashti- CONTROLS America now.

  I hope you 1960’s pathetic pirates of decent society have enjoyed tearing our world apart.