AU: DO Ban Your Citizens From Visiting Anti-White USA. 2 Brit Students Were Also Murdered By A Black In FL, 2011

AU: DO Ban Your Citizens From Visiting Anti-White USA.  2 Brit Students Were Also Murdered By A Black In FL, 2011

Even Time Mag is saying: Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder

  I think it is a good idea for AU to ban America from their citizens.  AU is predominantly white.  Maybe losing tourists and money will wake our own citizens up to our racist, black culture.  As we all know here on this blog: Many black people murder, rape and rob whites out of hatred for them.   Hatred & racism which is encouraged by American, ‘anti-racist’, white-hating, racist, black liberals & anti-white, radical, leftists on Television, nightly. Our schools also teach white hatred.

In 2011, English Parents of murdered British students criticized Barack Obama  because our calloused, uncaring ‘President’ said that these men had ‘no political value‘….  If that does not tell you that America HATES white people, (& humans, in general) I don’t know what else will.   The white, British students begged for their lives as Shawn Tyson murdered them.  Their parents made a DVD regarding this slaughter..But, the powerfully built teen even looked bored as emotional DVD presentations about the dead men prepared by their grieving parents were shown in court.


Because: The Murder of Christopher Lane Will Not Become National Touchstone of Racial and Cultural Debate, the radical left will bury this slaughter and pretend it never happened.    But hardly uncommon, are cases such as the two black guys who doused a white 13-year-old with gasoline and lit him on fire, saying “You get what you deserve, white boy” (Kansas City, Mo.) or 20 black kids who beat up white Matthew Owens on his porch “for Trayvon” (Mobile, Ala.)

Even Homeland Security Employee Is Preparing for a Coming Race War

Until then, a White Man was Shot And Killed By Three Black Suspects In Memphis, Possibly In ‘Retaliation’ For Death of Trayvon Martin…

Read about how one of the people in OK believes this was a ‘gang-initiation’ (in other words; Hate crime, possibly gangs,  plus racism as we saw by their tweets..)

From Syria: Many Live Videos Of FAKE Wounded People In Rebel Demonstrations- Obama & Hillary Clinton Lie

These are older videos from January-April.  But it has just been brought to our attention from QV, today.  Are you going to keep believing Shep Smith?  Do you really think that Assad’s removal will promote peace in Syria?



More Videos Exposing The “Peaceful Protestors” Of Syria

Syria – Peaceful Protesters are burning a Government Building in Ariha, Idleb 20-05-2011

Syria – Peacful Protestors burned the Police Cars in Ariha, Idleb 20-5-2011

Syria – Peaceful Protesters killed a Policemen in Aleppo 27-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists Attack the Oil Pipeline in Quriyeh, Deir Ezzawr 28-01-2012

Armed Gangs fired an RPG at a Monastry in Sednaya, Syria 30-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline in Tel Kalakh, Homs 30-01-2012

Syria – Empty Coffins live on Al Jazeera – Only in Syria (Yep – peaceful protestors holding coffins during a march – proven to be empty fakes)

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorists burning houses in the vineyards of Madaya

Syria – Female Terrorist in Banias, Tartous

Terrorists trying to destroy a Syrian Tank

Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb, Syria

Syria – Terrorist throwing Dynamite at Security men in Deir al-Zawr

SYRIA – “Peaceful Protesters” shooting at Policemen

Homs – Militants firing Rockets from a Mosque at the Army

Camera filmed the Killing of Policeman Raed Ashour1

-David Ben Moshe

Tha Mad Jewess Pick For the BEST Person In 2011: DONALD TRUMP

Love or hate Trump, he is the only one that attacks the Bolshevik/Marxists & Obama…  Romney does not, Ru Paul does very little. Santorum is weak. Perry does not attack Obama, Newt attacks him a little…..

  DONALD TRUMP attacks the Bolshevik-Marxist Media Madness.  He is timeless and excellent for the times.  Trump is my numero uno pick for the BEST person in 2011.  I LOVE how he whipped the little bitch-boy, Obama on his fake birth certificate. His American toughness is a turn on to any woman who IS a woman.


You are #1.


Dont wait.  DO NOT HESITATE.  These people are *NOT* Democrats, they are FASCISTS, period.  GET MONEY OUT OF THAT BANK.  Get at least $5 grand, and MOVE your money to another bank.  If these people can push a $5- fee, nothing will stop them from $20- and beyond.  They will probably go after other banks–soon.  Forget gold if you dont have it-buy FOOD.

People say ‘we have laws to protect us from ‘runs on the banks’.  Yeah, and?  Obama can just pass an executive order and wallah, your money is kaputz.




Stocks Crash, Did U-Turn, Then…. Obama SPOKE ~ By David Ben Moshe

On a day that many predicted would be terrible, stocks opened well to the downside and continued to fall, but as some Wallstreet Analysts had predicted, the market made a U-Turn and started erasing some of the losses.  Then Obama spoke and the markets continued their downward slide.  Our ‘president’ just couldnt keep from mentioning that all have to pay their fair share, meaning ‘tax the rich’ on a miserable day in the markets.


Do you people realize that we have a black brain leading this nation?  Have you been so brainwashed by the movies, TV and our education system that you actually expected great things from a black brain?   When I was a little boy, my mother told me to clean my plate because people in Africa are starving.  That was 50 years ago and they are still starving.  Obviously they dont have the brains needed to change their lives and THATS THE KIND OF BRAIN YOU CHOSE TO LEAD US and now we are reaping the rewards!!!!!

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Stock Market Is Going To Junk~Left Wing Blogosphere Is Wondering Whats Goin On… DUH

Dow Jones industrial average closes down 513, worse dump since ’08 …

Global stock selloff accelerates

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Rich people, and people that have worked hard for your money your whole life-Listen up: You had better do something FAST with your money, and man, I mean it.  ‘Cuz, the Bolskeviks are coming to get it.  Obama promised to tax ya’all-BIGTIME.

   So, I was reading the leftist rag-Huff Post and they are wondering what is going on.  Well, Celente’, Savage, Beck, and many others have been warning you that this was/is happening and you ain’t listenin’.  You won’t have anyone talking about your Messiah, Prez Hussein.  So, come-uppins is comin’ up.  I keep saying I can’t wait until you leftists are in the streets and starving your guts out…And.. I am serious. 

  I can’t see a year with the dollar having ANY value at all.  Celente’ is warning of a Depression that will rival the 30’s.  I agree.  Sometimes, it is better to be alarmed, knowing our history.  It is better to know that leftism is fascism and Nazi-ism.  Better to be on the safe side, than to listen to a thing these sub-humans tell you anymore.

Here is a comment on Y.T.

@yomammaspoodlethis is everyone across America’s 401k’s and retirement plans going up in smoke you moron.