Hey @megynkelly Are You Not A Journalist? Why NO Questions On John McCain In Kiev, Ukraine, 2013??

Hey @megynkelly Are You Not A Journalist? Why NO Questions On John McCain In Kiev, Ukraine, 2013??

Why are these questions NOT being asked?  Putin is NOT my despot, Obama is.


Where are the dot connectors? It’s just a hate Putin/Russia mess right now.   Why is Megyn Kelly quiet about John McCain’s presence in Kiev, Ukraine, 2013?  What was an Arizona senator doing in Ukraine?  He is supposed to represent Arizona in W. DC.   Why was he there?  What is an NGO?  Why are these questions not being asked?  It’s not wonder so many conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats are so stupid about this whole mess:  The MSM reports nothing.  Here we are with WW3 in the rhetoric and nobody is questioning the things we ask.

Megyn: Why was John McCain in Kiev telling Ukrainians that EU is their future?  What did he know in December that we don’t know?

Why was McCain inciting these rioters?

Its NOT a conspiracy if its the truth.

The rest of you, friends: Sorry I keep posting on this but I do NOT want WW3.

#Benghazi: Andrew Rosenthal @andyrNYT Says “We (NYT) Didn’t “Choose” Hillary Clinton.” Ya DID In ’08!

#Benghazi: Andrew Rosenthal @andyrNYT  Says “We (NYT) Didn’t “Choose” Hillary Clinton.  Ya DID In ’08!

And, we all know…Once a Commie, always a Commie.

Leopards don’t change their spots, Rosenthal.  We ALL know after that lying, rag piece, 5,000 characters long that the NYTimes submitted about the consulate attack was written just to prop up the bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.  It’s time to stop the bs.

We endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in 2008′  -NYTimes Andrew Rosenthal December 3, 2013, The Princetonian.

Click here.

‘On January 25, the New York Times endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. At the time, the 1,100-word editorial stood out for both its tepidness and early appearance, coming near the front-end of the primary season. The piece ran in the paper the Friday before Super Tuesday, instead of in the Times’s symbolically-important Sunday edition.’
-The New Republic Feb 28, 2008

NY Times Endorsement of Hitlery Clinton back in ’08: Click to read.

New York Times editor (Rosenthal) denies ‘newsroom conspiracy’ for Hillary Sure.. And bridges in Brooklyn are for sale..literally..

A home decor collage from November 2013

NY Times: Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi. We All Know It Was Al Qaeda

“God Will Not Be Mocked, You’re All Sons Of The Devil,” Diane Reidy Is My New Hero

“God Will Not Be Mocked, You’re All Sons Of The Devil,” Diane Reidy Is My New Hero

Before God brings his wrath on nations, he sends people to confront evil leaders. Diane is a servant of the most high, that is evident to me.

I don’t know anything about these Free Masons.  But, I will tell you one thing: this brave stenographer told this evil government that they are sons of the devil and she is correct.  Many Jews do not believe in the devil.  I can’t figure that one out.  He showed up as a serpent in Genesis and wondered the earth ‘to and fro’ in the book of Job.  The devil is alive and well; he is the US Government.

I am sure foreigners agree with me on that.

 Rant on House Floor During Debt Ceiling Vote – October 17th, 2013

Good going, Miss Reidy

Typhoon, Tsunami-Terrible Dream I Had Of Huge Flooding (Possible Tidal Wave)

 Pay attention, this is another dream I had.  The last time I had a Tidal Wave dream, Japan was hit with a Tsunami within 12 days. Dreams ARE messages in the night from GOD to warn people that love and fear his name.

Here is the dream:

  I was at a large hotel.. (NYC) Many people were there, I was going to a singing engagement.  It was a very large hotel on the coastlands..  All of the sudden, we were given a warning, the warning came so fast; “STORM IS COMING, GET PREPARED!”  Let me tell you, it was only  minutes to prepare.  There was no preparation.  It came so suddenly, I mean FAST. I looked out at the ocean, and the water came in like a flood, it was HUGE. Reminded me of a Tsunami.  People were running to get to the top floor. The flood-wave was so bad, so forceful, so strong, and so deep.  Deep waters.  I remember telling myself; DO NOT PANIC.  So, I went to get on the elevator, to take myself to the 26th floor (Why the 26th, I dont know) but it would not bring me to the 26th, there was a problem.  I could hear the screams beneath me, people drowning.  I said to myself again; “DO NOT PANIC”.  I wanted to get frantic because I could not get to the floor.  I had gotten an idea in my head to just keep going up and down on the elevator, down to the 10th floor, then hit the button again, and go to the 25th floor.  Thus, I was just going up and down, and I was sustained in that survival mode.


  Spiritual aspect *Not being able to reach my destination, and to only be able to go up and down made me totally trust that God would take care of me in the flood. That is the spiritual place we ALL must get in; Trust in God. Storms are coming, floods ARE coming. I believe that America will have a flood for real, and a spiritual flood of overwhelming force?

Memorial Day: The Day We’re Supposed To REMEMBER Vets, Not Celebrate BBQ’s

All across this nation, American will celebrate a day they have off.  They will BBQ steaks, burgers and hot-dogs.

They will not shed a tear for the beautifcation of the graves of the glorious dead. Why? Because America has forgotten what America is all about.

  I am not ‘proud’ to be an American, anymore. I used to be.  But, America is now a place where we have millions of traitors within, that hate America & American history.  They spit on troops, call the soldiers, ‘baby-killers’, send our men into foreign wars that we have NO business being a part of.  We used to fight fascism, now, we ARE the fascists of the world, thanks to ‘liberal’ policies since circa, 1962-the year we told GOD to ‘get lost’, we can handle it all ourselves.   These same slime seem to only see America as a ‘racist’, hate-filled nation. And, frankly, these slobs can rot in the gutter for all I care. They are reprobate, in my opinion. Without any redemptive value.

  Many Americans are under a strong delusion that America is not supposed to be a Christian nation.  Yet, these idiots cannot seem to explain why there are hundreds of thousands of churches IN America and graves of the glorious dead with crosses on the headstones, which the ACLU wants to remove from these graves, in an act of desecration.   We have allowed this insanity, and now, we are reaping the ‘benefits’ of leftism.  Which is no benefit at all.  A nation that refuses to protect its elderly and remain un-thankful to those who have fought for its freedom will be a nation of nothingness. Which is what America is now, and the reason I am not proud to be an American. 

I feel some pride when I remember the WWII veterans, especially.  Which is why I wrote this post.  It is not that I ‘hate’ the soldiers now or for the last 40 plus years.  I most certainly do not.  I have loved ALL American soldiers. I entertain soldiers all over the Southwest. Especially older Veterans over 55.  Memorial Day/Veterans Day is an everyday thing for me…   I am just livid that they are sent into the farthest parts of the earth for no reason..definitely not to protect our Constitution..!!    I feel sorry and sickened that our soldiers are sent to just DIE for NOTHING.   A soldier without a cause is dead on arrival, spiritually-speaking. So, they need our prayers and voices to BRING THEM HOME.

Dear WWII Veterans:

I am heartly sorry & repentant. We have offended you and taken for granted, your sacrifices. I am sickened that many of you are thrown into a nursing home and your own children don’t even come to love and respect you.  Please accept my humble apologies.  And  my token of a most heartfelt little prayer:  I hope these same rotten brats, bastards and sonfabitches go straight to hell. 


The Mad Jewess.

Songs for the all of the VETS:


Some Links to Memorial Day Tributes:

The Mad Jewess Destroyed The Internet! ZOG At Work! INTERNET HIT BY ‘BIGGEST ATTACK EVER’

The Mad Jewess Destroyed The Internet! ZOG At Work! INTERNET HIT BY ‘BIGGEST ATTACK EVER’


I told you all I’m busy, and I wasn’t joking.  The Mad JEW B’tch & her Jew alien Matzah’s carried out this cyber-attack from Planet ZOG.  We take FULL responsibility!! So, don’t bother saying “The Jews did it”  I SAY I DID!!!   I told ya’ all….Don’t F-ck with me!!  Do NOT make me angry. I warned you I have powers in my PC.  I was SERIOUS!!!



Me and my “Shabbos Goys”!

Are Gun-Control Leftist-NAZIs Conspiring? 2 Women, Gunman Killed In Delaware Courthouse Shooting

See: 2 women, gunman killed in Delaware courthouse shooting

This is what our friend, KarolTheKaffir says:

‘They are coming hard and fast now…just heard about the “Courthouse Shooting” in Delaware…there are too many of them exploding in too short a time for them to be random and real…We haven’t seen shootings go on end-to-end until the government decided to make people scared to keep their guns…This is a terrifying development in our country…

I remember one of those “conspiracy” movies…I don’t remember if it was “Pelican Brief”, but one of the characters talking about government agencies and the power they have to make you disappear, as if you never existed.

Couple this with the latest development in which suddenly AMERICANS can legally become the target of their own government JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE WANTS THEM OUT OF THE WAY. No due process, the person directing the drones gets to define the threat.

Just. Freaking. Unbelievable. And the sheeple continue on as if nothing is happening…’


It is quite possible that it is happening as Karol is suggesting.  Why not?  You really believe this govt is out for your best interests?  They want your guns.  They will stop at nothing to get them.  Why?  Because you have too many and they would lose big if ever we are forced into a civil war. 

Buffalo NY Mayor Flips Flag Upside Down On Obama’s Inauguration Day. NAZI-Obama Is Going To Give “Litmus Tests?”

We should not be surprised if this is the truth. Obama is a NAZI-Leftist. He will think nothing of murdering people, which is what all dictators do.  What say you dumbbell lib Jews when the SHTF?  Nothing, you will just march to the Nazi-OBAMA Gulags.  

Meanwhile, those of us who have not vacated fascist America will shoot to kill in self defense- should you try to come on our properties.

The Mayor Of Buffalo:

From Patriot News


“I have just been informed by one of America’s foremost military heroes that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks: ‘The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.’ Those who will not are being removed.”

– Dr. Jim Garrow – January 21, 2013  via HootSuite

Jim Garrow: