#PhilRobertson For President, 2016

#PhilRobertson For President, 2016

I’ve heard all about the ‘Duck dynasty’ star, Phil Robertson and how the left is attacking him while I was in Vegas for the last 4 days.   Evidently, he does not like the ‘gay’ lifestyle.  Yeah? And?  Big whoop.  This is the news in insane America.. Much ado about nothing….What a screwed up world where a person who strives to be moral is lambasted by a bunch of unrighteous, ungodly, satanic, left-wing pigs.  This is your nation, folks:  Militant LGBT freaks, feminist witches, metro-mary’s and entitlement, fat slobs who worry about the feelings of some a$$hole worshipers.

Because Robertson makes the left so nuts, he should be President.  I bet he knows how many states are in the USA.  And, at least his middle name isn’t Hussein.

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Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez. Chelsea Can Be Ambassador To Libya

Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez.

Peri DPeri D ‏@PeriMedic3m says: I propose Chelsea for Ambassador to Libya.


I can just imagine all of the dumb females of America voting for Hillary just because they want to see a woman be the Prez. Watch out, guys.. Now, you’ll be called sexist for not liking the hag.

Killary is a female Dracula.  A Blood sucking Commie moonbat. With Hitlery as Prez, this will go over great in the Muslim world….NOT.

Ugly-looking, smelly, dirty sock, Chelsea Clinton is not partisan…!  (She does look like a sock, by the way..) Did Chelsea not listen to her own psychopath Mother during the Benghazi hearings?  Her Mother was friends with Chris Stevens.  Clinton hung her gay buddy, Chris Stevens out to dry.  So much for gays, huh? Maybe she’ll send some of the gays that support her to God knows where and let them die, too.  Here is the video of Chelsea endorsing her killer Mom.

Bitch Of #Benghazi: Hillary Clinton, We ALL Know Who You Are Behind Your Bottle Of Concealer & Foundation

Bitch Of #Benghazi: Hillary Clinton, We ALL Know Who You Are Behind Your Bottle Of Concealer & Foundation

Today, on the Daily Mail, they have these pictures of Hillary Rotten Clinton at the CFDA fashion awards–Which present Hillary as a ‘lady.’  She is no lady. She is just as evil as Obama and if this bitch gets in, you can bet your last bottom dollar that this website will never shut up.  So, that must be vewwy, vewwy racist.  I won’t ever forget the Bitch of the Benghazi. Will you?

The Clintons are evil. They are the most self-serving, narcissistic psychopaths this country has ever encountered. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Neither Hillary nor Bill has a sincere bone in their body. It baffles me that fools still believe a word that comes out of their lying mouths. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton


Dan Rather: “The GOP Has ‘Damaged’ Hillary For 2016” -WRONG, She Damaged Herself You FOOL

Dan Rather: “The GOP Has ‘Damaged’ Hillary For 2016”. WRONG, She Damaged Herself You FOOL

Its time to retire Dan Rather to the nursing home.  Do they have one especially for old Commies? We can give him a nice, toasty blanket colored red with the hammer & sickle n all.  Make this old coot feel good that his dreams are realized through a failed foreign usurper and his little bitch; Hitlery ROTTEN Klinton.

Honestly…Ya Can’t Make This Shit Up:

Hillary Clinton legacy:


BIRTHER-GATE: Bolshevik-NAZI Rahm Emmanuel Was Born In Kenya.

Emanuel was born on November 29, 1959 in the Kenyan ghetto (trust me on this..)  His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a Jerusalem-born[2] pediatrician who was once a member of the Irgun.

I’ve just heard the news.  Erav-Rav, left-wing, Judenrat filth, Rahm Emmanuel wants to run for the office of the White House in 2016.  Are you T-party morons going to let this jerk-off get away with this?  What are you going to let them call you?  “Anti-semitic?”  If you do not impeach Obama and throw his ass back to Kenya, where he belongs, you will have an atheist, pretense, ‘Jewish’ dictator.  This cat would be WORSE than the Communist bitch, Rosa ‘the Red’ Rabin.  Who had right-wing, Israeli patriots murdered, ruthlessly.  

This filth can’t even manage Chicago.

I honestly do not know what it will take for Americans to start kicking ass.

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Dems Preparing For Obama Defeat. Discussing 2016 With Hillary Clinton OR Cuomo As Prez (VOMIT)

(The Dems should just get the hell out of the country after what they have done to us…Treacherous rat-bastards…)  Regardless.. They are discussing 2016.  They know Obama is in the can & is the worst ‘prez’ ever.  

I thank Elohim/God EVERYDAY for leaving this party over 20 years ago.  And, also having enough sense to depart the Republicrats as well.