2 More Days-July 17th 2012, OBAMA to be exposed as Fraudulent President!

On July 17th a press conference is scheduled to be held in Arizona. Literally, piles and piles of evidence will be presented exposing the Fraud of the ObamaNation “presidency!”



Don't Tread On ME!  I know that most of you have seen this video below. But these traitors need reminding.  I cannot, in good faith endorse ANYONE that I have seen.  NONE can be trusted.  I have found that Jan Brewer has the power as the Governor of AZ to raise an ARMY from STATE funds here in AZ, and has not utilizied this given power to keep AZ safe. So, even her, I cannot endorse.  Republicans are terrible,  but not as bad as the Democrats- who are evil, power mad, drunk, intoxicated with siezing this united states of America and submitting it to Communism, which ends in death and genocide.

  If you  saw the videos of the heads blowing up re. the ‘global warming’ hoax, then that should give you an idea how EVIL and satanic the left wing agenda really is.  Choking a child to death, ‘in love’ is my version of insanity and murder. 

  I believe that war is coming to this land, from within and outside. I believe that we will be attacked from enemies outside.  While inside… they are conspiring against America. So, do your job, and vote these leftists out–if we are stuck with them, I beleive that all bets will be off.  If we just ‘let it go’, we are NOT the grandchildren of our parents and grandparents.

I sincerely hope that you understand that this will NOT be over in Nov… If you really believe it is, I  fear for this country worse than ever before.