36 Democrats Demand Jo’Bama Biden Give Up Nuclear Codes!

36 Democrats Demand Jo’Bama Biden Give Up Nuclear Codes!

Not the best photo choice for the "Obama warns Iran he ...
We ALL know who is really running this sh’t-show.

Wow…Are they finally starting to see that Jo’Bama is a basketcase? And, how long before these bastards allow Obama to reign supreme?

A thought just came to me… We need to start telling the DEMOCRATS to leave us the hell alone. Just leave us be. Start informing the DEMOCRATS that this regime is out of control. Because the GOP sits back and does absolutely nothing.

OR: Is this just another step on the way to imposing the 25th Amendment?

Just thoughts...

Hot Air reports. Also: From Politico, Hat tip – Populist Press

This happened in 2016: Crazy Uncle Joe Biden Gives Away Agent Holding Nuclear Codes at Hillary Rally 

PS: Dems turning on Dems: New York Democrats Hold Outdoor Presser Calling for Charges Against Governor Cuomo (VIDEO)