Buffalo Shooter Just “Happened To Have” A Manifesto & Read 4Chan. This Screams #FF. 1991 Book Predicted Govt Set-Up Mass Shootings:

Buffalo Shooter Just “Happened To Have” A Manifesto & Read 4Chan. This Screams #FF. 1991 Book Predicted Govt Set-Up Mass Shootings:

I agree with Carolyn, a Commenter on a website:

He (shooter) provides complete and oddly detailed Manifesto – names names and websites – checks all ‘white supremacist’ boxes – wears “military uniform” – provides personality test – drives miles to obscure location in black neighborhood – and just in case there is any doubt that a white guy did it, he live-streams his arrival and the ensuing atrocity on Twitch.

All of this alerts false flag instincts – instincts provided to us by God for a reason.

Im sure most of you read this story by now:

At any rate:

This brings back memories of laughing Daddy, Robbie Parker at the Sandy Hook incident.. Because ALL Dad’s laugh like jackasses & get ‘in character’ after their children are shot dead. (His daughter was supposedly killed)

Or, how bout the West, TX fertilizer ‘explosion’ (which was a JDAM bomb that hit the plant) This particular fertilizer plant had a lawsuit against Monsanto at the time it was bombed. Waco Texas Fertilizer Company Hit By Drone/Laser Strike After Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto!

Page 225: From the 1991 book, “Behold a Pale Horse”  Milton William Cooper

I really have a very hard time believing the modus operandi of the lying media. I have come to the conclusion that we will never know what really happens at these ‘shootings’. All I DO know is that I believe our government is a Communist/Globalist terrorist operation.


A tale of 2 mass shootings:

Friday the 13th there was a mass shooting in Milwaukee. 17 people shot. This story? CRICKETS! Why because it was most likely non-White gangs involved.

Watch how the shooting that happened in Buffalo, New York will grab ALL of the media’s attention because “muh White supremacy” narrative will be achieved.


2019: 4Chan Warning Of The Covid #Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

2019 4-Chan Warning Of The Covid Vaccine That Would Kill Millions With Screen Cap From Wayback Machine

Say No To The Prick No To Bill Mr Gates Anti Vaccine Vax T ...

NO vaccine is concocted in a few months. I never believed this vaccine hoax from the get-go. It’s only because I understand that governments – ALL governments – are evil personified — and the only thing more evil than government is Pharmacia. In the hands of the wrong people, they could kill en masse…..Well….they did.

Video and Screencap tip from SueG:

Sept 2019:

See it before it’s scrubbed.