Gun Control ‘Debate’ Is OVER: The RAT BASTARD, J’OBAMA Admin Leaves 358,530 “Assault” Rifles W/ The #Taliban.

The “Gun Control ‘Debate’ Is OVER. J’OBAMA Admin Leaves 358,530 “Assault” Rifles W/ The Taliban

The CommieCrats can go F. U. C. K. themselves forever. I will keep all of my arms. If these bastards can arm the WORST of the worst—from the getgo… then, they can take their gun control ‘debate’ and shove it up their ass.

Once again, we see that the rat bastard, traitorous CommieCrats will willingly arm terrorists but are against their own citizens being armed, LEGALLY. They are the worst sob’s that have ever walked this earth and every single day, I look more forward to God destroying these filthy, rotten, dirty, treasonous pigs.