What Did Pro-Homo Marriage Idiot, Bill O’Reilly REALLY Think Of “Gays” When He Was 17 Yrs Old?

What Did Pro-Homo Marriage Idiot, Bill O’Reilly REALLY Think Of “Gays” When He Was 17 Yrs Old?

I remember my first glass of wine; it tasted like crap.  Really terrible taste.  I never really liked wine after that, ditto most alcohol drinks.  The only time I like alcohol is when it’s disguised by another flavor.  This is how the human mind works.  If the taste of something unpleasant is masked, we can tolerate it.

In comes the pre-modern ‘gay’  scenario.  When I was young, there were very few ‘gays’.  They often were fun people that were just a little odd.  The few I knew (plus my Uncle Manuel, he was ‘gay’) were hysterical and enormously talented.  He just meshed with any crowd.  What he did with his sexual life was his affair.  Ditto the other few ‘gays’ I knew when I was younger.

Many of today’s ‘gays’ are in-ya-face obnoxious.  (Not the ones I know, personally) but many in the metro areas shove their show all over people.  The way they are militant has made people turn off to this crowd, bigtime. Demanding churches stop preaching ‘hate’.  Its sick.  They want the whole world to CHANGE for them.  Even though they are not even 6% of the populace, we all must CHANGE for gay.  Its selfish, what they do.

In comes Bill O’Reilly.  Bill says “Equality” for everyone in marriage (liberal spew)  But, using the moniker, ‘equality’ is a mask and a disguise of something that you normally will not tolerate.  What did Bill O’Reilly really think of ‘gay’ when he was 17 or so?  I’ll tell you what Bill thought; “GROSS!!”  “Yuck!” – that’s what Bill thought and that’s what every liberal like Bill thought when they were 17 years old.  The only thing that ‘changed’ their opinion is a mask and disguise.

Bottom line with Bill and morons like him; They are ‘drinking or eating’ something that they really don’t agree with, in their heart of hearts.  They are not ‘for’ homo-marriage.  They lie. They know it will completely destroy society.. But, they push it for the ‘equality’ lie and bogus guilt…….Then,  make the rest of us eat and drink the cup of their abominations.

I hope you will take the time to read this: homosexual perversion shoved on us. H/T-Maziel


(Side note.. Even though I don’t agree with ‘gay’, I have friends that are ‘gay’ and I would protect them if they were in danger)

Glenn Beck: America Becoming Terrifying Force For Evil.

Most Americans will not hear it.  They will NOT hear that this nation is a terror, now.  And if they keep refusing TO recognize this land as terroristic, then we are just damned finished. Shit, we are so finished now that I totally agree with Beck;


God–> dammit, WHEN will you people wake up!? STOP singing “God Bless America” and start singing; America, BLESS God.

Watch what Beck says (here on this link) at 5 minutes


EU Judges Rule “Gay Marriage”, Not A Human Right”

These AmeriKan “gays” need to get a f’n grip and start getting manly and ditch the love for other mens asses–EW!!!

American Jews and Christians need to GET BOLD and declare that this behavior is an ABOMINATION.  Dont hurt anyone, just tell the TRUTH.

Despite Our LGBT Prez Obamas Pleas, The Military Restores Ban On Sodomy & Beastiality.

Whahhhhh, boo friggin hoo.  I am sure that Rue Paul’s followers will be very upset about this as well… They call sodomy ‘freedom’.


This SO Ruins My Day!

FILTHY ABOMINATION: Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

We can also thank (R) Congressman, RUE PAUL & his DADT repeal vote for this filth. I have nothing to say, I am so disgusted. “Liberals” should be MADE to serve now.  It should be DEMANDED that all stool pushing “Liberals” serve in the pagan US military. This is FILTH.


(CNSNews.com)(Updated) The Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals–or bestiality.

What is next???? 

Animal to human marriage….??!!


Ugandans To Obama: “You Want Our People To Eat POO-POO?”

H/T to Redeemed Hippies‘ Place A very good  friend of The Mad Jewess bloggers.

 Thumbs Down This is absolutely disgusting…Observe this video, because this is what homosexuals do. It is BARBARIC. They do it here, they do it in Uganda,  Africa and it is an abomination, whether you left wing morons like it or not..           ~Just think, white liberals for homosexual-marriage…think of eating poo-poo, THAT is what you endorse for ‘parents’ and call “Love” -You sick, demented FREAKS.

850+ Orthodox Rabbis: “We Are Sorry, America For Lieberman & Levin”

“Passage of such evil legislation would expedite our hurdling towards Sodom and Gomorrah,” he wrote. “It would also threaten to repel Divine Grace from our military’s struggles and beyond. We call upon the Senate to unapologetically filibuster this legislation. We also ask all people of faith to adhere to our previous declaration that it is forbidden to vote for office-seekers who support the homosexual agenda.”

Levin added, “We wish to express our deep anguish and apologize to the American people for the role Sens. Lieberman and Levin have played in advancing this ‘abominable’ legislation. We condemn them. Enough is enough.”

850 rabbis: ‘Gays’ in military ‘rebellion against God’ Breaking News
The rest here: Sens. Lieberman, Levin condemned for role in ‘abominable legislation’

Well, I have to say that it’s about damned time that SOMEONE did something. I know many of you read WND, but its worth the posting time.

“PROGRESSIVE” THANKSGIVING.. When is enough, enough?

On the FRONT page of   http://www.vox.com/culture/    

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to give thanks to God.  Well, dear, sweet, kind, thoughtful ‘gay’ people… You need to start taking your actions up with God.  I am tired of YOUR intolerence.  You bet your bottom dollar that they are intolerable.  NO, not all, but the ones that are pushing this as a ‘way of life’ in schools makes me sick, it is also straight up from the Communist Manifesto:  40. Discredit the family _d. as an institution.  ’26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

Read it YOURSELF, I am tired of the games:  http://neprimer.com/1963ComGoals.htm

Leviticus 18:22  Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Abomination:   a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit.  fine, yeah, bla bla bla.. “Private lives” Whatever we do in private, yada yada.. well, private is now PUSHED into public, I am just sick of this crap.  TIRED OF THEIR INTOLERENCE of God, and what GOD says.


Things You Can ONLY Say On Thanksgiving