JAMES O’KEEFE~Project Veritas About To Expose 1.2 Trillion $ Industries Corruption, They NEED Our Help!

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Please help Mr. James O’Keefe get this information out.  Please help support the same young man who brought down NPR, ACORN, NJEA, etc. I just did, please do your part.


  Now we’re about to blow the whistle on a $1.2 trillion industry so rotten with fraud that many of those on the inside think their corrupt behavior is normal. I think you’ll disagree.

For months, footage has been pouring in from our army of citizen journalists all across the country, and what’s on these tapes will shock you. Every American should see our next report, but there’s one problem: We need your help to release it.

O’Keefe says: Can I count on your donation of at least $50 today to help take our latest investigation public before this corruption gets totally out of control?

Project Veritas, Inc.
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Here @ The Mad Jewess, We Believe That MASSIVE Voter Fraud WILL Take Place In Nov. Courtesy: DNC

All of the talking heads, Rove, Morris, etc are getting America geared up for a ‘landslide’ GOP avalanche.. Even the Nazi “Jew” George Soros said that. But, we believe different.  We believe that the DEMS are planning a major voting fraud deception, to keep themselves in the house, ILLEGALLY, because they cannot win fair; they ARE crooks. The GOP is no better, but at least we can slow down this ‘progressive’ push to Communism, which is mass death and genocide.  Read this link:

  They have every intention of turning America into a 3rd world banana republic dump.   They have every intention of making YOU slaves, submitting to a huge Marxist/NAZI takeover.  Call us crazy, or conspiracy nuts, we don’t care.  Most of us have lived in city areas, the metro NYC, Cali, Philly, etc.. Vote Fraud is common in the inner cities. So, you have to go out, to the polls and stop the bastards. 

  In NYC, there was a woman, she said “When I came here this morning to vote, the police were not here, but when I returned this evening, to vote again, the P.D. was there”.    In another instance, in NYC, a man came to vote—FORTY-TWO times.  42, people.  Stalin, the Progressive/Commies hero said: “It does not matter who votes, it matters who COUNTS the votes”….. Hopefully we are wrong. We Pray we are wrong, but they are already messing with Military votes. 

 So, DO NOT trust these people, they ARE ENEMIES within.

Watch some of the evidence of voter fraud, ILLEGALS inc:




Ken Vogel Of Politico: Fabricating Post About “Powerful Conservatives” Abandoning James O’Keefe

 James O'Keefe, a pimp for the James O’Keefe, who singlehandedly took down ACORN will not ever be abandoned by me, and I am the ONLY real conservative on this blogoshere. Me & my bloggers/blogger-friends (on my roll.)

  O’Keefe is an American hero, and Vogel, just another Bolshevik, America-hating sleaze.  The left wing has been insane since O’Keefe used their tactics to bring down one of the most corrupt orgs in America; ACORN, Obamas baby.  Vogel and left wing enemies of America want O’Keefe to disappear, so that he will not show up anywhere else to expose the satanic, corrupt activities of the genocidal, Marxist-NAZI left wing ‘liberal’ progressives….

In this article on politico, Vogel is grasping at every straw imagineable, even insinuating Andrew Breibart is throwing O’Keefe under the bus. What a pathetic joke. He’s a little mary…a prick boy- a metro, stool-pushing creep.

SEE: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/43105.html

Look at Vogels profile, and you can see for yourself what a filthy loser this bastard really is: KENNETH P. VOGEL |

In case some of you have forgotten O’Keefe, here is a Y.T.:

Site O’Keefe works with: http://pushbacknow.net/



Strupp: Journalists, Ethics Experts Slam Fox And Breitbart

The truth about Media Matters and Breitbart is this;

They are protecting Barack Hussein Obama, courtesy of the Nazi, Soros. Last year, Breitbart broke the story of ACORN, and nobody needed more ammo than he had regarding ACORN.  The Left Wing hacks want to protect ACORN, but why? It is all about agenda, with the left wing making up, possibly 23% of the population (hard left wing).   What is going to happen, is the revealing of the NAACP involvement of ACORN and The Black Panthers, that will make this even worse for the Obama admin., since it will bring to light all of this admininstrations total corruption worse than Bush.

Now we have this incident, that obviously Breitbart was set up by, after all, it was the NAACP that set up Breitbart-THEY released the tape. But for what? The NAACP and the  Black Panthers are in direct line with each-other:  NAACP direct tie to Black Panthers – Washington Times It is certain, at least to me, at this point, that Breitbart has been set up, and infiltrated by Soviets/MMFA-Media Matters For America plants. If they can cripple Breitbart, they have conquered ‘an ememy’. If they can do this, then FOX is next, folks. 

They have to take down Breitbart, because Breitbart has all of the necessary information to take down MMFA, the W.H., and the leftist news- not the vc versa.   They know this, so they have set this up.  MMFA & left wing media is the head of the snake, they are dangerous to free society.  They are running scared at this point, and needed to go on the attack.  These are clever people, folks.  They are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. They all know that the NAACP, ACORN & The Black Panthers are not ‘made up’, they are very real and all tied in together.  It was first reported here at the Washington Times about Holders bigoted decision on behalf of the Black Panthers-Holder knows that these 3 organizations are in this corruption together and it will open Pandoras box-Hello? Election time is here. You must understand, the ‘have’ to get this done, to retain POWER.

You can look all over the net, and will find this: What do the NAACP, ACORN, the New Black Panthers and Obama have in … NOTHING! Nothing but cover up.

People, there IS a story here, and MMFA and the left wing Nazis do NOT want YOU to know just what it is. But, I am watching these people, every day.  So- you should be too!

Teenie-Boppers @ Media Matters RECKLESS McCathyites; ACORNGATE & Breitbart

   Media Matters…here’s the thing with Media Matters. Not many of them are over 30 years old.  They act more like teenagers, and have ZERO CLUE that they are destroying peoples lives.

  See what I mean with the proper description of   McCarthyism: The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries. 

******Now, some people believe that McCarthy was ‘right’ -However, I beg to differ on several accounts; It is one thing to question, another to destroy. Accusations made then, destroyed people’s lives that were not Communistic at all, true SOME were, but not all. 

   The sick part, is that some of the scare was accurate, but the way people were BLACKLISTED is what is being attempted now, by spoiled, rotten, incredibly stupid KIDS, @ M.M.’s, most not over age 30, as I explained above.,  which is why much of their intended attacks cannot be taken serious, their AGE and inexperience in life MUST be EXPOSED. 

Their AGE plays key factor, they are RECKLESS, which most people are, who are under age 30, & the ‘elders’ @ Media Matters are USING their “Youthful Security”  Shame on them!

Eric should know better, being older.

Eric Boehlert is the author of Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush (Free Press, 2006) and Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press (Free Press, 2009). He worked for five years as a senior writer for Salon.com, where he wrote extensively about media and politics. Prior to that, he worked as a contributing editor for Rolling Stone. Boehlert has a bachelor’s degree in Near Eastern studies from the University of Massachusetts and is a Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America.

Look, Eric; We all saw ACORNMedia Matters is the outfit who should be questioned regarding their character, recklessness, and unsubstantiated accusations…. Why? They are aiding a group of FRAUDS that were OK with a PROSTITUTE AND A PIMP, (in pretense) being funded by our tax-paying dollars.

Was Breitbart duped by O’Keefe on the ACORN pimp hoax?  These people are positively unbelievable. They spin this crap all over the place, DO NOT care whose lives they hurt in the process, fulfilling the words of Alinsky;


People hurt in the McCarthy Scares, (some) are the people that Media Matters are WITH, so, M.M. WILL lose a LOT of support from the elderly crowd, who will sympathize with Breitbart, Dobbs, Beck, Savage, Levin, ETC.. (Wiki)

“They came for the Jew, but I wasn’t Jewish, so I didn’t say a word. Then they came for the Catholics, but I wasn’t Catholic, so I didn’t say a word. Then they came for the Baptists, but I wasn’t a Baptist, so I didn’t say a word. Then they came for me, but there was nobody left to say anything”  -Anonymous

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  • GOVT. GOES SCOT-Free; O’Keefe {PATRIOT} faces prison~ACORNGATE Scandal WILL go UNPUNISHED

    James O’Keefe IS the ACORNGATE HERO

      Thats right, and thats AmeriKa now, folks.  The government is criminal and corrupt, they were following this young man, because he has 3 more tapes- they are scared they will be exposed for their dirty deeds done dirt cheap. NOBODY has the GUTS to stand in the gap for the PATRIOT, but The Mad Jewess will, and you all can call me crazy, you all can call me radical, you can call me insane, you can tell me I am evil, and hit me with every last comment that you think will ‘hurt’ me, but I know when I see criminals, and it is the GOVERNMENT.

      The Governments Goons, SEIU -who beat another man up, won’t even face charges, but little evil ‘whitey’ James O’Keefe will. They set this kid up, and followed him, thinking he is the danger, when THEY are the danger. They are the Big-Government 1984, the Communists, the Nazis, the red-shirts, the brown-shirts, the liars- the evil. 

      James O’Keefe, from the minute I heard about this, I just didn’t care, all that I cared about is/was your safety, your heroic deeds, that now they will try to throw out {the ACORN expose}.  Yes they will, because YES THEY CAN.


      This is Obamas AmeriKa., with back room deals, dirty deeds, non-citizen & a dual as a “CIC” that our troops have to answer to, and you…..,

    O’Keefe, YOU are the only one with the guts, the rest of us are MOUTH.

    I wish it was ME in that prison cell. It would be an honor, surely this nation is as dishonorable as it can get, and jail is MORE FREE.

    O’Keefe: “The truth shall set me free”

    http://biggovernment.com/2010/01/28/crime-tolerating-left-pounces-on-apparent-new-orleans-stunt/  http://hotair.com/archives/2010/01/26/okeefe-the-truth-shall-set-me-free/

    Affirmative Action AGAINST Americans: HERO James O’keefe ARRESTED~ACORNGATE


    This KID wire-taps Conservative Activism Links Landrieu Suspects<The B*TCH that takes 100 Million Dollar Payoff to Mary Landrieu (D) – LA – Sean Hannity … And they GET THIS KID, because he has MORE tapes, REMEMBER?  

    {BTW: Children, I am an AMERICAN PATRIOT, not a Beck OR Limbaugh Lover}

     This, in my opinion is NOT justice, it is not just reverse discrimination, this is HIGH TREASON. Let me say FLAT OUT, that, lets put the shoe on the other foot.. Lets pretend this was a Mexican or a black person that busted this CRIMINAL outfit up- MAKE NO MISTAKE- he would be given A F*CKING KNIGHTS  TITLE!  If this kid is guilty, than we are ALL GUILTY!!  This KID is trying to show us just WTF is going on with these CORRUPT SOBs, and HE GETS ARRESTED?! 


     I cannot BELEIVE this. I cannot believe that this is how the “Justice System” is. Throw the INNOCENT away and left the G’D CRIMINALS GO!  SEIU (a black man beat a fellow black up) and NOTHING happened, they did ZERO to protect that conservative black man! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c02KupumNfo


    And… WHERE is the G’D GOP Traitors!?

    From “AOL” Steve Pendlebury

     The four are charged with entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Authorities say O’Keefe took cell phone camera video of two accomplices who posed as telephone repairmen while the fourth suspect used a listening device in a car a couple of blocks away. An FBI agent’s affidavit (click to see PDF) says O’Keefe admitted to federal agents that he was part of the scheme.

    The response from conservatives on the Web has been noticeably monosyllabic.

    Michelle Malkin: Ugh
    Hot Air’s Allahpundit: Ohhhh boy
    Political Byline: D’oh!
    The Other McCain: Ruh-Roh
    Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: Hmm

    The Declaration of Independence

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government-

    They are hanging this hero out to dry. 

    Thats right, I DID NOT studder.  This KID, James O’keefe, 25 is trying to PROTECT US, and he goes to the SLAMMER?! WTF!