DEMOCIDE Cont’d: Actors Who Have Been Affected By The Murder, Death, Kill #COVID19 Vax

Actors Who Have Been Affected By The Murder, Death, Kill #COVID19 Vax

A few of these actors praised the satanic poison to the sky! Welp, live for satan, pay the consequences..

I’m sorry I cover this so much but this is a DEMOCIDE going on.

Melissa Reeves, “Jen Horton” From Days Of Our Lives Soap Is Against #BLM Terrorists & Commie Libs Are Pissed

Melissa Reeves, “Jen Horton” From Days Of Our Lives Soap Is Against #BLM Terrorists & Commie Libs Are Pissed….


60 Top Melissa Reeves Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

Melissa Reeves  admires Candace Owens thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Terrorist group.  Why? Because she is sane.  But, you’re not allowed to dislike anything the Communist Left tells you that you must like.  If the Commies tell you that you must like molasses…you will like molasses or else.

Melissa Reeves ‘hearted’ Candace Owens Tweets/Instagram and this has made Melissa’s own Communist kin, “KAREN” (lol) really upset:  AT THE NYPOST

How could Reeves do such a thing!! Not respecting the BLM… !  The GALL!   Theyre such sweet, kind, thoughtful people…

Minnesota Gov. activates National Guard after days of violence, riots following George Floyd’s death

Protests, looting erupt in Minneapolis over racially charged killing by police - Reuters

Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTORS’ Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

Jan 16 2020: ‘CRISIS ACTOR’s Needed In Virginia..’ (As VA GOV Declares State of Emergency)

As the Communists plan a ‘dry run’ of serious gun control in Virginia… A person named “Shaun Irving” is looking for ‘crisis actors’ to help on an ‘NGO project’.. (Non Governmental organization).   Interesting, huh?   During Sandy Hook, they had many Crisis Actors (aka live role-playing). 

Click the link before it is taken down:


***Here is a shot of the website. I saved it because this link might go missing***



The description of the job:

  • Description: HEAT courses are designed to prepare NGO staff for operating in challenging international environments through in-person simulations. Actors take on varying roles (terrorist, IED victim, hostage, rescue team) throughout each workshop. The work can be intense (both physically and mentally) but also very rewarding.

Here is a video on this news, hat tip:  Ken S.


Is it possible that the Communists are setting up law abiding gun owners to look like terrorists? Yes, its totally possible.  You see the way the Left is now. Completely unhinged.  Watch Virginia.  Hopefully, this is nothing.  But, one never knows anymore.

As for Sandy Hook… We’ll never know the true story because there are SO MANY lies.  There are many videos on Youtube about Sandy Hook that leave a person shaking their head.

Sandy Hook’s Laura Phelps Has Been On CNN’s “That Morning Show.” Did You Know This, Anderson Cooper?

My, my, my… Maybe CNN’s Anderson Cooper can explain this to us dumb sheep?  He was quick enough to call people ‘conspiracy theorists.’  What say you, now, Cooper?  Why didn’t you tell us there were actors/actresses (community thespians) who happened to be involved in Sandy Hook?? Why did you call us ‘conspiracy theorists?’ YOU are the one hiding this, Cooper.. The conspiracy is not being honest, like you said ‘keeping em honest.’   Pot. Kettle. Black, Anderson…..    

  People…I don’t deny that Sandy Hook ‘happened’.   I just don’t believe the ‘official’ story, anymore.  You shouldn’t either after seeing this.  I believe the ‘conspiracy’ is the conspiracy to take our arms.

About 1 minute 50 secs.  Don’t bother taking it down off Youtube, LEFTIST NAZIs- I have it downloaded.

“Expressing Motherhood” says that Phelps was one of their actresses. 

Picture of Phelps with her husband:


Anderson Cooper Addresses Sandy Hook “Conspiracies”. Cooper Should Address Robbie Parker’s Laughing & Smiling

Address this, Anderson Cooper – you lying, little mary:

Here’s a story of a little baby who got ‘murdered’ by a 125 lb bug-eyed madman. Her name is Emilie Parker. This is “Emilie”

Below is Emilie’s Daddy, Robbie.  He is not really bothered that his sweet daughter has been murdered some short hours ago:

Doncha all just love it when they murder your children? It’s so friggin hilarious. Makes me laugh like crazy when I think of little children being murdered. Especially when it’s one of my own…


Their conversation in the photo below, went like this:

Let’s all smile for a minute for a nice, photo-op with dear leader… We realize our daughter has been ‘murdered’, but, we’re all laughing and smiling like jackasses because we KNOW that we have frauded the AmeriKan idiots…’

Looks like Obama is letting his homo side come out in this pic below..Like he is ready to tongue-twirl with ol Robbie..

CLICK: Daily Kos reports nothing but Bolshevik/Marxist insanity, but you can see that the mary, Cooper is addressing us.

Sandy Hook Fundraiser Uncovered 4 Days Before The Shooting?!

Contributed By GoldBugGal

I said I would not just leave this alone.  Are we to believe the “official” Sandy Hook story from the liars at the MSM?  Or are we to believe what our own eyes are seeing??  They want our guns.  Do you think they used this situation to grab them?
Think.  Is it possible that this page is cached strange on the site???
There are archives here:

youcaring sandy hook fundraiser

By the way:

Oh, this too:

(Update EDIT) What I *Personally* Believe Re. The Sandy Hook Acting Scandal

By The Mad Jewess.

#1. I do believe that we have been hoaxed. Just how much, I don’t know.  This post that GoldBugGal blogged about shows that there is some freak hoax and I am livid about it:  RIP’ VIDEO: How Did Victoria Soto Know She Was Going To Die On Dec 10? Sandy Hook Happened Dec 14

#2. This 1991 Book Predicts School Shootings By Drugged Individuals In Order To Disarm Public.  Is it possible?  It is not just possible, it happens at every one of these events or supposed events. Yep, the US government is a terrorist to the max–to be feared.

#3. I 100%  Think Leftists Are  Exploiting Sandy Hook Fake ‘Shooting’

#4.  Why Has Fox News NOT Interviewed ONE Sandy Hook Family Member In Person? Why Only CBS, ABC, NBC Interviewing Family? I believe it is because it is a semi-fake situation. And Fox news would not be trusted to the Commies.  We wont really ever see Fox reporting on this face to face, probably.

#5. I totally believe and  Raised My Own Hand, that Sandy Hook Is Some Type “Set-Up”

#6. GoldBugGal posted that she believes that Sandy Hook was a ‘false flag’ set up: “Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged”, Say Youtubers. What Do You Believe? I believe something STRANGE happened and I don’t have the answers. I am puzzled and perplexed. Angered, infuriated that the ‘liberals’ would go this far in order to disarm us and leave us without a gun to defend ourselves against robbers, rapists and THEM.

#7. GoldBugGal posted: What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook? Watch This Video And Discern For Yourself.  Open that link & go through it.  There are people in the video that are fictitious (as in actors)  That “Medical Examiner” was a total phoney.

#8. Sandy Hook Shooting FRAUD Gene Rosen’s Audition Tape – SEES THE CASUALTY LIST 2 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE.   Rosen is fake as shit in that video.  It’s disgusting.  Our fav Jew-hating crazy (The Incogman) really makes fun of Rosen… His website is totally monitored or I would link the moonbat.  (It is very sick, to me, that so many Jewish names are involved in this hoax.  I really hate leftist Jews, and they have made me hate them even more because of this.  They can rot in the gutter.  And F themselves.  “The synagogue of satan” for sure.)

#9.  I am really surprised that so many people have just ‘let this go’.  This is a total attempt to use a trumped-up situation to grab ALL of our guns.  More people should have been on this subject.  I believe many people were scared for fear of being labeled a ‘conspiracy nut.’  Well, its NOT a conspiracy if its the truth.  Is it?  You need to throw yourself out there and start being brave.  We really have NOTHING to lose considering we have lost our nation.

Now… We have to move on.  Because Progressive monsters are on the march.  They never stop until they have achieved the Communist-Jihad.  If something arises that we feel we should see, I am sure that GoldBugGal will post it.

The Mad Jew B*tch…

Raise Your Hands If You Believe Sandy Hook Is Some Type “Set-Up”

I have watched all of GoldbugGal (Our other blogger’s) Youtubes re. S.H., CT and I must raise my hand. Something is wrong.  Plus the fact that I also blogged myself – on the other ‘mass’ shootings which were screwy as well, but nothing is as screwy as this Sandy Hook thing.  Why did they have all of that acting going on during S.H.?  I have never been into ‘conspiracies theories’, but after having watched many videos that show something is wrong with the ‘mass shooting’ at Sandy Hook; I believe the US Govt IS THE top-conspirator of all evil.

 No wonder Cass Sunstein wants to BAN ‘conspiracy’ theories.. He probably is the stager of these events.  Who knows.. (BTW: This link is the Bolshevik leftist rag, the SALON) So, even those asses believe the govt has the potential of evil…

My hand is raised re. Sandy Hook, CT.. I believe that there is some set-up, of which I don’t know, except Obama (FOREIGNER, posing as prez) WANTS all of our guns.