#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

#Ukraine Children & Teens: ‘Heil Hitler’ Marches. Jonathan Greenblatt Of #ADL’s ‘Nice’ #Azov #Nazis.

I found this one again and uploaded it. The kids in Ukraine are little Nazi’s. They’ll grow up torturing fellow Ukrainians. Putin is correct when he says “Russia wants to de-nazify Ukraine”. Like it or not, he’s telling the absolute truth.

KAPO ALERT: #ADL Defends #Ukraine #NAZI’s. Claims Nazis Are Nice To Jews In Ukraine. (Why Did Most Jews Leave Ukraine In 2015 After Nazi’s Firebombed Their Synagogues?)

KAPO ALERT: ADL Defends #Ukraine #NAZI’s. Claims Nazis Are Nice To Jews In Ukraine. (Why Did Most Jews Leave Ukraine In 2015 After Nazi’s Firebombed Their Synagogues?)

Jewish President nicey nice with Nazis.

Let me get this straight, the Ukraine neo-nazis, (unlike the ‘real’ ones in the USA …LOL), aren’t hurting the Jewish people, just other groups, so that’s is fine.

This is the worst propaganda ever. It doesn’t make ADL look very good, now does it?

Many Western Jews are total Kapo now. Totally OK with these Nazi’s. So, since the ADL says its OK and the Nazi’s are nice…it must be so. Yimach Shemo to these RATS.

Many Ukrainian Jews ALREADY Left Ukraine For ISRAEL In 2015 Bcz Of Obama/McCain’s Nazi Pals Who Helped Overthrow The Kiev Parliament Years Ago:






Fleeing Ukraine: One Family’s Escape to Israel | The Jewish Federations of North America

See from 2015. Jews continue to re-locate to Israel

2015: Jewish people continue to flee Ukraine

2015: Local Jews in shock after Ukrainian city of Konotop elects neo-Nazi mayorCLICK

Lunatic #ADL & Pro-Pedo (#CNN) Says “Trump Is Anti-Semitic”. JAKE: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF YOUR PEDOPHILES @ CNN?

Lunatic #ADL & Pro-Pedo (#CNN) Says “Trump Is Anti-Semitic”. LOL. JAKE: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF YOUR PEDOPHILES? Huh?

 Jake Tapper and Anti-Defamation League Head Claim President Trump is Anti-Semitic

Trump said:

  1. ‘Evangelicals in the US love Israel more than the Jews in this country.’
  2. ‘The New York Times hates Israel.’
  3. “The first person that congratulated [Biden] was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more for than any other person I dealt with. … Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake.”

NONE of this is ‘anti-semitic.’ NONE. Didn’t Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Didn’t Trump say “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel?” Leftists are psychopathic liars. I deal with Jew-haters all the time. This is NOT “anti-semitic”. The ADL are Communist LIARS and always will be. DOWN with the ADL.

Now that Tapper has everyone diverted with this garbage….

What about the PEDO’S at CNN, Jake Tapper?

Have you nothing to say about that? And, why is the ADL even going on CNN? Are they pro-pedophile also?

PS: I am not a big Trump ‘fan’ anymore, not for 3 years. First off, he didnt ‘drain the swamp’. 2nd: He pushes that vaccine. I am not an easy person to please when it comes to country. However, that being said: ANYTHING is better than a Joe-BAMA presidency. I stand by Trump supporters because they are patriotic and not Leftist losers, though.

Idiot ADL Wants Tucker Fired For Being “Anti Semitic”. Tucker Believes Whites Are Being “Replaced” WHICH THEY ARE:

Idiot ADL Wants Tucker Fired For Being “Anti Semitic”. Tucker Believes Whites Are Being “Replaced” WHICH THEY ARE:

Lunatics (TV series) - Wikipedia

The ADL wants Tucker fired from FOX for being anti semitic because he believes white people are being erased in America. Huh???? I lived in a large town in Cali. By the time I left, in 2007 the town was about 28% white. In the 70’s-80’s, it was 98% white. I know very well that ‘white replacement’ is happening. It just so happens that White Nationalist movements talk about this. And? Just because THEY talk about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Leftists are stupid. The ADL is stupider.


How is it anti semitic for Tucker to care about the plight of white people in America? Is the ADL completely off their rocker? I face Jew hate most of the time on different social media outlets. I’ve always believed that Jew hatred is singling out JEWS (NOT White people) and harassing them.

Since when is being white ‘anti semitic?’

ADL needs to get their crew on some meds. Maybe start caring about how the Israeli government is murdering their own people with the vaccines, which I personally believe is very anti semitic.

AND, if you think that these bottom-feeding, pond scum ADL bastards are totally ‘pro Jew’, you would be mistaken: ADL Condemns Pamela Geller

ADL, GO TO HELL! (Now, They’re after Tucker)

ADL, GO TO HELL! (Now, They’re after Tucker)

^^ Jonathan GreenBLATT, Chief idiot at the ADL.

This is what the stupid, asinine wack-jobs from the ADL are doing now:

‘The Anti-Defamation League has called for Fox News to fire prime-time opinion host Tucker Carlson because he defended a white-supremacist theory that says whites are being “replaced” by people of color.’ MORE on this sheer stupidity

That above is not ‘white supremacist’ talk, it is a REALITY. The fact that some shady forums express this type of talk does NOT mean it is not happening.

Every damned day of our lives, we hear endless white-hating spew. We see crimes perp’d by ‘people of color’ against whites all the time. (And now Asians) We even see:   Mercer University associate professor of practical theology, a white-hating, black bigot – write books asking God if she can HATE white people.

This type of talk does not bother Bolshevik Greenblatt one damned bit. But, if the same thing was said of Jewish people, he would bust a gut. That’s a fact.

SHUN this group of LIARS and HYPOCRITES.





AND, if you think that these bottom-feeding, pond scum ADL bastards are totally ‘pro Jew’, you would be mistaken:

ADL Condemns Pamela Geller

Black Suspects Murder White College Student For The Fun Of It

Usually my husband covers black on white crime, because it is near to his heart, having suffered a horrible rape in his family-a member of his kin was a virgin and raped by a bad black man…

What I find sick in this world is the ‘progressive’ version of ‘justice’, which does not rule in favor of white people in the USSA.  When is the MSM going to wake up to these atrocities? When will they get over being embarrassed by me and start reporting this WHITE GENOCIDE?  When it happens to one of their own?  How long will we sit back as a country and watch as fellow Americans are gunned down by these bad blacks? 

Another thing I find sick is Abe Foxman, left wing Jewish jerk,  hates the website I refer you to.  Just why does he hate it?  I dont get it.  This is his dumbass website:  ADL: Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bigotry and Extremism.  

First of all:  The ADL is supposed to be for the Jewish people. 2nd of all: Just what is this morons version of bigotry in the year 2012?  “Extremism?”  This ass hat does not consider murder, extreme?  When whites are targeted by black people or Mexican people, this is not extreme?  He says he fights ‘anti semitism.’  Well, in my opinion, the only reason there IS anti semitism is because he pretends there is a genocide of black people taking place when it is the direct opposite.  The real website fighting anti defamation, anti bigotry and extremism is the C Of CC in the 21st century  


Go here to see this HORRIBLE murder: Random hate crime murder at VCU

C of CC says:

Black male suspects shoot white college student for the fun of it. This story has received very little media attention. If the races were reversed, it would the biggest story in America.

Black-Supremacist Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”

Black Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”….Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids.

Well, where are all of the Jews at ADL? Huh?  They are busy. Busy trying to persecute the White Nationalist group CofCC for reporting black on white crime. 

Where is Abe Foxman of the Anti-American, Christian-hating, Religious Jew-hating, ADL? Where is the ACLU? Where is the SPLC? Where are they?  Well…this is what we dumbass Jews get for marching to Mississippi in the 60’s for people that hated us, & butting into neighborhoods that hated us as well.  You wont ever see this JEW marching for anyone’s rights but ‘evil’ whitey’s.  Been there, done that in the 1980’s for the minorities, who never reciprocated, just demanded more & more from me, and resented that I helped them.  

Yeah, Stupid, Schmuck Abe..

I know….

2 New TV Sitcoms: “Good Muslim Bitches”, & “Good Jewish Bitches” ~WTF!

Wow, I can hear all of the screaming about these shows from the Muslims-CAIR involved, planning to sue, running to the ACLU.  In the distance… the yelling and ranting from Christians and Jews about “Good Jewish Bitches”.  The phones are ringing off the hook to the ADL, The HRT,  the ADD, PTSD, PMS…..

  Do you hear the ranting and screaming?  Of course you don’t, because there are NO such shows that are going to be on TV. It would be UNTHINKABLE…..Wouldnt it?  Well?

Tell me, then….Why is there a show on TV called “Good Christian Bitches?”  Why is this permissible? Why is this OK?  What in the hell are we? Some 3rd world shithole that persecutes Christians?  Like Egypt? This crap has GOT to stop. 

In my opinion.. If we are going to do a show like this, SORRY-There should be equal time.  Thats right.  If this FREAK, “David Bower”, one of the casting managers is OK with this, then he should not be against a show on the Bitch Muslims. OR the Left wing Jewish bitches.

Fair? The left wing seems to think it fair to attack Christians-DAILY.  So, fair is fair. Lets give these bastards “fair.”

This was a petition to get this “God Christian Bitches” off the AIR in March 2011.

Breaking News - TV SITCOM! "Good Muslim BITCH"~How To Desecrate US Flag-The Muslim Way!
Breaking News - NEW TV SITCOM! BABS, The 'Good Jewish BITCH!'  OY VEY! DISNEY PRODUCTIONS. "Family TV"

Dont like it, HUH?

Well, the GET that f’n show “Good Christian Bitches” OFF the AIR!