#Moderna Tele-Representative Admits All #Vaccine Recipients Are Part of Huge Experiment.

Moderna Phone Representative Admits All #Vaccine Recipients are Part of Huge Experiment.

If the FDA did not approve this kill shot but only for ’emergency use‘…that just tells me the FDA was basically stating that it was a LAST resort, as in ‘take a chance’, which is Russian Roulette with your lives.

Anyway, you silly fools trusting in the government and big pharma…you got what you deserve. You just didnt listen to us trying to warn you. If you get sick, I feel for you but what can anyone really do for you? Nothing.

  • In an audio recording, a Moderna representative admits that everyone who gets a COVID injection is a participant in the trial. He also admits long-term protective efficacy against COVID-19 is unknown

Watch the video here: CLICK and see Stew Peter’s video

  • By the way: Leaked Internal CDC Memo Shows They Knew COVID Vaccinated Can Spread the Virus – Click to read.

As for me? ……………

#OWS OAKLAND Protester Admits They Threw Bottles @ Police, BEFORE Police Threw Tear Gas

I keep telling folks that these ‘protesters’ are insane and bratty.  I advise friends and family that the Commie/Marxist/Progressive/Socialist/Liberals/Leftists (Whatever the f*ck ever they call themselves THIS week) are VIOLENT. They are anarchists.

What could have started out as a pro-American, get rid of Govt movement, is  shallow, and planned..  It is a ‘protest’ for college kids, so they can get their way and not have to pay for the student loans THEY signed, loans THEY got into a bind with. Tough shit, that’s life. Pay a little a bit every month.

THIS IS NOT OUR PROBLEM.  Reminds me of my sister, who was warned over and over by my mother not to get into hock with a mortgage. She refused to listen to sound council.   Now she is pissed at the bank for loaning her the money.  DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

H/T. Donna Spellbound, Thanks Donna.