DON’T FLY #UnitedAirlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

DON’T FLY United Airlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

Call me a racist, Nazi, whatever phobe. I certainly will NOT fly with an airline that isn’t choosing the best, most experienced and smartest pilots–NO sir! Anyone knows that pilots tend to be ‘evil’ whitey or Jewish males….sometimes Asians males.

The stupid, pathetic, Lunatic Leftists are putting your life in danger with this new decision, brought to you by the ‘friendly skies’ of UnitedThe airline that just assume throw you off the flight at 25,000 feet with a new procedure like this!

I’ve never seen a female or a black pilot–EVER.

Hat tip: United Airlines says it will start hiring pilots based on their skin color and gender

New York Times “NEGRO QUESTION” Reemerges!

New York Times “NEGRO QUESTION” Reemerges!

So, the folks who are suffering from white guilt & racism are white Liberal Communists from the north east.  Of course they are because they believed (and still do) that the Negro was beneath them.  They feel guilty that they emotionally still believe this.   Why else would the elites dumb-down school tests and enforce affirmative action?   Because they suffer from white guilt.   The elite Marxists installed affirmative action so that the negro would have the same chances as the white folks, minus the brains, they thought… See?   They made it ‘fair.’ But, its not fair, because the true Mensa brainiacs are the ones turned away from the right positions in many cases and even whites are discriminated against because of EOE.

The left does not criticize Obama because they do not believe he is at the same level as whites.   Therefore, as the old plantations used to say:  “We must talk to the slaves as we would talk to children.”    Patriotic people can criticize Obama because his policies suck and they would suck if he was white as cotton   😉

Well, here is more of a reason for them to suffer:

Headline of an article from the early 1900’s(THE NEW YORK TIMES)

So far this century, the Times has used the word “Negro” 2,822 times. Says Philip Bump


Image The New York Times

Must Read: American Marxists In Action

Must Read:  American Marxists In Action- Author: David Ben Moshe

Every problem this nation faced was caused by government. More than that, it was caused by liberal government and more than that it was caused by progressive (Marxist) government.
  • Progressives (Marxists) have turned America into Sodom and Gomorrah by making deviant behavior, normal, and if you complain about it, you are branded a racist, sexist or xenophobe.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for lower standards in school and job performance. Just a few years ago in a single Florida district, 23 was a passing grade. Would you like a doctor operating on you who scored 23 in his final exam?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for 55 million dead babies that will never be born. Could one of those that were aborted possibly be the one who would have found a cure to cancer or Alzheimer’s?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for allowing same sex marriages and calling it normal. Anyone can see that the parts don’t fit.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for opening our doors to almost 1 million from the 3rd world every year. You didn’t really expect someone who never used a toilet bowl or saw a closed sewer to do well here, did you?
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for a flood of illegal immigrants and not only not stopping them but wanting to grant them amnesty and make their crime, kosher.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for Affirmative Action where the far more qualified are pushed to the side for those barely able to hold on to their job.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for removing prayer in school. Well, nature abhors a vacuum so the Bible was quickly replaced by violence.
  • Progressives (Marxists) are responsible for killing millions of innocent babies but stopping murderers from facing their deserved penalty, death.
One half century ago we could walk the streets at any hour with no fear of being attacked, cars didn’t need alarms, homes didn’t need bars on windows and triple locked doors. Do you understand where we were as a nation and where we are today and just how we got here???
What are you going to do about it-turn on the football game?????

Please don’t copy paste this whole post.  Excerpt a line and link direct back to this blog.  If you want to use it for talking points, have someone tweet my wife for my direct email address.

Thanks, DBM

@JamiesAmerica True Story: My Best Friend Was Not Hired Because He Is White

True Story: My Best Friend Was Not Hired Because He Is White

In NAZI Germany, the Nazis closed down & vandalized Jewish businesses and didn’t hire Jews because they were Jews.  America has a similar issue: Many whites do not get hired because they are white in states where they are a minority.  Communist “Liberals” call this ‘Civil’ rights, Affirmative action.

This is a true story of an event that happened to my best friend in 2004 in California.  This is how “EOE” works for whites.  There is racism in America.  It’s called anti-white racism & it is institutionalized–schools teach that whites are ‘privileged.’

My best friend in this world is a Christian white (Aryan/Germanic) man with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes.
He looks just like Clark Gable only blonde.

He is a landscaper.  One time, he was looking for a position out in Carmel Valley, CA.   He is more than qualified.   After his interview, the employer decided they liked him. He had one more interview. The interview was with another white man who said: “Sorry, I can’t hire you, you’ll give my Mexicans a bad time.”

My friend has an IMPECCABLE, spotless record and has also won numerous ’employee of the year’ awards..He is also one of the most gentle, kindest people I know and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone – regardless of color or creed.     But, he was not hired because he is white.

This above piece of Communist propaganda was taken off of This post on “Buzzfeed.” The ‘artist’ is a young, teen female who believes that whites are privileged because the Communists have told her so. So, she makes anti-white art to make a ‘point.’

White people in America should not be made to pay for 1864 or 1964.   It’s 2014, now.  Are ‘progressives’ not supposed to progress???   Most of the white racists are dead who perp’d the crimes against black Americans in the 1960’s.  But still, the Communist left wants ‘social justice’ no matter how much misery they bring to future white Americans.  If we are to have an ‘equal’ society, we are supposed to treat ALL people equal, not just equality for black and brown America.  If schools keep teaching this lie that ‘whites are privileged’, just how long do you think it will be before all colored (black/brown/yellow) people  hate all whites, believing the LIE that they are ‘privileged’???  

Fact: Liberals are the true racists.  Are we not taught that Racism is racism regardless of race?

Affirmative Action Comes To Brazil. Brazilians Guilty NOW For What Happened In The 1800’s (Black Slavery)

Affirmative Action Comes To Brazil. Why? Brazilians Guilty Now For What Happened In The 1800’s.

Brazil: Another western nation will bite the dust.  Brazil has a Communist in charge, there.  She plans to give 20% of the government jobs to the blacks living in Brazil.  Why were black people not able to make it when Brazil was more capitalisitic?  I would like to know.  Is it the fault of the people who enslaved them until 1888?  Gimme a break.

How long are the Communists going to continue using the slavery card?  My guess is up until the year 2525.  If Brazilians allow this, they just deserve what they’ve got coming. Period.  Affirmative action will put the white-featured, bronze-colored Brazilians out of work.


Eric Holder Is Sorry About his Sins & All Is Peachy Keen In The World, Now.

Eric Holder Is Sorry About his Sins And All Is Peachy Keen In The World, Now.

Alex Pareene from that Commie rag, the Salon believes that a more powerful movement needs to be in play for Eric Holder to be thrust out of office.  Instead of rallying up a ‘more powerful movement’, Pareene gives Commie Eric Holder a pass.. We just will have to deal with Eric because…well, we’ll just have to.  

Imagine the damned gall.. Remember Trent Lott?  I do. He got thrown to the wind for much, much less.

He told Strom Thurmond at a party:

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott issued a written apology Monday evening over his comment that the United States would have avoided “all these problems” if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948.

Strom thurmond..Who was a dying man.  Remember Dirty Harry Reid saying:

“He had no alternative,” said Reid at the time claiming, “If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, it’s that much easier to say ethnic things publicly. I’ve always practiced how I play.”

So, its OK for the GOP to resign, but not Eric Holder..

Why is this?

Because Eric Holder is a black man and it would be racist to demand his resignation.  The issue with the Democrat/Communist party is that they do NOT judge people based on character but ONLY on color of skin. They allow minorities to get away with anything because if they don’t, they’ll be a racist.  I know, its wacko.  It’s very anti MLK.

Click: Eric Holder is sorry ..NO, he is not sorry. He is only upset that he got caught.

It is obvious…The Democrat/Communist Party holds the GOP accountable for some words, but allows their own party to get away with illegal actions.  Makes sense in a country that is insane.

There is one SANE “Liberal” from Puff Ho:

huffpo holder

USA’s Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI Wristbands Worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

USAs Society Of Black & Brown Privilege: NAZI wristbands worn By Teens In Wisconsin To Show They’re White

What is the difference, people???? I see NO difference from  left-wing “Americans” and the NAZI’s of the 1930’s. they are progressing, alright. “Progressing” into NAZI ism.

I just read: EAG News. In Wisconsin, white teens must wear bracelets to show that they are ‘privileged’  just for being white…Have you ever heard of such  insanity?  I have..  In NAZI-Germany, they made the Jews wear yellow stars for being Jews..Jehovah Witness’s had to wear purple triangles.. You know the deal.

So, let us examine the real issue;  Black and brown privilege.  If you are black, you have affirmative action and you can be the prez without showing a single bit of identity.  NO white can get away with this..  Be a crappy, horrible prez or congress-person and you are a winner in the eyes of the left .  You can be a traitor like Luis Gutirrez and slam white people on a daily basis in America.  It’s a privilege to be brown or black aint it??   I think it is, bigtime.. If you want to go to a big College like Harvard, and you are smart, but do not have a lot of money.. Sorry, we can’t help you if you’re white.  But, don’t worry Black Americans, affirmative action will get you through college. And the tax-payer foots the bill.. “Evil” white, tax-paying dummies.

In Colored dark (black) America, you can have your own shampoo’s, the black people do.  They actually have large space for their own shampoo in stores.. And their shampoo is great.  It has none of the poisons that ‘evil’ whitey shampoos have…    In Brown America, you have 2-3 aisles in the grocery store that cater to YOU… IF you are Hispanian.  But, if you are a Portugee-Jew like me, there are not many places one can buy Linguisa (a Portuguese meat sausage)  but, the Hispanians can buy any food they desire.  Even the Asians, here do not have that much of a variety..

If you are a brown person and can’t speak one word of English, don’t you worry, all the banks, stores (whatever you wish) have everything translated to Spanish for you.  Its a privilege to be Hispanian. Isn’t it?    If you need food and you have only been in the good ‘ol USA for a day or so, don’t worry.. We will feed you, ‘evil‘ whitey will pay for it.  Can’t afford your rent?  Not an issue: go to govt.  Housing Authorities.. You can have a swell apartment and the American Caucs will foot the bill. You are privileged, blacks, browns, Hispanians.  We are not, we must pay, you just receive..


AND, you can hang our flag upside down in our own country–NO PROBLEM!

The music we have, (for the most part), is black music.  It caters to black ‘culture’, even though black culture music was originally great: blues and Jazz. Now, it is violent, noise pollution & insanity. Black people wear their pants on the ground, and hat turned side-ways and white people just follow what the black people do like they’re God.  White people can’t really have the music they like, because that might be racist against the ‘African-Americans’  It is a privilege to be a black youngster in America….

In our society, if you are black, you can beat the hell out of a white/Spanish/Peruvian like Zimmerman and people will stick up for you. You can’t defend yourselves, if you are a Zimmerman, only blacks are allowed to do that.    If you are white and you do something like this to a black or brown individual, you will go to prison and be labeled a hater, racist, wear the white bracelet…..You can rape, rob, pillage and plunder if you are a dark-skinned individual in America with NO questions asked, and NO justice will be served on behalf of the (usual) white victim.   Hell, you can even make posters against white people saying “KILL WHITEY!, KILL CRACKAS!”  NO problem, we love it…

Make me wear a bracelet to show that I have ‘white privilege?’

Nope, I live in reality.  In my opinion, this is sick what they are making these white teens do. Labeling them as ‘evil’.   They will be raised to be oppressed as soon as they come out of the womb.  White are hunted, now.  Watched by the left-wing, Gestapo.   Anything a white does, (in the name of free-speech) it’s practically a crime, now.   Just read the SPLC ‘hate’ map….

I can see it coming, my friends, the crime for being white:


The white people must pay for 1861 & 1963. 

Is white rights, white supremacist ‘hero’ David Duke talking about this issue?  Nope, he is worried about Israel, as usual.

(*This post of course excludes black and brown conservative people who are patriots, but I didn’t really have to say that, you know…)

Bring Bush Back So That The Democrat Leftist Media Will Start Holding SOMEONE Accountable!!

Bring Bush Back So That The Democrat Leftist MSM Will Start Holding SOMEONE Accountable!!

Bush would never have gotten away with Benghazi.  Bring him back so that the left will start questioning him as if it’s the inquisition.  If Bush started banning arms, (guns) the left would scream that he is a Nazi, Right-wing, Fascist.  When Obama does it, its OK.  Bush would never have gotten away with Fast and Furious–which nobody even remembers, anymore.  If Bush had put boots-on-the-ground in Egypt and Libya, (WITHOUT congressional approval) the MSM would be demanding his impeachment and calling him a war criminal (Which he would be,) but since OBAMA does it, it’s all good. Murder is OK when Obama does it..  If the gas prices were up to $3.89 (as it is today), it would be on MSNBC, CNN, ABC et al, non-stop.

If Bush were in power and he helped murder Gadaffi, can you imagine how the opposition would be against him?  NOT A PEEP when Obama does it.  If Bush were responsible for helping install Islamic, fundamentalist dictators in the M.E., the Liberal media would be screaming bloody murder (and rightly so), but when OBAMA does it, it’s peachy-keen, Josephine..

If the debt was at 16 trillion, and Bush was in office, the MSM would stay on air, 24/7, demanding he stop the spending.  When OBAMA does it, and then has the GALL to say; “There is no spending problem.”  The left agrees; there is no spending problem.. If Bush signed NDAA, the left would be screaming HITLER RISES!! (They would be right), but when Obama does it, its justified……I could go on and on, but you follow the general point.

PARTISAN MUCH, COMMUNIST-LEFTISTS?  HELLO?  Can someone start reporting the NEWS?

People who understand affirmative-action know that Obama gets away with this insanity because he’s black.  End of story.

Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

SEE: Electoral College Eligibility Challenge: Elector Demands Candidates Show Birth Certificate

Of course, this excuses B. Hussein Osama.  He has *NEVER* had to show a real micro-film b.c.. He gets a pass.

Why does he get a pass? 


Ann Coulter was right about this:

 Ann Coulter: Civil Rights Are Only ‘For Blacks’, she is right…after all..Look at BHO.

Bout time my least favorite commentator said something I can now agree with.  Now do everyone a favor, ANN…. When you bring up Bolsheviks as you did about 10 days ago, please call Obama a BLACK BOLSHEVIK.  

And…do be brave…ask why he put out these docs in the 1990’s:

Cleopatra Jefferson…

Cleopatra Jefferson…  IF you want to laugh your ass off, this vid is funny…my husband is on the left. This is probably a 7 yr old video.   David Ben Moshe was formerly of the cable TV show in NYC…Hurry and watch it, they take these down ASAP…We dont want to hurt the sweet lib-blacks in AmeriKa…