Taliban Is Destroying Historic Fortress in Afghanistan Just Like The Leftists Do In USA With Statues & Memorials:

Taliban Is Destroying Historic Fortress in Afghanistan Just Like The Leftists Do In USA With Statues & Memorials:

This is what the Commie-CRAT, satanic, demonic Leftists do here in the states. THEY are just like the Taliban. They call us the Taliban in their sick projections, but we sure don’t tear down statues, memorials or fortresses and we sure as hell do not want the Taliban armed.


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Military Dogs STARVING, Looking For Food/Water In Kabul. DISGUSTING. ARREST DEMOCRATS, NOW!!!

Military Dogs STARVING, Looking For Food/Water In Kabul. DISGUSTING

Dogs roaming the airport. Just terrible. They are looking for food and water. This is absolutely repulsive. I’m just about vomiting. Our nation has become a complete disgrace.

Where are all the liberal animal rights groups?

The Kris Kelly Foundation is in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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OR:  Exclusive Video: US Contract Service Dogs Abandoned in Kabul Filmed Roaming the Airport – Biden Lied

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@AnnCoulter: Joe’BAMA Didn’t “End The War”. HE CHANGED REGIMES & Put TALIBAN In Charge (Which You Were Against)

@AnnCoulter Joe-BAMA Didn’t “End The War”. HE CHANGED REGIMES & Put TALIBAN In Charge (Which You Were Against)

I really don’t know where people’s heads are lately. Mediaite has the full story on Ann Coulter thanking Jo-Bama Biden for ‘ending BUSH’s war’…(which she thought was a successful war on terror)

  1. We should NOT have been in Afghanistan in the 1st place. (My husband, David and Chaim spoke about this consistently since 2002: JTFORG)
  2. (Not a big Trump fan here at all, he didn’t hang the Democrats) but DJT DID get us out of Syria. Which was an OBAMA proxy war, Ann. I guess it only counts if a war is ‘voted on by congress’, Ann?
  3. There is no ‘end’ to the Afghanistan mess. Not with leaving $50 billion plus USD behind in (weapons, choppers, Humvees, AK’s, machine guns, etc) to use on our people left there: Now, they’re taking down websites reporting the Democrats arming the Taliban.
  4. Which was left behind ON PURPOSE.

Video..Ann Coulter: “We’re living off the success of Bush’s war on terror”. “Iraq was ripe for ‘regime change but Afghanistan was not”… WHAT? Since when is regime change a good thing, Ann?? Coulter had a very different view in the early 2000’s.

She also states at the end of this next video: “Do you want regime change in Afghanistan, I don’t think so”:

But, that’s what they did, Madam:

They changed regimes and put the TALIBAN in charge.

Listen to the last 15 seconds

Obama’s #ISIS Terrorist Army Surrounds Hillary’s Taliban/Al Qaeda Terrorist Army:

Obama’s #ISIS Terrorist Army Surrounds Hillary’s Taliban/Al Qaeda Terrorist Army:

The Criminal Democrat party arms terrorists. They have for years. Now, these terrorists are surrounding each-other in Afghanistan.

Hillary admits US Armed Al Qaeda (Same crap as the Taliban- all the same: Muslim wackos). She knew this and did nothing. Hillary is complicit.

Obama and Hillary also had Gaddafi murdered and then the Muslim brotherhood terrorists took charge of Libya.

  • Here is the PDF “secret” Pentagon Report that showed the world that Obama & the Democrats created and ARMED ISIS so they could topple the Assad regime:  Home | Judicial Watch

Regime changes led by the Democrat party:

Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down | HuffPost (FAILED)

Obama to Gaddafi: ‘Step Down’ Video – ABC News (SUCCESSFUL)

Obama suggests Mubarak should step down now – NDTV (SUCCESSFUL)

Is President Obama admitting we caused overthrow of Ukraine’s Yanukovych, Democrat Underground … (SUCCESSFUL)



OBAMA Is The 1 Who FREED Taliban “Leader”, Khairullah Khairkhwa (More Proof BARACK RESPONSIBLE For Fall Of #Kabul)

OBAMA Is The 1 Who FREED Taliban “Leader”, Khairullah Khairkhwa (More Proof BARACK RESPONSIBLE For Fall Of #Kabul)

Anti Christ beast, Barack HUSSEIN Obama released 5 Taliban commanders from the Guantanamo Bay prison, remember? Taliban 5

Just more proof that OBAMA is the 1 who is DIRECTLY responsible for the fall of Kabul.

WIKIPEDIA: (Leftist source)

According to US intelligence officials, Khairullah Khairkhwa was the interior minister under the Taliban. He helped found the Taliban in 1994. He was directly associated with Osama Bin Laden and Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Muhammad Omar. Likely involved with militant training, he was also “a narcotics trafficker and probably used his position and influences to become one of the major opium drug lords in Western Afghanistan”, and probably used profits from drugs to promote Taliban interests

HANG this devil.

Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

There are many of us who are not “MAGA” ‘Ra Ra Ra Trump’ patriots.  We’re not “Never Trump” holier than thou idiots.. However, we really do see him as a much lesser of an evil.  Granted, Trump is in no way as evil as most of the GOP or DEMS currently holding seats and there are a few things he has done exceedingly well including the economy.

But, one thing will most definitely murder off his chances of re-election: WAR.  The Left and the War mongers might be propping up a fake war to keep him out ALSO.  Think about THAT!!

This is what Buchanan has to say: Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection?  Buchanan’s voice has been correct on this issue.


We have a war right here at home. A battle is being waged in Virginia: Patriotic Americans against hardened, Communist, America hating, white hating pigs who stole seats in Virginia. The people of VA gun rights are under attack.  We have a battle being waged against Trump by the same aforementioned Communists.  We have a war on our southern border.  There is a fight to stop the demographic shift and we’re losing. The Jews in NY are in a war against blacks. Black males are murdering whites. Our children are being kidnapped and forced into slavery in  foreign countries.. Pedophiles are wandering the streets. Militant drag queens are showing their dicks off in school libraries…ETC!!


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Obama Releases 12 Terrorists Detainees From Afghan Prison? NO TO ANY WAR IN IRAQ

True Or Not? Obama Releases 12 More Terrorists Detainees From Afghan Prison? NO TO ANY WAR IN IRAQ

Do you want your young, American men to fight FOR “ISIS” terrorists?

AND:  This is just what we could’ve expect from our Communist/Muslim moron: The release of ‘freedom fighters….’ (TERRORISTS) This should work really well for the Dems, come November…  😉    NO to war in Iraq.   Absolutely no more war in the east.  Let them sort each other out. Enough.  Obama will only screw it up more.   Do you all realize that if this “ISIS” goes to Syria, and defeats Assads army there that the Middle East will be taken over by hard core, terrorist Muslims?  HOW does ANY American sleep at night knowing what Obama has done all over this world with his ass buddy, John McCain????



Nobody will remove this asshole because he is……………………….BLACK.

Iraq–We Warned You


After 9/11, President Bush had many options in Afghanistan and chose the worst option out of all of his choices.  The Jewish Task Force (JTF) was screaming from our little TV studio that Neutron Bombs should be employed in the hills of Tora Bora. The radiation would have sealed Bin Laden’s fate, but instead he fled over the border to Pakistan, due to our weak response, which ended up killing and maiming many American soldiers.

While the police action was going on in Afghanistan, the president looked around for other problem areas to strike out at. Iraq seemed like a possible choice thinking people would see that having Iraq and Afghanistan under our military control, would have the crazies in Iran surrounded. That wasn’t the reason at all. President Bush saw Iraq as a safe haven for terrorists and while true, they were not Al qaeda terrorists. Using the excuse that Saddam Hussein had WMD and an active WMD program, we sold the idea to the rest of the world that Iraq was the next ‘best place’ to hit.  After all, Saddam surely acted like he was building WMD of all types, and he did have 500-550 tons of Yellow Cake, known to the west in the Gulf War of 1991 which were all moved to Canada in June, 2008.

The BIG problem here is that Saddam Hussein/Iraq were definite blusterers and you might say pains in the ass, but he was no real threat to anyone. More than that, he was a check on the nuts in Iran, who were deathly afraid of him, because of the almost 2 million lives lost on both sides in the Iraq/Iran war of the 1980s. We removed that check which let Iran concentrate on their military buildup and their years upon years of trying to obtain nuclear weapons.

On our weekly TV shows we not only warned over and over that Iraq was a mistake, that Saddam Hussein was no threat but also had Islamic expert, Craig Winn, on as a guest who confirmed what we said, that if we stay there for 100 years, a Shiite/Sunni civil war will break out almost as soon as we leave.  Now, its worse than that, with an insane Sunni terrorist group, who learned their trade from Al qaeda, attacking, killing and mutilating Shiites, bringing of all states, Iran into the fight. This could end up really bad with a Muslim terrorist state in the heart of that insane part of the globe.

Like us or not, all regular viewers of the JTF TV shows remember that every prediction we made over the years, came to fruition and unfortunately so did this one.   None of this would be happening had Saddam Hussein, a brutal butcher in his own right, remained in power.

How many Americans were lost or injured for life, how much treasure was spent on the so called war in Iraq just to make things far worse than they already were?

David Ben Moshe

Afghanistan wedding suicide attack kills top MP, 16 others

This is the loving ‘religion’ that promotes peace.  Obama is one of them.

A suicide bomber killed a prominent Afghan lawmaker and 16 other people at his daughter’s wedding party in the north of the country on Saturday.

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-David Ben Moshe