Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

  Last week before the holidays, I was in Las Vegas for 5 days.  My husband was watching Bill O’Reilly (UGH!)   O’Reilly was calling Putin some stupid names (Much like Liberals name-call when they do not have facts)  He and his guest were saying that Russia is a ‘human rights violator’ because of gays… Putin knows that #26 in the Communist Manifesto: ‘Present homosexuality as normal.’  Vladimir Putin does not want Communist propaganda in Russia, they already went through 100 years of Communism.  They do not want to relive this, obviously.

But, do let’s stop being a hypocrite.  A true patriot will call out their own country when it is evil and wrong.

1.  America fires or suspends Christians who speak out on behalf of their faith.  Russia is trying to save Christians around the globe, namely in Syria & the middle east.

2.  America now bombs/drones countries at will.  Russia is trying to STOP this type of aggression, for eg: Syria.  America helped murder Gadaffi.  After the killing, Hillary Clinton was quoted “We came, we saw, he died.”   Russia asked what right we had to just kill a leader of a country. 

3. America is now immoral with filthy acts of depravity that pollute the land through through liberalism. Our country, which allows minorities to rule over the majority.  Russia reprimands their minorities who undermine their country, which is better for their ‘collective.’

4. America allows the voices of aggressive suggestions re. militant LGBT in schools, pushing propaganda of the worst sort in as low as 5th grade.  Which confuses our children and ultimately turns many of our young men and women to a life-style they would not normally have even paid attention to.  Russia ostracizes and bans un-natural sexual propaganda and those that enforce and endorse it:  This being better & more healthy for the majority collective.

5.  America has the most ridiculous, infantile leader in world history (B. Hussein Obama) who lies, uses false flag terror psy ops in an effort to confiscate our guns which would leave us defenseless against government tyranny.  Russia has a leader that is so well liked, they voted him in 3x over.  Putin also adopted America’s 2nd Amendment of the Constitution seeing economic times becoming worse & possible violence breaking out.

Who has the problems, again, O’Reilly?  America, not Russia.  Get your head out of your ass. This is not 1986.

It’s not that I ‘love’ Vladimir Putin:  Its the fact that I will call a spade…a spade.  It is not Putin that is to be feared.  It is the American govt with Obama in charge.

By the way… You may just want to take up and pay attention, American people:

Serious news that nobody paid attn to: US Dollar Being Swept Out Of Russia 

Marco Rubio Puts Illegal WETBACKS First, Takes Side W/ ILLEGALS, Again!!!

Marco Rubio Puts Illegal WETBACKS First, Takes Side W/ ILLEGALS, Again!!!

Why doesn’t this phoney neo-con live in a neighborhood with these illegal-occupiers?  What’s wrong little slime?  Too many helicopters every 15 minutes would make you upset? Too many homicides?  

This is why ‘minorities’ should just get the hell  out of office. YES, “Jews” included.  WE ARE BROKE and this idiot, lying, little snake is worried about illegals.  I’m so sick of this insanity.  Remember that Marine soldier that was in HANDCUFFS in that Me-hi-can prison that Bill HO’Reilly helped get free?  THAT is how the Vatos in Me-hi-co love AmeriKans.

Too bad Rubio was only drinking water that night during his speech and not cyanide.

CLICK: Rubio takes side of illegals

BRING BACK MUBARAK: Obama Has Created MASS Chaos In Egypt. US Embassy Under Attack In Cairo, Egypt

See OBAMAS MASSIVE WORLD WIDE MESS.  Obama is satan, period.

 We are hated all over the world because of Obama, the MAD.  First he goes to Egypt, says he is ‘one of them’ (A Muslim), they applaud him, they are dumb sheep like Obama voters and like many Americans.  Then Hitlery decides she would like to plunder Egypt, IN OUR NAME. Without even consulting congress to declare war or anything, WITH boots on the ground (Ditto Libya)

  Then, the MAD Obama decides to demand Mubarak get lost & step down – from his rightful leadership.  Yep, he was a dictator, but you have to be a dictator with a country that has majority Muslim savages.  Then a bogus revolt, started by Obama and his M. Bro’hood takes over Egypt. Then, Morsi declares ABSOLUTE dictatorship the other day, now the REAL Egyptians are out and ready to war.

God>>>DAMN Obama.

New Black Panthers (The American Pussy Riot) Are In Philly, Again

New Black Panthers are standing guard at Pennsylvania polling

  ….to intimidate evil whitey..!!   Who fought for their ungrateful asses to be free…  So that they could show up 140 years later to ‘kill all crackas and they babies..’  Pathetic.


Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The Ground. Nobody Cares, Anymore

Leftists Threaten Violence If Obama Loses: GOOD! Burn Your Sicko Liberal Cities To The  Ground, Nobody cares…
Wakka WakkaCares, Anymore

Why all the hype and hysteria from Bill O’Reilly if the left goes a little more wacko than they already are? After they are finished with their insane riots, we’ll lock ’em up in straight jackets.  CHANGE we can all believe in!


I think about Obama losing and it makes me ecstatic.  (Of course, Romney is not MY ideal candidate… Sheriff Joe would have been my choice if he ran for pres).  But, just think what great news this is if the left wing riots, loots and burns their cities..


NYC (spiritual Babylonian whore) will be toast–that’s great, cool, wonderful, awesome.  Detroit is already a total hell-hole. No biggie..  Chicago? Big whoop, Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor, let him deal with the fall out. Who cares.  Oakland?  Good, Jerry Brown is a Marxist, let his state be laid waste.  The stupid, liberal, elite snots that live outside of Oakland may just get a taste of reality of how black liberals really are.  Ha Ha. 


And….the BEST part about all of this is; We have NO money to rebuild! LOL.  So, g’head and riot.  Burn your cities. Loot, whatever.  Nobody cares, anymore.  You leftists have destroyed the country.  This would just be the icing on the cake that is expected.


Meanwhile… I will be sitting back, watching the TV and laughing my ass off.

Look at this from– LMAOFF:

If Romney pulls ahead in the polls and you start to panic …


Zombie Attack, Again? Naked Black Man Murders 79 Yr Old White Lady Named Carol Jane In Her Own Home

If you follow this site, you will see terrorism against white-Americans continuously. The perpetrators are always blacks.  The Colorado shooting was terrible, no doubt.  But, just why do these same type acts of terror have no publicity and no coverage?   Why is it only hate when it is white??

Youtube video by 

An elderly Fair Oaks woman murdered in her own home Sunday evening has been identified.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s webpage identified her as 79-year-old Carole Jane Sturgis.

The suspect in her death, 32-year-old Moses Trotter, was naked and bloody when he was taken into custody outside Sturgis’ Olympic Way home Sunday evening.

-David Ben Moshe