FOREIGN-Usurper, Muslim Obama And His Murdering Squad Of Traitors WANT War To Kill All Of Us

 FOREIGNER-Usurper, Muslim Obama And His Murdering Squad Of Traitors WANT War To Kill All Of Us.  He wants to declare Martial Law, ASAP. That is what yesterday was all about.  He wants Americans in a fervor so that he can call up the DHS to arrest us and murder us.  If you think something different, you are just plain stupid.  And, we will have to fight them, physically, very soon. It is what it is.

  Obama was taught from a young age to be a Bolshevik/Marxist.  His grandparents were Communists.  Obama’s  mother was a Communist.  His so-called father was a Communist as was Frank Marshall Davis, a mentor of his.  His friends William Ayers and his bitch wife are Communists. You think these people are not serious?  They seriously want you dead.  Ayers said that 25 million people must die.  They ARE murderers.  They think nothing of murdering babies with partial birth abortion.  What makes you think they will stop with us?  You better wake up, people.

  The Tea-party is a movement that ousted & rejected far rightist, Constitutional patriots.  In return, the “Tea-party” is now left with GOP or bust folk.  I know MANY patriots that were rejected to speak at Tea-Party conventions, Town-halls, you name it.  You all made a huge mistake.   Caving in to Communist/P.C. speak.   People that have been IN this fight (like myself and my husband and MANY others) for decades should have been the ones in charge of the movement.    And now, you are left with Obama-care because you didnt have the strongest of fighters, you rejected them.  You rejected the ‘bithers’ and now you answer to a foreign born usurper… GOOD GOING!!!   Well, you GOP folk are going to have to move over, because now, it will unfortunately take violence.  Thanks to you.  When? I dont know when.  The Town hall meetings of 2009 were the REAL deal.  But, “Tea-party patriots” were offfffennnnnded by the elderly, they were embarrassed…Pissed off older Americans got together and you “Tea-party” GOPers threw them to the sidelines, so don’t cry–you only have yourselves to blame.

  People on the net have made fun of me on both ends of the spectrum. We cover black on white crime for one big reason and a half;  To agitate Bolsheviks, to show them we are not afraid of their racial-baiting and to show white-genocide, something most ‘conservatives’ are too cowardly to cover, for fear of being branded racists.    And, because you were cowards, more whites are dead and ‘that’s racist’ still bothers you.     You were all wrong and now vigor and fervency is needed with agitation against these Communist enemies within.    You will have to move the hell over and let seasoned people deal with these Bolsheviks.   They think nothing of murdering babies with partial birth abortion. These enemies will be dealt with soon &  it wont be pretty. You “Tea-Partiers”  dont know how to deal with these bastards and folks like me do.  Why? We have lived around these son-of-a-bitches our whole lives and have fought them emotionally, AND physically-while we were growing up.