Totalitarian Regimes In History CHANGED Flags. Dems Are NO Different W/ Wanting To Change Our Flag:

Totalitarian Regimes In History CHANGED Flags. Dems Are NO Different W/ Wanting To Change Our Flag:

The totalitarian murderers, the Democrats are starting to talk about changing the flag. Totalitarians do this to intimidate and to show they’ve ‘won’. To state to the public that they are in power.

*This is an ADMISSION that they know there was a Coup.  Historically, Totalitarian regimes always change the country’s flag..

See their carrot out to the public: Democrat Murderers roll out Communist, radical redesign of U.S. flag…

  • Before the murderous Nazi’s came into power, this was the German flag:
(Then, in 1933, this flag replaced the red, yellow and black flag to appease the Russians)

As we all know, This became the German flag when the Totalitarian dictator came into power:

  • Before the Bolsheviks in RUSSIA seized power, (Like the Democrats want to do at present), this was their flag:
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After the completion of the Communist who destroyed Christian Russia, they hung this flag and continued to do so for 70+ years:

File:Flag of the Soviet Union (1924–1955).svg - Wikimedia Commons

We already have a flag, you Democrat, Commu-Nazi psychopaths.

Gadsden flag - Wikipedia

Stay out of our lives, you murderous pieces of satanic garbage..

#CBS Resorted To Palestinian Style Video/Photo AgitProp: Regrets Being Caught

#CBS Resorts To Palestinian Style Video/Photo AgitProp Regrets Being Caught

On March 22, SKY News showed footage of a hospital in Bergamo. CBS news used this video from ITALY to show ‘conditions’ in NYC (you all know this story) Click on this link to read it at  GP

This Youtuber nails the CBS Soviet information Commies saying that they only regret being caught: CLICK

What many of you don’t know or maybe you do know, I don’t know… Is that Palestinian/Gazans do this ALL the time.  Now, the American news media is like the fake news agitprop from P@lestine/Gaza.  Disgusting.

Israel Matzav: Some fake photos from Hamas

pallywood – pallywoodblog

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There are thousands of these photos & videos. Pallywood staged propaganda

But, people believe the lying Gazans because they hate Jews more than they love the truth.  Ditto for Americans who hate America more than they love the truth.