I Dont Get Why @DrDavidDuke Is Anti #AIPAC, They’re Pro #Palestinian

David Duke is applauding some Commie Satanist Democrat for lambasting AIPAC as being a ‘hate group’.  Lol.    Its interesting how these pretend, phoney “Right wingers” will stand with the Communist-Crats if they supposedly mention Israel in a bad light.  But, why Dr. Duke (Doctor of what? What the hell is he a Doctor of?) is anti AIPAC is beyond me. And, why Betty the Bimbo is crying about AIPAC is maniacal.

 AIPAC is not pro Israel.  They’re pro Palestine.  So is Doctah Duke.  AIPAC was right there applauding the exodus of right wing, Orthodox Jews from Gush Katif in 2005.  Im sure Doctah Duke applauded it also.  

This is what real Zionists say about AIPAC: AIPAC needs to live up to being the pro Israel lobby.



Instead of criticizing Israel, why doesn’t AIPAC aggressively attack Omar and Tlaib for their support of the BDS Movement? Why does AIPAC refuse to confront Bernie Sanders for consistently slandering Israel on television and social media? Because the people who run AIPAC are weak cowards……

The Israel National News:   Why is AIPAC pushing for Palestinian statehood?

NY MAG:   The Christian Right NOT AIPAC drives the GOP’s pro Israel stance.





I personally agree with Orthodox Jew, Chaim Ben Pesach, former national chairman of the JDL who is against ANY foreign aid for anyone including Israel:

This one is really special…

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So, Duke supports this incest, brother marrying,  CommieCrat Jihadist, Ilhan Omar just because she hates Israel..

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Here’s a newsflash for Doctah David Duke:     Honey, YOU put Palestine first.  Your whole blog is about PALESTINE.  MOVE THERE.  When you put another ‘country’s’ protection and their interest is all you talk about: YOU’RE the one obsessed.  What has happened to David Duke is what he accuses “Zionists” of:  Putting another country first.    He does the SAME thing with “Palestine”. Your animosity toward all things Israel has made you into a Palestinian firster. #Hypocrisy.


True Religious Zionists Against AIPAC & The Jewish Republican Coalition (JRC)

True Religious Zionists Against AIPAC & The Jewish Republican Coalition

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

True Jews do not support terrorists.  Myself and The Mad Jewess have consistently stood against the Syrian Rebels on this website:  Syria | The Mad Jewess

While Assad is a vicious, brutal dictator, that is exactly what is needed in Islamic countries to keep these savages under control.  Christian A-rabs fare much better under these more secular, brutal dictators than these fundamental crazies.


The left-wing, self-hating “pro-Israel” lobby, AIPAC, is once again supporting the Muslim Jew-hater in the White House. The Jewish establishment organizations are all traitors who betrayed the Jews during the holocaust and who always betray the Jews on every single issue.Unfortunately, many sick and cowardly Orthodox Jews blindly support AIPAC even though the “pro-Israel” lobby openly states that their goal is to create a “Palestinian” state which is national suicide for Israel.

By-Chaim Ben Pesach

The Republic Jewish Coalition is also backing Obama:

Click –RJC Statement on the Use of Force Resolution Regarding Syria

Read More …

Click-ACTION ALERT: Syria Use of Force Resolution

Read More

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The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This

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Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT, feminists, atheists etc, etc.  are hated.  What you don’t seem to grasp is that people don’t just hate you out of nowhere. Some people don’t like minorities just because.  But, they are in a very small bracket.

You need to start facing facts:  You are hated because you are shoving your wants (not even needs) before the majority, who are white people and predominantly Christian.  You trample on whites and laugh while you do it. You write defaming articles on websites against white America with smug smiles.  You shove white people around with bogus lawsuits of phoney hatred.  Hatred that is actually in yourselves.

Jewish people are best when they stay out of Liberal politics & bless the nation that hosts them.  Your liberalism is a cancer in this nation.  Your love for militant homosexuality is an abomination and affront to God and you know this.  Your love for abortion is obscene.  Your anti-gun rants should have had you shot for treason long ago.  And, if that was not enough to prove to you that American whites are patient, I don’t know what is.  AIPAC is a waste.  Support Israel all you want, but having huge groups like this will cause resentment in dire strait, economic times.  The Tim Wise’s, the Dan Savages are some of the leading perpetrators of Jew-hatred. THEY are the ones that ‘make anti-semitism happen.’  Many Jews are BAD citizens.  Shameful and embarrassing to right minded, God fearing Jews who just want to live free in this country.  You top it off by calling yourselves the ‘true Jews’.  What a crock.  Repent to America, Humble yourselves.  Your evil is bringing Jew hate on ALL Jews.

Mexican people:  SPEAK ENGLISH. Stop demanding this nation cater to illegal people.  Stop going to welfare offices.  Stop supporting evil people as candidates for house/senate and President.  Encourage fellow Mexicans that don’t want to be legal citizens to GO HOME.  Stop the race-hatred against white American people. Stop pretending that America belongs to you–it doesn’t.   Mexico is for Mexicans, America is supposed to be for Americans. Stop La Raza and send them packing.  Stop your lying protests for ‘equality’.  It is white America who is treated like yesterdays garbage, NOT you.

Muslims:  Stop trying to shut people up that are trying to expose Jihad. And stop wanting to build mosques all over NYC.  ASSIMILATE.

Black people: STOP YOUR RACE-HUSTLING LIES.  A very small bracket of people hate you for your blackness.  They hate you because you are murdering, raping and robbing (mostly whites) all while blaming white people for all of your ills.  Everything is racist to you, BUT-nothing is racist. NOTHING.  This is 2013, not 1963.  Stop demanding whitey owes you–they owe you ZERO.  YOU owe THEM repentance and apology.  Your hip-hop, rap music is disgusting.  STOP IT. 

Bold people like Thomas Sowell, Col. Allen West, Alan Keyes, Star Parker, Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott, author: Raynard Jackson, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Justice Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, and author Eric Rush to name just a few black conservatives who have been attacked, and called filthy, vile names by the very vermin who claim to be so tolerant.

Homosexuals: STOP thrusting your homosexuality on people that are not kosher with it.  You would have far more friends if you didn’t even converse about your sex life.  All this gay marriage has done has encouraged people to hate you.  Is this truly how you want to live?  Everyone hating you? Having deep animosity toward you?  Leave people alone. 

Feminists: You are not an oppressed class.  Women get equal pay, run for seats in office and are treated FAR better than white males.  Treating men like dogs is not going to help in efforts if violence against women continues.  The abortion fiasco of murder is turning.  Its best you turn with it instead of fighting the tide of people that are against baby-murder.  That’s what it is; Baby murder. 

What these groups need to do:

1. Repent, [change your heart.]

2. Stop harassing patriotic people.  Find common ground. Work toward freedom, work against Obama.  Obama is evil and you know it. Stop sticking up for this Bush 3rd term tyrant.  Help us impeach him, evict him and find a CENTRIST.

3. Fight against leftism.  It is anti-American. It is anti-freedom. It is anti-Constitution. It is also anti-moral.

4. Fight against open borders, it is against national laws.  We didn’t just go broke because of Obama.  We are IN DEBT and cannot afford  any more foreigners.  It has nothing to do with ‘xeno-phobia’.

5. Stop calling people that oppose insane policies- ‘racists, haters, etc’.  We’re not haters, we love our once great nation.  We’re not racists, we are sick of racial crimes perpetrated against white people.  WE are the true ‘anti racists.’

6. Help us work on getting silent prayer back in schools, at least. If a person that does not believe does not want to pray, so?  Why should EVERYONE suffer because of a few?  Thats not ‘collective’.

7. Help to work on INDIVIDUAL freedoms.  Like the 1st Amendment. STOP writing anti-1st Amendment articles and pushing for ‘hate crime’ laws.  People would not hate if you didnt act nuts.

If there is more, fee free to add your opinions and post this all over, thanks.  UNTIL we see a positive change, though, we have to keep dissenting and opposing you.

Real good change as I am describing will unite us.

Obama IS BLUFFING On Iran “Military Threat”-Valerie Jarrett Is Iranian, DUH!

Is there anything that this administration says that is the truth?  Jarrett is an Iranian-firster. If you have not read the Ulsterman Report, you should.  Jarrett is the witch running things, not Obama.  Sure, Obama opens his mouth and garbage comes out, but Jarrett is the dictatorial-bitch in this administration.

  If Israel and Iran get into a fight, Israel can blow Iran away.  They have enough nukes to bottom out the whole middle east. Plus they have Gods protection.  Why all the hooplah?  For us: The issue is the Communists that have hijacked America.  Not Iran & some Muslims.  Sorry, that’s how I feel.

‘Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1950.’

WAR DRUMS: Obama ‘not bluffing’ over Iran military threat…

ISRAEL: Rockets Blasting Over Tel Aviv. Liberal-Jews Voted For Jihad-Loving, Muslim-Barack Hussein Obama

Obama gave the Muslim bro’hood 1.2 billion dollars.  He has destroyed the M.E., which was only hanging by a thread as it was.  Obama put his fellow Muslim brethren in power–removing the Marxist-style dictators in favor of fundamental lunatics.  Yet, Liberal “Jews” still voted for this Nigger, 69%.

Israel should do what it has to do. You can’t rely on American government and you cannot rely on most American Jews who will stab you in the back at every turn–Especially AIPAC.


“One thing we can learn from history is that Jews never learn from history.

-Rabb Meir Kahane