My Friend, Cartoon/Comic Strip Artist Rob Foster: His Aliens & UFO’s

My Friend, Cartoon/Comic Strip Artist Rob Foster: His Aliens, UFO’s

I used to be in Theater on the Monterey Peninsula in the 1980’s, early 90’s. Rob Foster was also an actor in Monterey but was also a very talented comic strip artist. Not only is he fabulous at creating comic strips, he is a VERY talented artist and has won several awards in journalism.

Here are his UFO’s and aliens. LOL….Got your attention anyway..

Here is his depiction of Cher. Just fabulouslate 80’s, early 90’s, (NO photoshop):

If any news/political/current events blog is interested and admires his work, here is his Pinterest and Gmail: CLICK TO SEE MORE

  • Again: If any news/political/current events blog is interested and admires his work, here is his Pinterest and Gmail: CLICK TO SEE MORE
  • Rob’s Pinterest:

#Murrieta: FEDS To Bring In Riot Police. Still Think You’re Free To Protest?

#Murrieta: FEDS To Bring In Riot Police. Still Think You’re Free To Protest?

We’re sure that Obama will allow the pro-illegal crowd their voice and try to silence the anti-illegal ones.  In America, we are supposed to be free to protest without the Feds getting involved:

At Doug Douglas:  #Murrieta Tinderbox! Feds to Deploy Riot Police Against Patriots Protesting Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion!

G.P: Report: Feds to Bring Out Riot Squads Against Illegal Immigrant Protesters

Children Crossing Border Without Parents? Remember Holders Mandate! Defacto Amnesty Through Childhood

Children Crossing Border Without Parents? Remember Holders Mandate! Defacto Amnesty Through Childhood

  Don’t you remember that Holder crafted a mandate that would grant children a resident ‘type’ of status?  Do you recall that he mandated these children can go to our schools?  The OBAMA Admin is allowing these children in the country–no one else.  Defacto amnesty by childhood

I don’t know how many of you have been down near the border of TX OR AZ.  But, I’ll tell you right now, it’s 120 degrees. Thousands of children have crossed the border and made it?   I don’t believe it.  There are rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas and all sorts of deadly bugs and animals.

Let’s look at this from Newsmax:

Wilder said a total of 432 unaccompanied minors detained in Texas arrived in Nogales on Friday, with 367 more expected both Saturday and Sunday.

So, 432 children are just walking around in the desert–no parents, no Aunts, Uncles, just themselves.  Their parents just ‘let them go.’  Their mothers just abandoned them, just like that….

THEN, they go on to explain:

“The adults, the adults with children, families — that continues unfettered and we have no idea where they are going,” Wilder said.

Ah, so, now we get to the rub… Their parents are with them.  The MSM would have you believe that these children are all by their lonesome to get us to cry…

Then, they go back to this piece of propaganda:

Homeland Security started flying immigrants to Arizona from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas last month after the number of immigrants, including more than 48,000 children traveling on their own, overwhelmed the Border Patrol there.

Back to tens of thousands of these children….What is the truth and what is the lie?  The insane US Govt is counting on people like you who feel sorrrry for the children, hence all of them are poooor children in need of help.    We have no obligation to take these people in.   No other country would you can bet on that.  But, something else far more nefarious is going on..

I notice the pictures also…. 10-12 kids..

Here is another one. They don’t look hungry, they look like a typical wetback child. Dirty.  Since when are children more important than everyone else????

Migrants are released from ICE custody at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014. The Border Patrol says about 400 migrants were flown from Texas to Arizona because of surge in migrants being apprehended in Texas. This group was from Texas and Georgia.(Photo: Michael Chow/The Republic)

By the way….Nobody can seem to find me a picture with more than 100 kids.   I smell a rat.  I believe that Obama and his miscreants are trying to overwhelm YOU.  REMEMBER: No school choice: Holder mandates schools must enroll illegal alien children…

Mexico got wind of our schools opening up to any old child from their dysentery-infected hell hole..Thanks to Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Osama.

By the way…As these dirty, little kids are here in good ole AmeriKa, this man is locked up in prison IN Mexico…

Andrew Tahmooressi/Courtesy Facebook


Liberals…push and push to the point of NO return.


Eric Cantor: “Amnesty Is Biblical.” Suggests God Is Pro Law-Breaker

Eric Cantor: “Amnesty Is Biblical” Suggests God Is A Law-Breaker

Eric Cantor says amnesty is biblical.  No, it isn’t.  That’s a lie.  Eric Cantors pockets need to be lined with money from the amnesty Marxist, Mexican lobby group.  There is nothing in the bible that suggests this at all.  However, the bible does advise to follow laws.   Cantor is encouraging lawlessness.  What we need to do is follow the laws already on the books.

The illegal occupiers are in America because Americans have broken their own laws and by doing this, have entered the curses in Deuteronomy 28.  Look it up.

These quotes are from the Bibles regarding following laws of the land:

“The LORD detests the way of the wicked but he loves those who pursue righteousness” (Proverbs 15:9; see also 28:5; Psalm 5:4–5).     When we condone criminal activity where people blatantly and habitually violate the laws of our government, we no longer “shine like stars in the universe”

And from the New Testament:    The Bible makes it clear that those who violate the laws of government are in sin, as are those who support or assist them in breaking the laws (Romans 13:1–7; 1 Peter 2:13–14; Titus 3:1–2).

In a sane world, Eric Cantor would be hung from a tree.


As Americans Suffer ObamaCare SNAFU, Illegals Are Reaking Havoc Demanding Citizenship

As Americans Suffer ObamaCare SNAFU, Illegals Are Reaking Havoc Demanding Citizenship

John McCain, traitor and Communist subverter says: “We’ll pass bill once primaries are over..”  W….T…F…….!?

These illegals and their buddies, the Communists – just don’t know when to sit down and shut the eff up, do they?   It is reported that hundreds of thousands of NYers have lost their insurance, prems doubled or discontinued.  Ditto Florida and California.  But, those are only the states where they have counted.  Seems all anyone cares about is NY, FL and CA.  There IS a world outside of your Liberal dumps.   I am in AZ and I have been discontinued as well as many people I know have also been ditched

If this does not show you how much illegal occupiers hate you and think nothing of YOUR feelings and hardships, I don’t know what will.  Any American that helps these leeches should be shot.   If I were the President, you’d all be killed.  John McCain would be sent to hell, first.

“We’re going to keep marching, we’re going to keep agitating until the House of Representatives pass immigration reform and the president sign it into law,” said Bishop Orlando Findlayter of Churches United to Save and Heal.


Remember 9/11 By Kicking Out 22 Million ILLEGAL Occupiers. Do THAT, Or Shut Up

Remember 9/11 By Kicking Out 22 Million ILLEGAL Occupiers. Do THAT, Or Shut Up

I lived in NY during 9/11. It was horrifying.  Sad. Unbelievable grief..  But what was almost as terrible was living in California in a sanctuary city for illegal occupiers.  Death everyday.  When I was living outside the Monterey Peninsula, it was hell on earth. While it was not 2 towers falling to the ground…it was still terrifying: Helicopters over-head every 15 minutes.  Fire-trucks and ambulances every half hour.  Gun-shots all day long could be heard all over the city.  Hit and runs.  Terror, to those that live like this. True, not on the same scope as 9/11, but everyday terror & fear.

We are brainwashed to believe that only Muslims are terrorists.  And, I disagree with that M.O.. If you have not lived in a sanctuary city for illegal occupiers, you have no idea what it is like to live in this type of fear.  Scared of being raped, robbed or murdered is terror.  Plus Americans losing jobs to Pedro & Vato who will take $5- an hour for your $12- an hour job, with NO repercussions or punishment to the traitor employers.

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That’s 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

Total U.S. troop deaths in Iraq as of last week were reported at 2,863. Total U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan during the five years of the Afghan campaign are currently at 289, according to the Department of Defense.

But the carnage wrought by illegal alien murderers represents only a fraction of the pool of blood spilled by American citizens as a result of an open border and un-enforced immigration laws.

While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.

While no one – in or out of government – tracks all U.S. accidents caused by illegal aliens, the statistical and anecdotal evidence suggests many of last year’s 42,636 road deaths involved illegal aliens.

While I DO remember 9/11/01, my suggestion for ending more terror attacks is..


Obama Grants Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants Without Congress

Obama Grants Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants Without Congress

Congress has no balls to impeach him.  The whole government needs to be tried for treason and if & when found guilty, hanged.  He will also possibly go to Syria without congress.  We hope he meets Putin & Assad who will kick the crap out of him–G-d willing.

-David Ben Moshe


Congress hasn’t passed immigration legislation, but that hasn’t stopped President Obama from issuing directives that grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Last week, the Obama Administration issued the latest in a line of policy directives granting amnesty by default. This latest directive instructs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials not to … More



#AMNESTY: I Hear That The #COMMIE LOVING GOP Will Pass “Dream” (Nitemare 4 Americans) Act?

I Hear That The #COMMIE LOVING GOP Is Going To Pass “Dream” (Nitemare 4 Americans) Act?

Good men do nothing, so us good women are forced into this SHIT.

I tell ya.. We are getting what we deserve. Truly.  These little chicano bastards will not be able to vote for 14 years, but that’s not the point.  We will just be letting in 22 million MORE people that hate our guts.  Oh, they hate you Left wing bitches, too. NOBODY likes a traitor.  SO- to all Americans that are even sane:  You had better get locked and loaded.  Especially whites.  Most (NOT ALL) Mexicans HATE white people with a passion.  It’s not because we ‘stole their land’.  That’s a lot of horse shit.  It’s because they are trained by Marxist, Che Geuvara-loving scum to hate us.  That means you liberals, too.

At any rate:  The places that are going to be affected the worst will be major cities and the large suburbs.  So, HA HA HA… Again, the drek that are getting the shaft will be……LIBERALS.  LOL.  Good.  I hope they rape your daughters, molest your sons, rob you and murder your house pets.  Whatever it takes to humble your lousy asses is just fine by me.   Any sane person left in these cities… GET OUT.  Hurry up.  There is very little time.


Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) told constituents at a town hall meeting Monday that Congress would pass the DREAM Act. (Hoft, puke)