Sen Ted Cruz Obliterates CNN’s Cabbage-Face, Candy Crowley In Debate On #Shutdown

Sen Ted Cruz Obliterates CNN’s Cabbage-Face , Candy Crowley In Debate On #Shutdown

Look at this fat, vomitous hag.. LOSE WEIGHT! Lard ass, Lard ass, chow down, wide load.

QV says:

This is a superb lesson in how to handle a Leftist, partisan journalist in an interview when she tries at every opportunity to apply the old Alinsky rule of personalizing the target, in this case Ted Cruz.

You refuse to play that game, you don’t allow them to make up their own ‘facts’, you hit back with real facts, and you turn the Alinsky rule right back on them to expose their bias. And you do it with a smile.

Gridlock? Please..People.. Worry About Executive Orders

  Go to fullsize imageThats all that I’ve heard all damned night, gridlock, gridlock–its a good thing.  Whatever.  Has not anyone been paying attention to this madman?



  Are people insane? Has everyone lost their brains?  Obama does not care about gridlock, ok?  Didn’t anyone hear his tone-deaf speech for almost an hour this am?  Progress, progress, progress.  Progress to Obama does not mean the same thing as what we think it means. To him, it means to move his Progressive/Communist agenda ‘forward’. 

  If you think this fight is over just because a few GOPers got in, think again…Progressives never stop for a minute with their fighting and division.  “The issue is never the issue, the issue is ALWAYS the revolution”  -Saul Alinsky. 

  Take a look at Obamas Executive Orders, and then tell me that he will not try to use his power to push his whole ‘progressive’ agenda through.  Here are the facts: Obama has not had a proper vetting process. If the GOP was smart, that is where all of their concentration would be.  Where’s his birth certificate? Where are ANY of his records?  This should be non-stop. Ed Shultz is running scared and thinks that the GOP will ‘investigate this’, good going Ed Shultz.  That is exactly what they should be doing, dumbbell.

  I will tell you all, who read this site, (and this site has grown, thank you all very much, Donna and I + thank you).  This fight has just begun. The GOP should not just be the party of “NO”, they should be the party of ‘HELL NO!’  ~They should not work with this man, and they should do everything they can to expose who he is to the American People, before the bastard pushes through Executive order after Executive Order.  Look at that list above.  Presidents know that Executive orders are a last resort, Not a first.  He will not work with Congress. You can take that to the bank.

The Mad Jewess: Rules For Right Wing, God Fearing “Radicals”

Before this gets started, please know that: America is a CHRISTIAN nation. Yes, it has Judao Laws, but America is Christian, that is the Number One, that is key to undo the undone, to put back the right things in the right places.

 God, creator of the universe, the one in whom all of our redemption belongs.   The ONE who put it in the hearts of the forefathers to make a new kingdom of God here on Earth through freedom and liberty of the soul. GOD is the one WE hold dear to our hearts, and HE is our King, over the kingdom that the adversary of our souls is seeking to destroy. God, is the first and last, the beginning AND the End.” That is OUR Pledge here on The Mad Jewess.

#1. Our purpose: To ultimately destroy the left wing, to bring it into subjection, to obliterate those lousy lying bastards. To shoot them in the belly….so to speak.  We do this with the truth, which can be found in our Constitution, and most importantly, the Holy Word of God, THE BIBLE.

#2. To acknowledge that GOD, IS the beginning, IS the END, and HE allows, he disallows.

#3. The uneducating of the brainwashed people of America, to bring them back to their founding in freedom and liberty, out of captivity of the soul and spirit.  To call out, to stand up to, to get in the face of evil, and call it what it is. To totally demolish the so called ‘education’ system, and put our children back where they belong; Into the Hands of their Parents. To de-educate the Alinskyites, the radicals, Marxism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism-to call them on their bluff, because that is what their indoctrination is; Built on LIES.

#4. To X-Communicate ALL works of Communism/Liberalism. To denounce, demoralize, punish, arrest the oppressors of our souls, in any way possible.

#5. To admit that the only ‘agenda’ we have is to make God happy, to please God, to direct all communication and wonder to Him, to pray to God, to beg for the mercies of the Heavens. To ask God to give us ultimate discernment to stand in the face of the wicked and not ever be afraid of the words ‘racist, hater, phobe’ ETC. None of that exists. We will look to GOD for morality, NOT to mankind or Alinskyites to determine what is right or wrong, since they hail Lucifer, the adversary of souls.

#6. Our Ultimate Weapon:  We do not believe in the power of the adversary, (his so called power to destroy) his names are: the devil, Lucifer, satan, beelzebub: therefore we renounce and denounce all of the ‘tactics’ of the enemy within;

“Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” from Alinsky Rules for Radicals

The aforementioned is how the enemy of Holiness, the enemy of good, the enemy of holy thinks, we do NOT have to think that way. Why? Because “IN WHOM WE TRUST has power over life and death.

If you think this is a holy war now, you ARE 100% CORRECT. Look below to see who the leftists “HAIL TO” & then you will get that this IS a Holy War of good vs. evil.


To Him who rides the Heavens, HE IS OUR GOD.

We stand to crush the philosophies, the evil of the destroyers, to whom the left wing evil, satanic murderers and law breakers belong to: