AL QUEDA Flag Now Flies Above Libyan Flag In Benghazi, Libya-OBAMA IS A MUSLIM PSYCHOPATH


Al-Qaeda Flag Flies Above the Libyan flag in Libya

Obama is a MUSLIM/Marxist–PERIOD!

Re. Israel; Commies, Neo-Cons, NAZIs, & Islam=ALL THE SAME

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  (Nevermind the Erav Rav (Leftist) ‘Jews’, God will sort THEM out…) But, Commies, NAZIs and Islam-They are all the same.  Just go to a neo-Nazi website and read what they write.  It is almost the same as what the Commies and Muslims write. The irony is that neo-nazis somehow believe that they are on a ‘moral highground’. Well, they aren’t.  Many neo-Nazis voted for Obama,  ‘to stick it to the Jews’ – like INCOGFAGGOT (Who possibly voted for Obama, as well); Let’s Kick The Lousy JEWS Right The Hell Out!  We all know, of course, that Muslims and Commies voted Obama AND “White Nationalists”, strange bedfellows…. They WILL follow their leader and bring more judgement:  floods, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes will be the fate of the once great America. Turning against tiny Israel is fatal

  As a follower of the WHOLE Bible, (Torah, Tanakh, and the New Testament) and a believer in Prophecy, I can say without reservation, that those who lead the Arabs and other nations into an all out war with Israel, are mass murderers. I know the fate of those who will attack Israel, and that they will number into the millions, and that their blood will fertilize the ground upon which they tread. God instructed us not to worry about Jerusalem, for He is fully aware of the situation, and has made plans to destroy the enemies of Israel.

  Those leaders among us who encourage these attacks have already signed their own death warrants, and proven that they follow Satan. These are same people who are working night and day to destroy the United States, and we can blame the American voters for this situation. While they refuse to learn Right Knowledge, to study and learn Truth, they elect men and women of low moral character to office, and these elected officials serve only Satan. Greed and ignorance causes blindness, all self inflicted; Woe unto these fools.

(WATCH @ 15.50 minutes & on. I am not alone in this assertion.)

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Nazi-Collaborator, SOROS Behind Previous Egypt Crisis, Also Behind This One Too?!

View ImageAnywhere you see chaos, destruction, money currencies dropping- look for Soros.  The Marxist/Nazi…. Now tell me this evil, anti christ, imposter PIG is not in it all very deep.  Soros wants to take over the world, imo.  He is with the Mussie-Brotherhood, Soros, who is also demanding Obama nationalize ALL U.S. banks as well, and now look at this link from a smart person who does their homework, found by DONNA: 

George Soros Profited From Previous Egyptian Crisis; Behind Current Egypt Uprising!