We Need To Give “Liberals” A ‘Come To Joe Clark’ Moment..

  TAGS: liberals suckThis is my little piece for the day…..I was watching “Lean on Me”.  You probably all know the story of the Principal Joe Clark who had to go to East Side High School in N.J., to fix a school that was filled with the worst, most rotten miscreants in the planet. ‘Liberals’ need a slap in the face of reality and be forced to love this country or get the hell out.  OR, we force you OUT. Yeah, thats right, I am ALL for expelling you maniacs.

   You Suck The kids of Eastside High had absolutely no respect for teachers, parents, the school- remind you of someone? LIBERAL/progressives, which is what they call themselves now. They need a serious “Come to Joe Clark” epiphany.

  ‘Liberals’ have shit all over America, prayed for the death of our troops, preyed over our children, tormented and saddened Americans so badly, that all we feel now is hatred and anger.  If you watch Lean on me, in the beginning, you will see ‘Liberals’. You will see the opponents of Joe Clark, ALL Liberals. You all need to watch this movie again if you have not, because Clark deals with his students the way we MUST deal with the ‘liberals.’

  Our only healing will take place in throwing out all of the bastards in our government and get in the faces of these evil, blood-sucking, soul-robbing, vomitous, hate-filled liars of destruction.

Look at Media Matters today, for ie…they say that James O’keefe made ‘fake’ tapes of ACORN…If that is so, you dipshits at MMFA, where is ACORN now?  Dumbasses CNN Details Media Darling James O’Keefe’s Latest Bizarre Stunt

Watch Freemen as Joe Clark here til the end..He’s great. 



Let ILLEGALS go “Scot-Free?” & PA “Courts Will Cont’ to PROTECT Illegals”

 Crazy View Image

Yeah…Why not let the illegal-OCCUPIERS go scot-free? Well, here in MeriKa, you see, we punish the white man, for just looking white, but these ‘ol Mehicanos get a free pass because we have the most screwed up bunch of rat bastards seated in high places.

Read the scoop on illegals Sept. 10:  http://tinyurl.com/3ynevjj

White Man CANNED for exposing the illegals.


Liberal Minorities, Black, Mexican, Jew ETC~Can’t Handle Our Black Kenyan Prez

you cant handle the truth‘I happen to surf the net a quarter of my day. I have come to the absolute, positive conclusion, that liberal minorities cannot handle having a black president.

It is the truth. They cry, whine, and the posts that they write are so childish, it’s pathetic. They can’t handle Obama in the office without going insane when we criticize his insane progressive policies, that have ZERO to do with his blackness. 

 If they were past all of their OWN racism, they would want Obama treated as any other man that is upstanding, and the men that were REAL Prez’s before him that were WHITE.’

 Office of Minority Health Logo All of these minorities that are now in charge don’t care about country, they care about agenda.  If it is the Mexicans, they want illegal, law-breakers to have rights and be citizens. They want to give to their people from south of the border, something they never worked for.  If it is the blacks, they want ‘reperations’, from a nation, where most of our people did not even arrive until a long time after the civil war. If it is the Jews, they are concerned about Israel & think, in their screwed-up minds that America is a “NAZI” nation, even though we have NEVER needed anti-semitic laws.. The Israel, Mexican & Black lobby in this nation is disgusting.  There is NO lobby for plain ‘ol fashion apple pie Americans. Look at the recent, for ie. @ Savages website: With a whine and whimper, a presidency splits a seam


Lies It would really slow your  The lies that people tell on this blog would make your head spin too. Just to prove some idiotic, anti-American point, even one little left wing “Jewish” snot rag (who eats Kosher, and that makes her a ‘good Jew’)   pretends that her husband makes 7 figures working for the D.H.S., a ‘model’ for Stop Staring clothing, (in fact, she is the model, Bernie Dexter, herself, even though Bernie is about 31 years old-eyeroll..)  and her parents that were in the Holocaust, even though she is 24 years old.   ~We save all of these lies, too.  It is sick how these jackasses operate.   Another left wing loser Jewish guy says he lives in Israel to prove points, yet his IP is in Saratoga, NY- he is a ‘religious liberal Jew’ if this makes sense, (you know, pro-baby murder, fag marriage.. sure..)  A black man who thinks that Obama is the Messiah, and DO NOT talk about his Messiah. Another idiot that I kicked off of here, who stalked me for weeks, then put my blog on Craigs List (which gave me more readers) until I had to make his IP public. They CANNOT HANDLE this black person as prez, they cannot handle a minority liberal black in charge, honest discourse is not an option to these losers.

Senator Chuck Schumer  The despicible snot-nose, elite libo/Marxist, Chuck Schumer whined during Sotomoyors hearings, crying in front of the whole nation, so happy that a Hispanic would be elected into the SCOTUS. He didnt care if she was a La Raza Mexican Brown Supremist, he didn’t care that she threw an innocent AMERICAN WHITE man in prison for 17 years. He cared that she was a minority like him, and ‘yay, we will have a minority as SCOTUS!’.   He cares nothing for this nation, even for the Mosaic-Judaic Laws (10 Commandments) being intact, and this nation retaining its Christianity, which Sotomayor has NO intention of upholding as does not KAGAN THE PAGAN .   What a pathetic joke for a senator. SEE:  YouTube – Chuck Schumer’s Emotional Outburst at the Sonia …

Because he doesn't understand  The Racist, Black Panther lovin,’ Uncle Toms at the NAACP scream and cry racist, like the thin-skinned little pussies they are, and the first broad of the W.H., weeps along with them. This is disgusting. Imagine enemies and what they think of this fine display of absolute brattiness… A once great nation reduced to people that beg, moan and groan if they dont get their way. Finally, Breitbart, tired of the serial, phoney-ass,  race baiting,  told the NAACP to “Go To Hell” Amen. Journalist insists black leaders – not tea partiers – are real ‘racists’

 Crybaby Pseudo-Victims Media Matters are the biggest babies in the planet, they are like little children, “If we don’t like what you say, we’ll just call your sponsers and destoy your life!” Whaahhhhhhhh!! ……….I wonder what they would do, if the same assault to destroy their lives happened to them, how would these insane buffoons think?  Yes, I know, its NOT facsim when THEY do it..Well, its never too late to destroy them, when we REAL AMERICANS get back in power……..Breitbart offered $100 Grand to ANYONE that could bring some type allegations for the holy grail “N” word being said at a protest against NAZI-care bill, nobody has answered the call, yet, here is MMFA, crying like the little bitches they are:  Right-Wing Media Attempt To Erase “Bigoted Statements” From The Tea Party Movement

Go To HellWell, this website has had just about fucking ENOUGH of you pathetic little Mary Poppins bitches and faggy ass bastards- that should be thrown out and deported to some Commie 3rd world shit hole, that you hail to. Get out of our country if you can’t take the politics, go to Africa, go to some middle east ghetto, go to Mexico, just GET OUT- BYE BYE.


PHD/Dr.~7,000 Plus Cases Of Leprocy In America~Dobbs Is Right, Media Matters LYING-AGAIN

 MMFA: Lou Dobbs brings his immigration lies to Fox
   Should you lie if not doing soI dont know who can possibly take MMFA serious. We have a war going on, on the borders in the Southwest states, and terror ties in the Northeastern states from Canuckistan, and MMFA once again LIES to its sheep readers. This PDF File, below is loaded and packed with information regarding this horrible situation, it you will take note; This PDF was written by PHD. Cosman in 2005. The scenerio is much worse NOW.

  This story below is written by 

Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Ph.D., Esq.

MMFA is bringing America into serious danger with its LIES and misleading it’s readers terribly.  I almost feel sorry now for these misguided fools. Just so you readers over there know..You do not have PHD’s in Science or Medicine, you are lying bloggers.


Leprosy, a scourge in Biblical days and in medieval Europe, so horribly destroys flesh and faces it was called the  disease of the soul.. Lepers quarantined in leprosaria sounded noisemakers when they ventured out to warn people to stay far away. Leprosy, Hansens disease, was so rare inAmerica that in 40 years only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly, in the past three years America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy. Leprosy now is endemic to northeasternstates because illegal aliens and other immigrants brought leprosy from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico.



The Rest: Illegal Aliens and American Medicine

See this as well, I reported on this before: OUTBREAK: Leprosy in Arkansas – Brought There by Whom? And should every illegal take a health screening test?


pointing fingers atLady, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM


You were the problem 24 years ago, YOU are the problem now. 

RACISM: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. 

 NOBODY At Fox, or even MMFA BASTARDS do this in year 2010 with race!

  Boehlert and his blog of SOROS BS gone crazy posted this shit. She is NOT a victim of ANYTHING, nobody beat her, nobody lynched her, NOBODY CALLED HER the holy grail N WORD!!! The WHITE House is responsible for this GARBAGE, They DEMANDED her firing!  THE NAACP RELEASED THIS DAMNED TAPE! M-FKERS! ON PURPOSE FOR FRAMING.

 Lady: YOU are NOT a racist?  Please, sell that crazy shit somewhere else.  YOU belong to the NAACP. What does that mean?  National Association Advancement COLORED People.  Now come on you OLD hypocrite, shut the hell up, and lets look at the FACTS.  YOU and YOURS would scream bloody f*cking MURDER if there was an Association called Advancement for the WHITE CRACKERS, the f*cking WHITE suprmemists, huh lady?   GO SCREW YOURSELF LADY, Nobody buys the race-baiting, COMMUNIST BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA ANYMORE. 

   MMFA your friends?  They get rid of you useful g’damned IDIOTS FIRST.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I AM MAD.  YOU DAMNED RIGHT I HATE.  GET USED TO IT.  IF you were not a racist, you damned OLD HAG, you would not belong to the NAACP! I dont belong to ANY Org in LIFE that is only for Jews OR Whites, OR SHITHEADS, but YOU do.  YOU are the RACIST, spread the wealth, the HAVES and the HAVE NOT BULLSHIT! WE ARE SICK OF THIS JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MMFA, with the HEAVY duty, disgusting Kommie FKING Propaganda RACIST CRAPOLA.  GO TO HELL BOEHLERT, YIMACH SHEMO VIZCHERO TO YOU AND YOURS. May your name be obliterated forever.

Sherrod: I’m A DAMNED ETERNAL MALCONTENTED NEVER Happy- Victim Of WHITE CRACKER BASTARD; Breitbart, Fox & my phoney ASS Bogus Claims OF FAKE ‘Racism’

The Tea Party told Manning; You cannot speak with us because you used the Holy grail “N” WORD!  I get called every ugly fking name in the book, that is racist, religious, ETC. I dont give a damn, we are LOSING this nation. I DONT GIVE A FRICK. IT MEANS ZERO when you have NO NATION YOU ASSHOLES!!!!

 They are ALL in this destruction together, since she is ‘not a racist’ & ‘past her racism’  WHY IS THE OLD HAG USING THE FKING RACE CARD?!?!?!?! It is ALL about race, old LADY.

Pro-ILLEGAL Brown-Shirt, Mexican Female Tells Americans “YOU’RE TOO WHITE TO BE IN AMERICA”

Hat Tip: Mama Mitzvah 🙂

some cool Arizona music. So, how do you all like our supposed ‘apartheid‘ state of Arizona?  Yep, that is what they call us now; “APARTHEID”  same: S.A., and now that South Africa is not ‘apartheid‘ anymore, 90 people a day are murdered, and they happen to be WHITE. 

 Israel is under the same type false allegations.  Israel-haters will tell you that the poor FAKEstinians are going through such hell under the “ZOG”.  Are these insane, paranoid, deluded f*heads seeing that ‘our chickens are coming home to roost’ YET?

(Try to download it fast, every video I put up here now, gets flagged and taken down from Youtube. Left wing “Jews” HATE THE TRUTH)

If you will take notice, Israel- haters, in particular, call you “RACIST” now as well. Well, here is one for you:

Film: “MACHETE”-Invokes Murder, Violence-U Know, TYPICAL LEFT WING SHIT

Do you people really think for a minute that this movie was not planned by the Bolshevik destroyers? Do you really think that this evil shit was just ‘made up’ just because?

Let me tell you something- Most Mexican leftists HATE white people’s guts, they HATE Americans, you had better get THAT through your head.


  People have ‘complained’ about MY website promoting ‘race wars’ ~That is 100% BULLSHIT, people.

  I have been warning Americans from this blog, from my Y.T.s, most that are banned, that the racism is directed AT WHITE PEOPLE. WAKE UP.

If you even LOOK white, you ARE a target. That means you too- leftist insane Jews. 

  You think that this murder and hatred that YOU created will not suffer ‘blowback’ on your lousy asses? Think again assholes.

  Our late Rabbi Kahane said “One thing we can learn from history, is that Jews never learn from history” ~THAT would exclude us at The Mad Jewesses.

From: The RightWing Warriors BlogBREAKING: ‘Machete’ Director Backpeddles, Removes Scenes After ‘Race War’ Complaint

SEE this: Urban Dictionary: kill whitey

Arizona: ‘Heavy-Accented’ Teachers NO MAS? WTF, OMG-RACIST!?


This has nothing to do with the ‘Look at me, I’m a revolutionary…Hispanic’ -that hates AZ, and should move to Mexico, the 3rd world dump they hail to.

The argument that the sickass left wing lunatic-idiot fringe will bring regarding this issue; “Well, I live in the N.E., and I have a thick Baaah-staaan accent, and people in the south can’t understand me.”

 Yes, that is what they will say, because they are insane. Because not all of the legos were in the box. HOWEVER, dummies, that is not the issue. The issue here in AZ is that we have the worst schools in the nation. One cannot teach correct English with a broken English accent. Teach Art. We don’t want AMERICAN-ENGLISH speaking children talking with some slang from a 3rd world DUMP that YOU LEFT behind…


See full size image

PHOENIX — An Arizona state policy about teachers with accents is coming into question and getting national attention.

Carol Keough works with kids every school day as an English Language Development teacher.

“If a student is in an ELD classroom it’s because they do not speak English as their first language,” Keough explained.

Her job is to teach the kids the best English she can.

Time To Oust All Of The “Liberal” Cults.

There are too many cults, and we need to get rid of them all. Just look at the Cults below, and see for yourself how these people love evil and hate what is good, right, and just. At one time, the “peace sign” was rightside, it stood for VICTORY- so now we need to reverse the curse, and make it ours again, before the terrible 1960’s came along and screwed up our world.

1) The gay cult
2) The everlasting-victim cult
3) The Obama-is-messiah cult
4) The Hollywood-is-great cult
5) The celebrities know best cult
6) The do as I say but not as I do cult
7) The cult of hypocrites
8).The intolerant cult
9) The forced charity cult
10) The race-baiting cult
11) The unborn child murdering cult
12) The jet flying large house living global warming cult
13) The global warming alarmist cult
14) The Anti science pro junk science cult
15) The free known murderers cult
16) The nambla cult
17) The teach fisting to kids in school cult
18) The anti-Christian cult
19) The anti-American cult
20) The pro Socialist cult
21) The pro Mao cult
22) The pro Stalin cult
23) The pro Karl marx cult
24) The buying the vote cult
25) The anti-Capitalist cult
26) The anti-corporation cult
27) The anti-Military cult
28) The anti-free speech cult
29) The anti-God cult
30) The anti tea party cult
31) The pro UN cult
32) The animals are more worthy than humans cult
33) The anti-lumber cult
34) The anti-fur cult
35) The anti-beef cult
36) The anti-meat cult
37) The pro human secularist cult
38) The anti-Constitutional cult
39) The anti-states right cult
40) The control freak cult
41) The drug using cult
42) The Race baiting cult
43) The kkk founding cult
44) The anti-civil rights cult

Now that you know what the “Liberals” –most of them stand for, you must get in the crusade to denounce this.